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This would be a temporary job, I told her I would do this until I could take the trip with my friends but if I become even a part time whore, what will you think of me? I mean will you still like me, respect me? And you won’t tell mom will you?”



“I need money” she was saying, “I have to find $2800 for a European tour.”

I looked at my sister “A what tour?”

“In May Betsy, Alice and Talia are going to Europe for three months. They want me to go too but I don’t have enough money, I need $2800 and I need it in nine weeks. Do you have some I can borrow?”

“Hey, in case you haven’t noticed, I go to college, I don’t have a fucking spare quarter much less a few hundred lying around. I’m broke.”

“I can’t ask mom, she’s always busted too. What the hell can I do Sam? I really want to go with them.”

I sat across the cafe table from my younger sister and studied her face as she mulled over her lunch. Keri is 20 and just graduated from a community college. To celebrate she and her three lifelong friends wanted to spend some time touring Europe. My sister is a stunning young beauty with long thick auburn hair, hazel eyes that often shaded to green and a body to keep a few million male fantasies alive. At 5’10 she was the tallest of the four friends, in heels she was almost as tall as my 6’2. As her older brother I spent years watching her grow from a lanky rail thin ugly duckling to the gorgeous long necked swan she is today. I had a lot of friends that were my friends only because of her. They weren’t hanging around because of me, they were hanging around watching Keri grow from a little girl to the wet dream she is today.

“Sell your body,” I teased, “with your mouth and legs you could earn that much in a week.”

Keri looked up at me “Don’t be an ass, I’m serious.”

Three days later I was invited to a big party to celebrate someone’s milestone birthday and because the guy’s parents were loaded it was at a local country club. It was a couples only bash and since I was between girlfriends I asked my sister if she wanted to go. The ball was semi-formal so Keri dressed for the occasion in a curve hugging jade green satin dress that revealed the outline of her body from neck to ankles. The left side of the dress was split to mid-thigh to give her legs room to move when she walked. The neckline plunged low across her breasts exposing a pleasant vista of deep firm cleavage, jade jewelry accented the dress. My sister was as alluring as any woman at the fete, she raised the testosterone level of every swinging dick in the place.

“I thought you were broke, where in hell did you get that outfit?” I asked her.

“I borrowed the dress and the jewelry is the best fake stuff I could by at Target. I wouldn’t want anybody to look at it up close.”

“The way you look a lot of guys would want to get up close; I’d sure as hell like to meet the woman who loaned you the dress. Not all the women here will be jealous, but most of them will be watching their men carefully.”

Keri smiled coyly at me “Too bad you’re not a real date, it would be fun giving the girls here a hint of what I could do for a man. I bet some of these sticks close their eyes in the dark to keep from seeing what is happening to them.”

As the party progressed I spent a lot time with my buddies while my sister found a couple of other young beauties to gossip with. Occasionally some guy would approach her for a dance or to offer her a drink. I looked across the room to see Keri talking to a pretty black girl when suddenly she blushed across her cheeks and down her neck. She stared at the girl then spun and walked away. She spotted me and came across the room in a nervous hurry “Sam, you won’t believe what just happened! See that girl in the red dress? She propositioned me!”

“Propositioned? She wants to take you to bed?”

“No, not with her,” my sister whispered, “with a man. She’s an escort, there are three of them here, they were invited to the party by some guys. She’s gonna get paid money for fucking someone later.”

That little revelation didn’t surprise me, not at the level of society we were enjoying at the club “Why would she tell you that?”

Keri looked at me with wide, disbelieving eyes, “They need a fourth girl for later, she thought I’m like her, so she asked me what service I worked for and if I could do a little sideline work. She’s a fucking prostitute and she thought I’m one too!” My sister was in shock.

I’d had enough to drink to muddle rational thought. “So go with them, do a little lip on some cock and charge a couple hundred. Screw him and get another couple. Hell Keri, you might even enjoy the work.” I smiled my best ‘I’m kidding’ smile at her; my sister fled from my insane comments to the bar.

A few moments later I felt fingers brush my arm, when I turned I was looking into the deep dark almond shaped eyes of the black call girl, her eyes made me think she had some Asian heritage. “I’m sorry if I offended your girlfriend” she said.


Christ she was pretty, “She’s my sister and she could use a few lessons in reality” I returned.

Just as she was about to say something more Keri came back. She stopped next to me facing the girl, “Okay, what would I do and how much could I earn?”

At 5’8 the shorter woman had to look up into my sister’s eyes “Serious?”

“Yeah, why not, I’m adventurous, I can try this too but I don’t want an old fat slob hanging on me.”

I stood in stunned silence as my sister was led away to a corner to talk privately.

Keri left a few minutes later with the call girl. I was still standing flabbergasted when I saw a white stretch limo pull up in front of the building and the two got in. Moments later two more attractive young women and four men came out of the shadows and got into the car too. My head was spinning as it pulled away. My sister was in that car and she was going to fuck one of the guys that followed her into it; maybe she was going to get fucked by more than one. I left the party and drove home in a daze. I’d been kidding when I told Keri she might make good money with her body but the lure of cash ultimately proved stronger than her modesty.

I dreamed about Keri, my sister’s legs were wide open and some old fart was stuffing Fifty Dollar bills up her cunt while she cooed about traveling to France. I didn’t wake up in a sweat; I woke up with a rock solid boner in my fist. For the first time in my life I throttled my erection while thinking about what Keri could do with her body.

It was two more days before I saw her again. She came into my tiny apartment in a state of nervous embarrassment. I didn’t wait for an opening; I asked her straight out “Did you fuck one of those guys?’

As soon as the question hit the air she visibly relaxed then smiled “I got five hundred dollars for letting him. Temple, the black girl, she got five hundred for setting it up. Sam, that was a thousand fucking dollars for three hours of playtime. It was awesome!”

Once again I was surprised into silence. Keri was bubbling with pride that she had traded her virtue for money. As I sat there and stared at my sister the hooker, my perverted mind wanted to hear the details but I knew I shouldn’t ask. I needn’t have worried, Keri was so thrilled about her sudden wealth she continued, “We went from the party to the Broadmoor Hotel, you know, the tall one on the lake shore. Those guys took us to the penthouse; the penthouse Sam, then the real party started. I was scared and didn’t know what to do so I just followed Miriam’s lead.”


“She’s a Marilyn Monroe clone, I like her, she told me to stay loose and enjoy the power I have as a woman over those guys. She said it would be no different than dating, that the first time is always nerve racking but exciting. Anyway, I ended up with some captain of industry who said I reminded him of his niece. He wanted me from behind and the whole time he screwed me he kept calling me Valerie. When he was done I asked him who Valerie was and he confessed she was his niece. I asked him why he didn’t fuck her instead of a proxy and he said that would be incest and she probably wouldn’t do that. I suggested he tell her outright that she will inherit a bundle if she goes to bed with him.”

“You said that?”

“Yeah, I told him to put her on his payroll and the pill then he could have all the fun he wanted when they went on business trips. I’ll bet she does too, he has a lot of money. After that we went back to the main room where Miriam was sucking a cock while another guy recorded it with a video cam. It was a strange night.”

“He wear a rubber?”

“Of course, Temple insisted, she told them that the party was over if they didn’t, but Miriam didn’t when she mouth fucked that guy, she swallowed him whole.”

My nuts were pulling up, my cock swelling as I imagined my sister getting screwed by a stranger. I’d never put prostitute and Keri into the same sentence before but she was sitting with me telling me how she sold her body. “You going to do it again, you need a lot more money for your trip?”

Bright red spots grew in her cheeks, she cast her eyes down “Temple asked me if I would interview with her agency, they have an opening and she said she would recommend me.”

“You have a job interview to be a call-girl? I’d sure like to read that resume” I teased.

Keri smiled shyly, “I’m sure it wouldn’t be as thrilling as most people suspect, I’m pretty limited in my private life.”

“Sounds to me like you are about to expand those limits.”

She got up but before she left she turned to me “Sam, this would be a temporary job, I told her I would do this until I could take the trip with my friends but if I become even a part time whore, what will you think of me? I mean will you still like me, respect me? And you won’t tell mom or Kat will you?” Kat is our younger sister.

Again I joked “Only if you set me up for free dates with your new friends.”

I didn’t hear from Keri for five days. I was getting anxious, waiting for a call or visit but I was hesitant to call her. On day six my phone trilled, the ID said ‘Sis1’, “Hi, how you been?” was my opening.

Keri didn’t bother with nice conversation, she went directly to the point “Hey, our chauffeur got into a bar fight and can’t drive us tonight, you want to drive a stretch limo and earn some cash?”

“I take it you got the job?”

“Yeah, but we can talk about that later, we need a driver, can you help?”

Again my libido reacted to my sister’s illicit new line of work. My balls pulled up snug as I imagined watching four girls in the rear-view mirror seducing someone “What’s the address?”

I cleaned up, found appropriate clothing for driving a limousine then went to find Keri. She was sitting in the foyer of an elegant historic home in old town waiting for me. I got officially introduced to the alluring milk chocolate skinned girl Temple then drove them in the Mercedes limo to pick up a third hooker. I watched them chat and gossip as I drove across the city to an exclusive beach front home. Temple told me to sit and wait, they would be out in two hours. “Keri told me you have a 2nd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwan Do, do you?”

“Yeah, I teach it on weekends.”

She handed me a cell phone “Good, this is a hot line from me to you. If it rings it means there is trouble, don’t bother to answer it, just come in and get us.”

“What if the door is locked?”

She smiled prettily “Kung Fu it open with your head.”

Two hours later we were on our way back from the party. I watched in the mirror again only this time the girls were changing from work clothes to street clothes, they didn’t seem bothered to let me view them as they changed, not even the semi-nude platinum blonde Miriam could keep my eyes off Temple, she was hot! Keri leaned through the opening in the rear seat glass “Take us to Burger Barn, we’re hungry.”

We ordered a late night meal and I sat back and listened to the three girls talk about their ‘dates’. I was listening to them discuss the men and getting a completely new take on life and sex. It was fascinating and a little arousing to hear them, even Keri talked like she’d been hooking for years. Temple got up to refill her drink while my sister and Miriam continued to compare notes, when she didn’t come back right away I turned to look for her and saw that two big mullet haired street thugs had her cornered. I couldn’t hear the conversation but it was plain to see she wanted to get away but they were blocking her.

I eased out of my chair and came up to them from behind “Hey, scum, let her come back to the table.”

The larger of the two spun to face me; he looked me up and down as I eyed the three bolts in his left brow. He had five tight rings in his left ear and a large red spider tat on his neck. Staring at me with small, vicious meth tainted eyes he snarled “Fuck off, me and the little darky bitch are getting to know each other.”

I reached around him for Temple’s arm and started to pull her away but big boy put his hand on my wrist and squeezed it, expecting me to drop hers. In less than a second he was sitting on his ass against a counter and the other scumbag was against the wall with my forearm across his windpipe. “My date wants to come back to the table, do you object?”

The wide eyed punk shook his head; I nudged the one on the floor with my foot, he nodded his head, giving me permission to take Temple with me. Temple hooked her arm in mine and walked happily with me back to the other two girls.

Three days later Keri invited me to meet the woman who owned the escort service; she needed a new driver and bodyguard. Temple met us at the door then led the way to the upper floor of the old mansion. The woman who greeted me with an outstretched hand and firm shake was a beautiful fifty-something black woman. Temple introduced her “Sam, this is Stacy. Mama, this is Sam, he’s the one I told you about.”

Mama? She called her mama? Stacy looked into my surprised eyes “It looks like my daughter didn’t tell you this is a family business, I apologize for her, she has a tendency to overlook little details.” Temple was dismissed with a short nod then Stacy led me to her office.

In the hour we talked Stacy was interrupted several times by the phone. After the fourth time she complained, “I have to get a phone girl; I’m too busy to be setting appointments all the time.” By the time she was done interviewing me I learned that besides my sister and her daughter there were seven other women working for her. Most of them were college coeds working for tuition. Her business was fluid so every once in a while one would move on and another would come in. Her full time chauffeur and body guard had pulled a knife on some guy in a bar fight so she fired him. I didn’t hesitate when she offered me the job. Compared to sitting in a cubicle part time for $10.57 an hour what she was offering was a real life fantasy.

“Should I be pimping? I mean if someone asks me to set them up with a girl do I tell you or them?”

“Pimping is such an ugly word; we procure, arrange and manage. My girls are not street whores and if I caught one acting like that, she’d be out on the next bus. What you did for my daughter the other night is exactly what I need you to do, shut down troublemakers and drive the car. If someone asks you about our service, get a business card, Temple or I will take care of the rest.”


“If they don’t have a business card?”

“They don’t get considered for our services.” The phone was ringing when I left.

For the next two weeks that’s exactly what I did. I quit my mundane little part time job and drove almost every night, taking the girls to clients or driving girls and clients to places. I rarely waited anywhere for a party to end because someone usually needed a ride to or from somewhere. I drove Keri as often as any other girl, it was apparent she was becoming very popular.

I was driving Temple and Sally home from a date when events turned even more intriguing. After dropping off Sally, a petite 23 year old with a strong Irish lilt, Temple moved from the back of the car to the passenger front seat. “Do you mind if I sit here?’”

“It’s your car, sit anywhere you want.”

She had changed from her working clothes to shorts and a tank top so I was getting a good view of her very shapely legs as she sat facing me, her back against the door. “So, you have a girlfriend?”

I glanced at her “No, driving this monster car takes up pretty much most of my free time. I go to classes in the mornings, and afternoon. On Saturdays and Sundays I teach martial arts for five hours. I haven’t even had time to jack off since I started driving.”

Even white teeth flashed from the darkened interior of the car “Take me to dinner, it’s a slow night, only two girls are working and they got picked up by the client’s car.”

We ended up at an Outback steak house. Temple and I sipped beers, had dinner and talked about nothing in general for almost two hours; she paid the bill then asked me to drive her home.

In the car she asked me “Did you ever date and AF girl?”

“AF as in Another Fucking?”

She snorted a quick laugh “No you dolt, African-American, black. You know, an alluring dark skinned young woman, after all, we’re all pink in the inside.”

I checked her again, “No Leah, I’ve never gone to the Dark Side.”

“Okay then, did you ever think you could date a prostitute? Someone like me or Keri?” I winced only slightly when she reminded me of what my sister had become. Most of the time I didn’t think about what went on behind closed doors but Temple’s question reminded me I was driving a bunch of whores to work and back.

“Is there a point to this line of questions? I mean why should it matter what I think or who I date?”

She took a deep breath, glanced out the side window then looked back at me. “When we are working there is no involvement with the guy except physical. We have a job to do and we do it without emotional attachment. It’s not repulsive to us to do sexual stuff with the men, but it’s also not fulfilling, not satisfying. Some of the girls have steady boyfriends, one of them is married, but some like Keri and me don’t have any personal interests away from work. I miss that, I used to date, get seduced and have fun during sex. I miss the excitement of being chased, the emotional involvement.” She turned away from me to watch the streetlights roll by.

Did you ever have one of those moments when you knew no matter what you did, your future would change one way or another? This was one of mine. I turned away from our destination and drove to Lake Front Drive where there is a mile long walking trail between the street and the lake. I parked the stretch limo horizontally across five parking spots and invited Temple to walk with me on the shore. The delight that sparkled in her eyes told me I had scored points. I took her hand when she climbed out of the car then held it again off and on as we walked and talked. By the time we got back to the limo not only was I physically attracted to her, I was feeling an embryonic emotional involvement.

I went by the grand old house the next morning; Temple met me at the door. The brightness of her welcoming smile lit up my heart, her eyes kindled intimacy. I had invited her to my dojo to watch me teach my martial arts class, she had accepted. As we climbed into my 9 year old Ford she commented “This car is really small, I like that, it puts me closer to you.” I leaned only slightly and gave her a first kiss, a light peck on sweet lips.

The smile in her eyes let me know I had made the exactly right move. Not too strong but not timid either. She said softly “I told mama we are taking the night off, we don’t have to go to work after your classes.

Temple was just waking up when my sister walked into my bedroom looking for me. She took one look at my overnight guest and lit up with obvious glee. “Oh my god, this is great! Get up I have to talk to you” she said to me.

Once the shock of being discovered with my employer in my bed faded I asked my sister what she wanted. She wasn’t leaving the room so I thought ‘fuck it’ and stood up in my full glory, as nude as the day I was born. Keri didn’t flinch as she casually checked me up and down, her eyes briefly lingering on my limp cock. “You know what Sam; I have way much more money than I need to go on that trip now.”

She didn’t sound very excited when she said it so I threw back at her “But?” Temple got up and walked to the bathroom, the sight of her body stirred my dick, it started to swell slightly. Again my sister watched it as it twitched and fattened.

“But – I don’t know if I should take off now. My job keeps me busy and if I go Stacy will have to find someone else, I might lose it.” She looked stressed.

My new girlfriend called from the bathroom, “Does that mean you want to work with us permanently?”

Keri blossomed red as the admission stalled in her throat. Hesitantly she said to me but Temple could hear “Yes, I want to keep working, it’s kind of exciting and can be fun too and the money is good. Is that wrong?”

I looked at my tall, beautiful, exquisitely built sister “No Keri, it isn’t wrong. You have talent, you have the equipment, take advantage of it while you can. Invest some of the earnings and in a while you will be able to retire and take as many trips as you want.”

Just then Temple came back and stood beside me. She looked up at Keri then said “There’s only one thing left for us to do if you want to stay with us full time. Every one of our girls is asked to fuck the chauffeur, I haven’t told Sam this yet but he is going to screw all nine of us in the next few weeks.” She turned to me, “I really like you and what we did last night may be the start of a very nice private relationship but I need you to get a sample of all the girls. Its something my mother is adamant about, I’m not sure why but if you’re up to it, you can start right now with her.”

I stepped back from her “I should fuck my sister? Now, with you here and all that?”

Temple smiled beguilingly, “And all that. Today she isn’t your sister, she is one of the girls. Consider this the final job interview for both of you.”

Keri blossomed red and looked at me for a hint. Even though the idea of screwing my sister was causing my mind to quake in fear of the forbidden, I felt my nuts pull up firm. She stood back watching me with caution then started pulling her clothes off. By the time she was naked Temple had left to make breakfast. Keri took a deep breath that seemed to wash away her doubts then took my hand and led me to the king sized playground. By the time she and I laid down my cock was rock hard. In a flash our genetic bond was forgotten.

I’d fucked Temple three times the night before but I could feel another load of pussy juice filling my nuts. “Do I need a condom?” I asked my sister quietly.

She whispered back “No, we can do this Au natural.” Temple said that I had to fuck all the girls so I assumed I didn’t have to make it a long intense, highly stimulating encounter. I rolled up and over Keri, she opened her long legs to let me in. I penetrated Keri easily and in moments she and I were fucking.

Her reaction to me inside her startled me. Keri arched her back, raised her hips and began to undulate as I slid in and out of her. She was heating up fast, I could feel her cunt warming, swelling and flowing with lust. The more I fucked her the looser she got, the more turned-on she became. Fingernails raked my back, legs wrapped around my thighs and Keri began to huff formless words when my groin banged into hers. All of a sudden my sister arched back, her legs shot straight down, toes pointed to the end of the bed. She began to gasp rapidly as an orgasm slammed into her nerve endings. She shook and vibrated from feet to breasts then collapsed on the bed. I’d cum thrice with Temple that night so my balls were still building to a blowout but my sister hadn’t climaxed in weeks so it wasn’t surprising that she got off so fast.

Temple had come back to the bedroom just as Keri went limp, she pushed me off my sister to my back, grabbed my standing pole then threw her legs over my lap, centered her body over my cock and lowered herself onto it. Only seconds after I had fucked Keri to an orgasm I had a second hot wet cunt pulling on my erection. The show with Keri must have been a powerful drug for Temple, she was hissing and panting as she slid her body on my shaft. My balls were beginning to bloat, my cock engorging with life forces when the stunning little AF hit her own peak again. She bounced on me, inviting me as deep as I could get as she shuddered and moaned.

Temple fell down with her head on my chest “Oh my god Sam,” she panted, “I like that. Are you ready to cum?” She fell off my lap then looked at Keri who had been watching us fuck. “Fill her up Sam, screw the redheaded whore until your balls fall off.” Keri’s smile and the delight that showed in her eyes told me she was willing to let me.

I said to Keri, “Roll over, to your stomach.”

When she complied I got between her legs, my long hard erection hovering over her firm round ass then slipped between her legs and into her again. It didn’t take long. Fucking both women had worked me up to a point where just a few thrusts into her cunt put me over the top. Keri whispered her satisfaction and Temple caressed my ass as I came in a series of long deep seizures, filling my red headed sister.


After a few minutes of afterglow and floating down from our sexual highs the two girls headed for the shower. They didn’t want to waste water or time so they showered together while I made coffee. They wandered into the kitchen wrapped only in towels where we sat and talked about that nights work schedule then the two got dressed to leave. Temple gave me a very intimate kiss and promised she would be back soon. Keri gave me a close hug too and when she did she murmured “I never thought you and I could do that but I haven’t gotten off so hard in a long time.”

“Does that mean you’re coming back for more?”

She smiled easily, “You’re fucking my boss, how would it be if I got between you two?”

“She’s my boss too remember.”

My sister slipped a hand down and smoothed it over my cock “I do remember, and I might just come back for more; with her permission of course.”

Temple who had been listening to us interjected “Don’t get too set on fucking only her and me, you still have another seven girls to sample.”

In between driving the girls and my martial arts classes I was getting laid fast and often. In three weeks my sex life was Temple, Sally, Margo, Temple, Alice, Angie, Temple, Temple, Keri, Rhiannon, Alice again, Belle, Temple and finally Miriam.

Miriam and Alice had magical tongues and Rhiannon liked it up the ass. She was the only married girl and her husband wouldn’t butt fuck her so she sold it for her own pleasure. Angie and Margo let me have it only because it was part of the job but the others gave me some spirited sex. I wasn’t a customer and for some reason that seemed to let them enjoy my company more. After I was done sampling the staff Temple and I settled into an almost monogamous relationship; almost monogamous because she is a whore and I was banging Keri every once in a while.

It’s been long over a year since my sister and I started working for the agency. Temple and I have moved in together, Keri found a boyfriend that accepted her line of work and still hasn’t gone on her European trip. Two girls left the business to be replaced by two more. It was my sad duty to help the new call girls through the interview process by fucking them, both were eager to get the job and made sure I had something positive to tell Stacy.

Recently Stacy complained again to Temple about being the phone receptionist and announced she was ready to hire a girl, someone who had a voice that could entice customers over the phone. All of us, the nine women and I were asked if we knew anyone who could turn on a guy with just her voice. Both Keri and I came up with an immediate answer.

Kathleen. Kat, as we called her is another stunning young beauty who had just turned 19. She has a husky but silken voice that both Keri and I agreed was the most alluring we ever heard over the phone. We invited Kat to interview with Stacy and were delighted when our younger sister was hired to set up dates and schedules for the firm. Even though she was hired to work the phone Kat started the job with the understanding that she might also be asked to prostitute her body if there was a shortage of girls. Since she agreed to become a part-time call girl I had to put her through the final interview; it was only after some encouragement from Keri she hesitantly agreed to let me fuck her. I found out my younger sister likes getting screwed from behind while on her hands and knees.

The other day Temple asked me if I could fuck for money.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean mama is thinking of expanding the company. Sometimes Kat gets calls for men, women away from home like to get laid too. I was thinking you can help while we start interviewing male escorts.”

“Who would drive the car?”

Temple put her arms around my neck, pulled me down for a soft kiss, a bribe “Me.”

“And who is going to interview the men?”

“Your sister already volunteered.”

“Which one?”

“Actually, both.”

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