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Weary of her conservatively sparse sexual past, Kathy goes outside her comfort zone to pursue a dark stranger..



Chapter 1

Since my divorce 10 years ago my sex life has been all but non-existent; Settling for the mouse of a man I foolishly married far before I even knew myself resulted in over a decade of mind numbing mediocrity. Here I was approaching my 40s, alone and childless;suffering from a lifetime of chronic sexual disappointment.

I met Glen as I walked out of the only variety store in our small town, the rumble of his classic chopper immediately turned my head. I couldn’t help but stare at the leather armored man as he gracefully dismounted his heavily chromed steed. A bald heavily bearded head popped out of the helmet, which instantly signaled to me that he was definitely from the elusive “Bad Boy” ilk of which I always had a private yearning for, yet never experienced.

Our eyes locked only for a moment as he nodded me a ‘Hello’ before entering the shop; his grey eyes were wolf-like scary, lighting up a ruggedly weathered face – A face interesting enough for me to decide I had forgot something as an excuse to re-enter the store for another peek. I entered the store and watched as his heavy boots clomped to the back of the store stopping the beer cooler, he must of had at least a foot on me, around 6’2, his legs looked strong, supporting a nice ass that pushed his jeans out of his weathered chaps, I pegged him around a decade older than me perhaps approaching his 50’s. My friend Val working the counter interrupted my gaze…

“Back so soon?” She quipped giving me a knowing wink.

“That guy, do you know him?” I whispered, he turned toward me, I quickly turned my head away as he approached the counter.

“Marlboro Red” Val hissed back.

“Huh?” I whispered as I continued to watch him out of the corner of my eye.

Armed with two 6 packs of canned beer he strolled up to the counter; an unbuttoned black leather vest that hung off his broad shoulders, showing a well defined hairy chest, with just a hint of beer belly.

“Marlboro Red King” his deep voice blurted as he dismissively pulled a large wallet chained to his belt. I was a tad intimidated by him, eye level was no higher than his chest and although I was by no means petite, I felt very little standing in his shadow. Val gave me a glance of encouragement as she turned to fill his order, my heart was in my throat as I struggled to open up some dialogue that would be at least somewhat clever.

“Nice Bike” was all I could manage…

“Thanks, you ride?” he non-nonchalantly answered without even looking at me.

“Oh god no, I giggled. “Well… horses, but … well- bikes no, I stammered; sure I was blushing like schoolgirl.

“Almost the same thing” he smiled, looking down at me.

“Power between the legs”… he added, giving me a sly grin while pretending not to check me out. He threw a few bills on the counter;

“Keep it”, he looked at me and muttered a curt “C’ ya”…

“Ya C’ ya”… I gulped as that cute ass of his walked out of the door.

Val showed no quarter; “Pathetic, truly pathetic!”

I had to agree, too obvious with no confidence, the sluggish years behind me had done the job of reducing me into the dowdy woman I never wanted to be.

“So you know him”, I asked.

“Sure, Glen comes to the store now and then, I think he lives out in the boonies near County Rd 6. I’ve seen him at Roni’s a few times chatting with her behind the bar… I think he’s a regular, I don’t go there much it’s a bit of a dyke dive but my Jack likes it.” Val rubbed her chin, “I’m pretty sure he gets turned on when some of the biker chicks make out with each other; all I know is that after going there I seem to get an extra special ‘Happily Ever After’ come bedtime – Men are such simple creatures.”

“Never heard of Roni’s, I responded; already wondering if he had something going with this bar maid.

Val chuckled in response; “Well that’s because it not your kind of place, besides you never go anywhere. You really should shut off that damned computer and mingle with the 3D people for a change.”

“Hmm maybe I will,” I sighed.

“Ya I bet you will, looks like you have it pretty bad, but seriously I know you and that guy there is definitely not your type… I mean – Seriously? He’s kinda rough, and well… a bit seedy?”

“How do you know what my type is,” I snapped… I don’t even know what my type is anymore, maybe I like rough and seedy!”

Val laughed, “Your type is the same as mine Red, and it lives in the bed stand next to the batteries!”

“Sad but true.” I reflected, “But I don’t have a man, at least I have an excuse.” I stabbed back, “C’ ya later!”

As I walked home I felt sorry for myself, Val was right; what would a guy like that see in conservative homebody like me. I couldn’t deny that just the thought of a chance with this man made me wet, I needed to make changes!

I got home and immediately went to my room and took stock in myself using the full length mirror that I have been avoiding to look into for months. I reluctantly disrobed, hoping the years of neglect wouldn’t show, but it was not meant to be; My once fiery red hair was limp and graying, my breasts drooped over my belly like overfilled water balloons…and my thighs, well they were huge! Not liking what I was seeing I turned and reluctantly examined my hips and butt, like my thighs, my hips too had widened far beyond comfort, but my butt was still somewhat round. I suppose it still had some allure – had it not been for the years of drowning my frustrations with cookie dough and ice cream I would say it was almost passable.

I looked down at my calves and feet, the last bastion of my femininity – the only features I felt retained any semblance of my youth. I always liked my feet, they could use a pedi – but they were still small and pretty. I stepped back and took a look at the whole picture: Ghost-like skin not seeing a razor in months, too many fading freckles dotting my face, shoulders, arms and breasts. Disgusted, I turned and studied my profile; I suppose with a few well thought out wardrobe choices and perhaps a power-bra I could be promoted to ‘curvy in all the right places’ without overly bending the truth. All -in -all it was pretty much a horror show. The majority of added weight had nested into my lower chassis leaving my ass and thighs shallowly rippled with cellulite – that was not going away anytime soon.

Dejected, I plopped onto the bed, pretty feet and a passable (if clothed) ass wasn’t much to work with. Who was I kidding? No way at this point of my life would I have the willpower to change what I had going on… it was too daunting a task and would take far too long to correct. No, I had to accept what little I had, try to work it to my advantage.

As the cause of my sudden self interest in body image, I thought of Glen; he was the opposite from my ex Gerry; a pasty intellectual of whom I was chained to for far too long. Glen was tall, handsomely rugged and yes, somewhat seedy. None-the-less I sat up against the head board, my hand found its way under my panties and slipped between the dampness of my blushing lips. My thoughts, more dark than romantic fantasized of what it would be taken by bad boy like him, I wiggled my toes, then spread them in admiration; An image of Glen knelt before them entered my head; forgoing his dominance for only a moment, he would explore their softness with his rugged hands;

His grey eyes would penetrate my own as he massaged my instep and heel, then gently kiss each digit before the roughness of his palms delved into the arresting curve of my calves. He kneaded the fullness of my thighs, his movements becoming increasingly gruff’

“Aaaummm”, I moaned. My fingers had unwittingly begun to fondle the underside of my clit, my legs perversely spread wide in automatic response to my sexual delusions;

His wiry beard would tickle the insides of my legs, as he worked his way up my trembling body, ever too briefly brushing over my clit before he knelt ominously over me. He would briefly manhandle my breasts, pulling at my nipples, then roll them between his grubby fingers until they swelled hard, and tingled with fearful excitement’.

“Ooooh!” I yelped; Lost in the rapture of fantasy, I pulled my twinging button’s hood slowly up then down, slipping a couple fingers between my labia every now again to lubricate. After only a few minutes my legs warmed, I was well on my way to orgasm;

‘His mouth moved to my shoulder and dove into my neck; my legs stiffen as he nibbles then chews at its crick with a carnality that forces me to crane my neck into total submission. He continues the attack until my legs weaken in noble surrender, His eyes now wolf- like meet mine, a smile of conquest greets me before he seals his lips over mine. Our mouths open, our tongues probe deeply within one another in hot / passionate dance’. 

“Aaaahhh!” I was getting close now, the sensuality of the scenario had fully lifted my clit to new heights, it now stood erect on its own, its twitching head no longer enjoying the furry nest of my vulva. My pussy was also roused, gentle waves of pleasure murmured deep from within, causing it to leak in demand of penetration. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so contently wet, I frantically groped for my best friend which (as always) was dutifully waiting in the bed table drawer. A twinge of chagrin pretty much ruined the mood however, as I struggled to remove its thick bulk. Finally wedging it out, I looked at it in quiet dismay; this is what my intimate life had come to; A 3″ diameter, 10″ silicone phallus, the tool that finished me off after I wounded myself through the self-inflicted stimulation of my clit: How sad, a dead and cold chunk of rubber was what I had come to rely on to sate my sexuality… the usual.

I threw it on the bed, got up and while tweaking on my clit I went back to the mirror. I watched my hand as it rubbed over it, slipping occasionally across the entrance of my hole, Mmmm, in an effort to re-light my vivid imagination I shuttered my eyes;

‘He placed his heavy cock into hand, I took its smooth plum like-head and wedged between the ardor of my inner lips, back and forth… so smooth and warm, my clit was at full chub, unafraid I reached down and stretched them apart for him’;

I pushed a couple of fingers into me, although initially pleasant, they were woefully inadequate, I wanted to feel stuffed, I needed to feel full! I sat down on the floor and hiked up one leg pulling it back and away to give the other full access to my wanting hole, it slipped in easily to the wrist, but beyond that I couldn’t manipulate my fingers in the way I wanted to. After 30 seconds or so I began to tire, reluctantly I dropped my leg and looked at the reflection in the mirror, my hand was desperately stymied by short arms and chubby frame. Frustrated. I knelt on all fours, ass to mirror, hoping for more comfortable access. Looking over my shoulder I slipped my hand under my belly and tried again, it went in a little farther – just beyond the wrist. I was able to pump my hand in and out a few times, causing my vaginal walls to relax enough to accommodate the intrusion. I could feel them wonderfully clamping then relaxing with each thrust, mushy sounds became loader as a build-up of lubrication started to release.

Out of primal necessity I instinctively lifted my leg and placed my foot flat to the floor, this gave me an inch or to more and enough dexterity to close my hand into a fist. I curved my wrist in an effort to bury it as deep into my hole as I could, then fucked myself as hard as my physique would allow. Again my eyes closed.

‘He thrust his cock into me all the way, which took my breath away. Not caring about my own comfort, he pounded me until my innards numbed and my pussy could hug him no more… a throbbing wave of elation jolted through my soul, my legs collapsed beneath me’…

Basking in the sensuality of the tenderness pulsating around my hand, multiple shudders wracked my heated pot into orgasm, throwing my whole body into tremors of contentment. To take full advantage of the violently blissful contractions I removed my hand, allow my vag to breath. I pinched at my hood in to feed my clit’s relentless hunger for stimulation. My body bucked 5 or 6 times protesting the intensity of every shudder, the severity of the seizures had me crying out loud enough for the neighbors to hear! My legs began to shake madly; cautioning me to halt the assault on my clit and grant it the freedom to naturally flutter on its own. Now able to breathe my pussy also started to settle, the once violent cramps had now transformed into a gentle buzz, shooting static through my legs and abdomen warming my tummy in a blanket of joy. I collapsed my legs as the static slowly softened to a buzz, then finally dissipated all together. Exhausted into a fully relaxed and sated state, I brought my moistened fingers to nose to sample their light scent then brought them dreamily to my lips then tasted myself for the first time.

“Mmmm”… the most intimate of secretions, how naughty, how provocatively taboo! Needing to sample more, I parted my labia; all four fingers impatiently traced up my inflamed slit for another taste.

“Mmmm”, the unique flavor intensified in my mouth another aftershock surprised my pussy, I licked the film from each finger in sublime delight – God I was so turned-on!! I closed my eyes and ran my mind back to my meeting with Glen, I’m sure he did check me out!

Suddenly I stopped, fantasy slipped back to reality causing my rinsed fingers to suddenly pull away from my lips. A pang of remorse flooded through me, what had I just done?! By no means was I a stranger to masturbation, but never did I have the inclination to fist-fuck myself nor the appetite to eat my own cum – and to so thoroughly enjoy it, what was happening to me?! The aquatic aftertaste in my mouth cheapened the very core of my conservative beliefs, making me wonder what other desires were hidden below the surface. Was this a sign? Perhaps a reminder of how pathetically guarded I had become? I searched deep within myself and came up with the only feasible justification for such a self-serving indiscretion. Could it be my body was rejecting all previous programming; challenging me to fearlessly face the true extent of my sexuality? It had been neglected so long, was now the time to welcome in a new beginning?

I needed to feel warm lips and a tongue to replace my hand down there, I needed a real cock to the grasp the type of intimacy words could not. I wanted my pussy to be filled deep and hot, replacing the cold of my dildo, I needed to be fulfilled in an more meaningful way that even my largest toy couldn’t attain. No – For once in my life I needed to be properly laid, I needed to embrace all the untoward desires came with it and, most of all; I needed a plan!

I decided a good start would be some much needed work on my look, followed by an impromptu Friday night visit to Roni’s. Again I looked into the mirror, hmmm – dolling up may be not the way to attract a man like Glen, maybe a more modest, white-bread approach was in order; A confident woman in her natural state. I’ve seen biker chicks in my time, most of which didn’t bother with the trouble of enhancing their features through artificial means. A natural, earthy authenticity is what seemed to work for them, and hopefully it could work for me.

Excited at my revelation, I rang up Val, for the price of picking up the tab for her and Jack I made a deal with her to meet me at the bar. Quickly I realized that I had overplayed my hand after hearing her exuberant response;

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world, see you Friday!”

‘Hmmm’ what to wear? Perhaps a throwback look out my high school days? Tank top, faded jeans / jean jacket, heavy leather belt and my old doc martins that were collecting dust somewhere in the basement. The jeans weren’t a problem I had a pair that formed my broadened hips to a tolerable ass. My old jean jacket however was a different issue; it was likely a few sizes too small. Perhaps if I cut the off the sleeves, it could pass for a vest; just small and tight enough to thin out my waist to highlight the cleavage of my breasts.

After a bit of effort I found myself donning my “new” look in the mirror, ‘not bad’ I thought; the sleeveless jacket’s lower 2 buttons actually managed to clasp, corseting my tummy. In combination with my form fitting jeans and I had to admit, my ass looked pretty good under the arch of my back. My breasts were proudly popping out of the top and looked a little too enhanced for my liking, so I decided to lose the magic of my push-up bra by replacing it with a tight fitting scoop cut sleeveless T. After a few adjustments of the vest, my cleavage deepened, and also exposed just a hint of nipple through the lightness of the T’s fabric. Although my boobs noticeably hung lower, my stomach now narrowed by the vest made them look just as good – if not better besides, being bra-less made me feel more the part. A satisfying sense of empowerment overcame me; having developed early in life, I couldn’t remember the last time I went out in public letting my boobs fall free.

I looked back in the mirror satisfied; having achieved ‘curvy in the right places’ with my new down-to-earth look, my confidence was renewed. The only thing that did invite reason for pause was the orange tufts of hair (easily visible to the naked eye) under my arms. Feeling rebellious, I decided to go ‘au naturel’ and leave be the hairy pits. Bemused by going native, I took my newly found empowerment one step further and decided to forgo trimming my bush – I also fated the fuzz that crawled over my groin and down my legs to be left unmanaged. God if Glen would only get that far (Seedy is as Seedy does) I crossed my fingers.

By the time Friday night came along my coveted manicured fingernails were no-more; I had chewed them down beyond the nubs of my fingers. Whether conscious or not my nail biting habit revived, adding another element of detail to my new unrefined look. To accessorize I went with an ornate Gothic silver cross on a simple round leather thong; knotting it around my neck, I let it hang just long enough to draw the eye to the cleavage below it. Another thong around my wrist became the only other accessory.

Admittedly my ego got the better of me and I refreshed my flat graying hair back to its original state, but it looked natural enough. I combed it out to a ponytail and slipped through the stone-washed ball cap I found at the bottom of my wardrobe. I sat at the dressing table and looked into the mirror, my once vibrant green eyes looked a little pale so I brushed a little mascara on my lashes, just enough to brighten them up, I also added some color to my lips a lightly blended coat of Hollywood Red – just a little tone to outline their shape and darken them enough to be a noticeable asset. I had to admit I was looking pretty good, and already feeling better about myself.

I looked down at my newly manicured feet and toes peaking below the tight legs jeans hugging my skin just above the ankle, I had cut the nails short, and left them unpolished in their cute natural state. I slipped on my Docs, hoping that they would be untied and slowly removed in the not-too-distant future. I was ready, with a final approving glance in the mirror I took a breath, grabbed my purse and headed to the bar.

Entering the bar and could instantly smell its past, dimly lit it was all but empty with only two boisterous men playing pool at a table that seen better days. A third man watching Auto Racing highlights on the single old school TV behind the bar, peanut shells covered the planked floor around the stool beneath him. A thin older women 20 years or so beyond my age was curiously dumping a bucket of ice into a trough full of bottled beer, she must of had high hopes that the crowd would pick up. Yes, Roni’s lived up to its dive reputation and being the only other female in the place I questioned whether I should stay or not. I looked at the neon clock over the bar- still early. I took a seat at the bar and decided to order a drink hoping that things would liven up.

The woman immediately slid a bowl of shelled nuts in front of me; “What’s your pleasure Honey?”

“Glass of your driest wine, please.”

“Sure, we have 2 types, House Red and House White”, she drawled

“You know what, maybe I’ll just have a pint of your lightest draught.”

“Excellent choice” she quipped as she expertly pulled a pint from the tap; “Peanuts are on the house, but ya gotta work for them.”

“Does that include sweeping the shells from the floor?” I asked.

“Oh you’re definitely new. Here for Amateur night huh?”

“Ummm no just passing by, kinda looking for a friend… was told he comes here a lot.”

“Well then I would definitely know him, I’m Roni, the old broad that serves the drinks then throws them out when they had a little too much… you a Cop?”

My face reddened; “A Cop, God no!”… I shot her a quizzical look. “Really, do I look like a cop?” I asked, sincerely hoping I didn’t.

“Maybe like somebody that’s trying too hard not to look like one. Don’t sweat it – Just watching out for my boys, So this friend you’re looking for, does he have a name?”

“Glen, I’m Kathy by the way… I extended my hand… “My friends call me Red.”

“Pleasure to know you Red, do you mean Big Glen or Little Glen?”

“I’m not sure, how tall would you say little Glen is?”

Roni put her hand under her chin, “About y’ea tall.”

“Got to be Big Glen then, I suppose.”

“Ya well, little Glen is not exactly the ‘Lady’s’ man type, Big Glen well, he’s a sweetie. How do you know him?”

“Well to be honest I just bumped into him at the general store, the other day…in Moffatt.”

Roni shot me a sly smile; “So, you’re looking for a little more than a friend; and went out of your way, to boot.”

“I’m really not in the habit – but yea I suppose, well maybe.”

Roni gave me a nervous look; “Well best of luck to ya then.” With that she turned to adjust the bottles in the trough, in some way I felt I was given the ‘cold shoulder’.

“Hey, listen if he’s already taken then I’m not interested… just trolling you know… my friend Val says he talks with you a lot, can you give me a bit on his story?”

“Honey, Glen talks to me a lot cause he knows I keep my mouth shut… let’s just say technically he s not taken, but to be fair, you’d have a better chance hitting on me.”

“Really, how so?” I pressed.

“Listen honey, the reason most of the people come here is for anonymity, well that and maybe for the peanuts. If you can get him to talk you can find that out for yourself, he usually rolls in around 10. You’ll get yer chance, you’re sitting on his stool.”

Roni gave me a wink of encouragement, I gulped down some of my beer and looked at the neon clock over the bar; 8:30. Val and Jack should be rolling in soon I hoped. After 15 minutes or so Roni grabbed the empty and supplied me with another, then eventually another… Where the Hell was Val? By 9:30 the place filled to about half capacity, a single stool and a mic appeared on the small stage in preparation for the makeshift entertainment to come, thanks to Roni’s bar-tending skills I was feeling pretty loose and became less concerned over my friends tardiness.

Val and Jack strolled in and instantly picked my off. I could see Val put her hand to her mouth slapping Jack’s shoulder; “Red? Is that you? Oh-my-God!” Jack unphased, just nodded “Hey Kathy, I’ll grab us a table.” then walked away.

“Too much?” I whispered to Val.

“Too little if you ask me!” she lifted my arm and inspected my rendition of ‘au naturel’; “You forget something, or are ya hunting Gorillas?” she laughed… Jeesus Red!”

“It’s all part of my evil plan.” I whispered back.

“Well this is going to be good! Screw amateur night, I think the shows going to be right here.”

“More like a ‘no show’ Val, he’s not here.

“Well I gathered that, you’re sitting on his stool – Hey Roni, a bottle of your best champagne and a Bud for the old man, put it on Red’s tab!” You want anything Red, something strong for courage perhaps?”

“Something tells me I can’t afford it.”

“Just kidding.” Val smiled, “Like this joint has champagne.”

“Two Buds coming right up” Roni answered as if she were in on the joke. She grabbed two bottles from the trough and a 3rd for me, cracked them open then grabbed a shot glass and poured me a double tequila.

“I didn’t order this.” I protested.

“I know.” was Roni’s cryptic reply. Just then the door swung open and Glen strolled in and took quick look around;

“Speak of the devil, Val chimed, time for me to go, I’ll be right over there, ready to pick up the pieces if you need me.”

Glen only shrugged as he saw me in his spot then leaned up against the bar next to me. Almost instantly Roni came with a cold bottle of Bud, a shot glass and the bottle of tequila. An unfamiliar nervousness came over me, all the clever words I had left to memory to open with had vanished.

“You didn’t save my spot, Ron; what gives?” Glen grumbled.

“I tried to but she no listen, says she’s a friend of yours.”

“A friend huh,” he looked me over suspiciously; “Don’t think a friend of mine would jack my stool and drink my order.”

Roni gave me a quick wink, my face burned with embarrassment, talk about an ‘on the spot’ introduction;

“No, this is mine, I guess we have the same taste in libations. I’m Kathy, we met at the store the other day, I’m here with Val and Jack, you know Val… from the store.”

“Nope don’t recall”, was his distant and disingenuous reply. I decided to challenge his selective memory;

“Told you I liked your bike and you asked me if I ride.”

“Oh ya the chick who rides horses.” he spouted unenthusiastically;

“That’s right ” ‘Power between the legs’, I chirped. “My friends call me Red.”

“I’m Glen, my friends call me Glen. Kathy is it ?”

Glen’s aloof responses were a bit off-putting and not exactly the way I had pictured the scene in my head, I decided the best defense to his apparent disinterest may be a bit of playful banter;

“Well Glen, had I known this was your chair, I would of sat myself down way over there.”

“I’m OK with that, now that we understand each other, maybe you should, or even better you can join your real friends at their table” His rudeness was not only disheartening, but also begged a condescending and insolent response;

“You know… I would, but they’re having a bit of a tiff, I’m giving them a bit of space until the work it out. Besides I’ve grown to like it here, it’s very comfortable and that Roni, she is so delightful.”

“Delightful huh?” he grunted, not delightful enough to protect my stool; that bitch is losing her edge if you ask me.”

: The first impression Glen made on me back in Moffatt was quickly fading, his rugged exterior did not accurately translate the surly and childish demeanor within;He was actually pouting over a damned stool! I decided to patronize him, if it drew out another infantile response I would definitely stop wasting my time!

“No I don’t remember asking you… here take the stool – put your name on it for next time, save us all the heartbreak. I chided; Glens grey eyes brightened, with a huge grin he turned and slid an empty stool around me, he grabbed me roughly from under the arms, picking me up as easily as a child picks up a Teddy bear and plunked me onto it.

“Ya just gotta know where to look.” He announced, wiping the seat. Sure enough in crude carved-out letters was the word ‘Glen’.

“I’ll be damned! I stand corrected.” I raised my double and toasted: “To Glen’s stool, may he be the only big ass to sit on it.”

“Nice” was all he said as we simultaneously threw back our drinks. I shuddered I wasn’t much of a hard drinker and God I hated tequila. I quickly washed the vileness from my mouth with a beer chaser. As I lifted the bottle to my lips I noticed Glen was stealing a peek at my hairy pit, then our eyes met and he quickly turned away and started peeling the label off his beer.

“Hey Ron, how ’bout another!”

“Hold yer horses, I’m coming” Roni strolled over and poured Glen a stiff one then went to my glass to pour, I quickly put my hand over the glass.

“No thanks, I’m good.”

“Leave the bottle”, Glen grumbled.

“Your still paying full price, show me the green and I’ll think about it.”

“You know I’m good for it, just leave it – Old Woman.”

Roni’ frowned, “Such a charmer.” she walked away leaving the bottle. Glen poured himself another shot then took my glass and poured me another.

“So what the fuck’s with the hairy pits? You a bull-dyke or something?

My face reddened by his crudeness; “You kiss your mother with that mouth? What exactly is a bull-dyke?”

Glen let out a chortle; “Guess that would be a ‘No’ – Definitely not one of the Sisters.”

“Sisters?” I asked

“Ya you know, the Muff Rider gals.”

“Muff Rider…?”

“Yea, you know; the dykes on bikes – Ah fuck it, you’ll figure it out.”

“Oh a lesbian biker gang”, I feigned; “You a member?”

Glen shot me an toothy grin; “Once in a while when they decide only pussy won’t do.”

That comment was way beyond my comfort zone, whatever I saw in Glen was quickly absorbed by his crass and rude behavior, I looked over at Jack and Val’s table, and contemplated a quick exit.

“How very nice for you.” Was my sarcastic reply, I stood up and grabbed my beer, leaving his ‘gift shot’ behind untouched;

“Leaving so soon, what a shame, you coming all this way to meet me and all, and here I thought we were just getting to know each other.” Glen sneered back;

“I know enough, thanks for the drink.” I shot him my best dismissive look, then confidently strolled toward Val’s and Jack’s table.

“Bitch!” Glen half whispered making sure it was loud enough for me to hear; which prompted me to give him the double over- the-head’ one finger salute he so rightly deserved! I sat down. Val’s sad look told me she had witnessed the whole ‘train-wreck’ of the scene.

“Well that obviously went well!” she laughed; “The double one finger salute in less than 5 minutes.”

I nodded and emphatic “Yup, you got one thing right ‘Seedy’ – Seedy to the bone.”

“Awww, I’m sorry Hun, won’t say I didn’t warn ya – but hey, you gave it a shot, that’s a good thing right?”

“Well I suppose, but I think it’s time to go, you were right again Val, not exactly my kind of place.”

“Well you’re here now, just hang out with us, it’s amateur night and all, we got to see amateur night don’t we Jack?

“Ya we do.” Jack nodded, “One more round, if it sucks we can bail back to our place or whatever.”

C’mon, what do ya say?” Val chirped.

“Alright but just water for me though, the tequila is giving me a headache.”

“Oooo tequila, aren’t you the rebel!” Val teased.

I looked around, and saw the bar was filling up, most were women, rough around the edges earthy types; some coupled together most not. A dull roar of raucous conversation filled the room giving it a less depressing ambiance. I began to relax a bit when the whistle of the mic introduced the first act; Two jean clad relatively well groomed dudes waved to the room then hopped onto the stage; One armed with a 6 string the other a banjo. A slow rendition of dueling banjo’s prompted the room to whistle and clap in encouragement. As the guys fingered the strings more aggressively, trying to out-do one another. The room soon livened by the stomping of boots on the rough-cut planked floor.

The performance was quite good, but it was the antics of the crowd that I enjoyed most, Val was right I needed to get out more. Momentarily my attention drew away from the stage, I glanced over at the bar towards Glen, he was standing up now, involved in an interesting vignette; Seemingly he was in a heated argument with an obese woman wearing a crew cut and a patched jean vest, Roni was looking nervously at them in the background, then quickly dropped a drink in front of her and put her hand on the woman’s shoulder. The woman tersely rejected Roni’s touch, she harshly swept the gesture away then waddled back to the table occupied by her raunchy friends. After that show I soon realized that I had clearly hit rock bottom; my attitude even became more dire when an oldish woman shyly began to sing out a woefully grim rendition of ‘Paper Roses’.

‘Definitely time to go‘, I thought to myself as the song came to an end; For the ‘Grand Finale` She lifted her top and flashed her floppy breasts swinging them to the applause of the room, a full 30 seconds (30 seconds too much) lazily trudged by before she thankfully covered -up and hastily exited the stage.

I looked over at Jack and motioned my head towards the door, on queue Jack stood up in agreement and reached for his coat. Obviously he had also concluded show was a tad beyond the pale of decency.

“Well that was uncalled for!” Val joked, “So why don’t you come with us and tie one on at our place, we can pick up your car in the morning.”

Somewhat disappointed at how the evening had shaped up, I was in no longer in a social mood;

“Ya you know what, think I’ll pass, not feeling up to it to be honest, think I’ll just head home.”

“You sure? Could be fun.”

“Naw, I’m good, really, you too kids have fun, make out or something… got to hit the lieu, I’ll see you later.”

“Suit yourself, call me when you get home doll.” Val gave me a hug and Jack barely nodded ‘goodbye’.

I entered the bathroom, it had no right to be designated as womens, let alone human; It smelt of stale urine, someone had (not so recently) vomited- hitting both the toilet seat and the floor, the nicest touch being a lidless tin bucket in the corner which was affectionately labelled ‘Rag can’.

‘Yaaa…’I can hold it’ I thought, then hightailed out of there toward the door. Just as put my hand on the handle, a sharp whistle came from the bar. Roni was motioning me to over and Glen was nowhere? in sight so I strolled over;

“Aren’t ya forgetting about something?” She smiled, “Your bar tab, 2 beers, the shot was on the house.”

I pursed my lips in embarrassment, and dug into my purse;

“Sorry, I totally forgot, I was got a bit distracted, after talking to that so called ‘Sweetie’ of yours.

“Ya well, you must have caught him on a bad day, deep down he’s okay; he just gets a little miserable when his old lady is around.”

“WHAT THE HELL RONI, you told me he was available!” I hissed.

“I said technically he’s not taken, there’s a difference.”

“A difference… how so?

“They have an understanding; to be honest I was a bit surprised when she got a little miffed after she saw him talking to you.”

Stupefied, I leaned into her holding back my anger; “You don’t mean that huge monstrous woman! Well… Thanks a heap!”

“That be her, don’t sweat it! I gave her a drink to settle her down… so all good.” See they’ve already made nice, over there – at the Muff Riders table, her name is Katt, she’s the Queen Bee.”

I looked over and saw Glen chuckling next to her, she quickly gave him a light cuff to the side of the head, causing the table full of gals to explode in laughter.

“Well I feel safe, she’s the Queen Bee huh,” I chided sarcastically. “He’s with her, the Queen Bee of a gang of umm…”

“Dykes?” Roni quickly interjected. “Ya well is a long, complicated and sordid story, she wasn’t always a disgusting Pig.”

I was a bit taken aback by Roni’s candidness, but also intrigued by the rawness of this world that up till now, was alien to me.

“So are they, like married, I mean – how does that work?”

“Thirty years in the Fall, who woulda thunk it…huh?” Roni sighed.

“Wow, thirty years with that, she must have something I’m not seeing.”

Roni chuckled; “Well she’s got something alright, we call them the Sisters.”

My head was befuddled, this was getting juicy and interesting…

“To be fair, Glen has something too, so it works for them.”

“I couldn’t imagine anything redeeming could come from that Guy” I said somewhat cattily, not forgetting that just a few days prior I had felt otherwise.

“Sounds like you care trust me – you shouldn’t.” Roni spat, ‘Well I’ve said enough, 8.50 for the beers; whenever you’re ready to settle up.”

“You know, I think I’ll have a coffee, it’s a bit of a drive home.”

“I’ll put on a fresh pot.” Roni said with a weak smile.

I scanned back at the table; they were certainly a festive bunch, a miss mash of women of all shapes sizes, some butchy, others not so much, some were quite young others quite old, but they all had one thing in common; they all wore the same bandannas and had the same somewhat worn and nomadic complexion. And there was Glen the odd man out; he was hardly the sullen ass I met at the bar, his interaction with them was playful, almost exuberant. Roni popped into the scene and to the sound of applause plopped 4 pitchers of beer down onto the table. He graciously stood up and paid for the round, flipping the bills from a big roll of cash, Roni offered no change and quickly rushed it to the till.

“Coffee will be ready in a few Hun; sure I can’t get ya something a little more dangerous, night’s still young?” Roni chirped as she made her way back behind the bar.

“No I’m good, just need to plane out a bit.”

“Suit yourself.”

I really had to pee, I suppose if I was careful I could manage squatting over the toilet from hell, so I reluctantly headed for the lieu.

“I’ll be right back Roni, maybe when I get back you can tell me more.”

“Maybe if you buy me a drink I will darling… if you survive that sty.” she smirked.

“Sure have whatever you want.” Something told me a drink would be worth it.”

After I had done my business, my coffee was waiting for me and Roni helped herself to a whisky neat.

“Much obliged Red, so what’s your story? What brings you to a place like this – chasing down a man like Glen? I mean something tells me you’re more suited drinking a pricey Merlot at some sorry piano bar.”

“Well I wouldn’t exactly say I was chasing Glen down, more like just checking him out, just curious you know?”

“Riiiight”… Roni replied coyly.

“I guess I’m in a rut, I met my ex Gerry in high school, he was my best friend, first and only guy I ever…” I caught myself, wondering why I was spilling my guts to the virtual stranger behind the bar, but there was something maternal and down to earth about Roni, she seemed an old soul and wise, like evil twin of my Mom.

“Let me guess, he was a good provider but a dud in the sack.” Roni chuckled, “Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard that one; The old ‘big wallet and small pecker’ story. huh?”

“Something like that”, I sadly admitted looking into my coffee mug.

“Well you poor thing, how long has it been since you’ve been properly serviced?”

“Too long… way!” I sighed.

“How long is too long?” Roni questioned trying to shadow her disbelief.

“A decade, working on 2… I kinda lost count, pretty pathetic right?”

“Wow, no wonder you’re desperate, and this get up of yours, it’s not really you, now is it?”

“Ya well I thought maybe I would change things up a bit, I mean”… I took a sip of my coffee, and realized it wasn’t just coffee, I looked up at Roni.

“I put a dram or 2 of the Irish in it to make it a bit more interesting.” She smiled, then lifted up my arm;

“Definitely not you.” She brushed the tuft of hair under my pit. “So you thought this would attract a rogue like Glen to plug that sad pussy of yours huh?”

I pulled away, red faced, I definitely began to regret my ‘Au Naturel’ fashion choice.

“Not sure it’s the right move to attract a Glen, but I get it.” Roni lifted her tank top exposing a trail of dark hair trailing up her flat stomach to her navel; “Shaving is definitely over-rated.” She put her hand on my arm, and looked softly into my eyes;

“Ever wonder if you may like girl’s honey? I mean if you really want to change things up a little, I may know an experienced gal who would love to properly service that lonely kitty of yours.”

“Oh no, I mean thank you but”…

“Well it was worth a shot, I’ve had slow couple of years myself, and your such a cute and fresh little thing.”

“Been a while since someone called little, or even fresh for that matter”… I laughed.

“Take a look around honey, trust me your the freshest meat this joint has seen in a while”.

I couldn’t help but be a little flattered, maybe a little intrigued;

“So you’re a Muff Rider too?”

“Well an honorary one maybe, only because I run this joint, but no, I wouldn’t go near any of those Skanks, too much going there for my liking; if you know what I mean?”

I looked over to the table, then totally got what Roni was implying ; they were a pretty rough and unkempt looking group of characters. The more I then interact with one another, the fresher I felt!

“Ewww, I kinda got that! So what’s the story on Glen’s wife, I mean she’s, well…”

“She’s a scary hideous bitch, you can say it. Trust me she made an effort to become the ugly whore she is. She was kinda cute when they got married, a little pudgy, kinda like you if you don’t mind me saying; but once she took a liking to ‘Rider’ pussy she fattened and bitched herself up to the point of looking like the nasty bull-dyke she is now.”

“Sounds like you have a problem with her.” I pressed.

“We used to all be friends, close friends if you know what I mean, Big Glen and I had a thing going and then she kinda horned in .”

“Reeeally… sounds cozy, do tell.” I breathed, a hard hammering of a beer mug came from the other side of the bar.

“Think that story will cost you another drink.” Exasperated she heaved as another Patron needed a refill; I’m coming I’m coming! Where the Hell is that little fuck Glen? Back in a minute doll, got horses to water.”

I took another sip of my coffee and looked over at Riders’ table, Katt was standing up now and had a pretty younger girl by the hair, pulling the poor things face into her crotch while the others boisterously laughed. What a vile piece of work… not a single redeeming feature to be found. I became offended that Roni implied she was kind of like me, she could have never be anything like me, no way would I allow the indignity of letting myself go that far!

The heavy door at the entrance swung open, a little person couple walked in arm in arm and bee-lined it to the Riders table, all immediately chimed out GLEN!!!.”

‘Well I’ll be damned, little Glen!’ I thought; Roni (barely breaking 5 ft tall) wasn’t exaggerating when she said he was only ‘yea high’, the table group seemed quite happy to see him; they buoyantly greeted him with shoulder slaps and fist bumps then cheerfully shook the hand of his friend as he introduced her to them one by one, what a delightfully surreal sight. Roni came and instantly eyeing Glen hidden amongst the bodies, a sharp whistle came from her lips, which rung through my head and instantly quieted the room to a dull roar;


A muted “Uh Oh, you’re in trouble now” came from several mouths in the group as little Glen waved back an acknowledgement. He quickly took his friend by the hand and strolled up to the bar then picked her up and plopped her on the stool next to me, then hopped up on the one next to her.

“What’s up Boss” He lackadaisically asked.

“What’s up? What’s up is you’re a little late, like about two days little!” She hissed back, eyeing his friend with disdain;

“I see you’ve been to the city, trolling for a new mini!”

“You got that right! and found this sweet little filly! He beamed; “Roni meet Sheila, Sheila – Roni.”

“Good to know you Sheila, I’m terribly sorry you’re going to have to hear this.” Roni’s fleeting gracious demeanor then morphed into one of anger – directly squared at Little Glen.

“YOU WORM, If you haven’t noticed it’s pretty swampy in here, bad enough I have to keep em watered, now I busting my hump cleanin’ up after ’em too. NOW START SWINGING THAT DICK OF YOURS AND GET TO WORK!” She threw a small apron and box of cleaning implements onto the bar. Little Glen; knowing she meant business, tied on his apron with cheerful obedience;

“Gotta Go!” He brashly announced, kissing the cheek of a somewhat startled Sheila. Then walked over to the Riders table and started clearing up, again to grateful applause.

With a condescending roll of her eyes Roni looked sluggishly back at Sheila;

“Sorry but you’re stud needs to do his job, so he can pay ya for your services. So what’s your pleasure?”

“Ummm, Black Russian? Sheila tentatively replied. “And I’m not… like – we met a concert.

“Coming right up”, Roni spat turning her back and ignoring Sheila’s correction.

Sheila looked uncomfortable, she adjusted her hair and looked down at her blouse;

“She’s really quite nice.” I sympathetically offered.

“Oh, ya…ya.” Sheila whispered nodding her head in reluctant agreement, Roni plunked down her drink.

“This one’s on the house, but playtime is over. Best you walk that pretty little ass over and acquaint yourself with your man’s friends… just don’t distract LG or I’ll throw your tits out, GOT IT!?”

With a slight look of terror Sheila glanced over to me, grabbed her drink, slipped off her stool and walked over to a standing Glen who took her by the shoulder and mingled her into the group.

“Well that wasn’t very nice.” I sang out loud, causing Roni to light up;

“Fuck Little Glen – and the whores he rides on, this is beginning to become an all-out habit.” Just then LG dropped a container full of empty pitchers and glasses onto the bar;

“Does this look like the freakin’ dishwasher to you! JESUS GLEN! Start loading the damn thing up and turn the damned thing on this time…and BTW, I left you a present – tonight you’re going to give the shitters a good mopping! They’re filthy enough to make a maggot gag, even the Skanks are complainin’.”

“You got it boss.” He responded, strangely unruffled.

“You best use gloves and make sure you wash those paws good after your done, wouldn’t want that new filly of yours to catch something while you’re breakin’ her in.” Roni, brushed her hair from her face and turned back to me;

“I’m getting too old for this shit… Now where were we?”

“You were about to tell me about you and Glen I quickly reminded, anxiously adjusting my numbing butt on the stool;

“No, you were about to buy me another drink.” She smiled, reloading her glass with another double Rye, before continuing;

“Well long story short, he left me for that thing and her gaggle of Dykes.” She took a gulp from her glass; “I met him in high school, he was a student of mine and, well let’s just say once I got a hold of that cock of his, he passed my course with flying colors, I taught him everything he knows.”

“You were his teacher? I asked somewhat surprised;

“In more ways than one, I’m sad to say; I was his Theater Arts teacher… part of the job was to direct the annual school play, so there was a lot of after-hours rehearsal time. Glen only had a minor role, but we ended up spending a lot of ‘extra-curricular’ time together. And well – the rest, so they say – is history.”

“SO, you and he… did it? I mean he must’ve pretty been young…” Roni was quick to cut me off;

“It was the late seventies, I may have made a bad decision but back then the age of consent was only 14, so technically I didn’t break any laws.”

“Wow technically no, but morally… WOW!

“Ya well he was mature for his age, and he made the first move so… Anyway we eventually got caught making out under the stage by the janitor, and the prickly cunt reported me – That was a career- ender. Glen kept his mouth shut during the hearing though, like a said he was a sweetie, didn’t even brag about me to his friends, you gotta respect that – you know?”

I took a big gulp from the cup; “So you kept seeing each other after that?”

“Ya well he quit school; pretty much had to, then things went sideways with his folks and they kicked him out,”

“Let me guess, you took him in”… I surmised.

“Officially no, we had to keep our things on the down low, but everyone knew about it, was quite the scandal in those days.

“Still is nowadays, I added with a somewhat judgmental tone; “So how long were you together?”

“Hmmm, 5 or 6 years-on and off, some of em’ good most of them not.; “Suppose it was my own doing in a way, I was the one who introduced him to that thing.”

“You mean Katt?”

“Yep the one and only.” I used to babysit her, her folks helped me get through Teachers College, I knew she was a dyke before they did. Over the years we got to be pretty close, and as she got to know me she came on to me a few times.”

“Really, WOW! Did you take her up on any of her offer?”

“Well, I’m not going to lie, I gave it some pretty hard thought, but no – too young, and I was more into cock back then. We did hang out from time to time; As she got older this joint became our watering hole, and when Glen came into the picture she began hanging out with me more and more. After a couple of years it was obvious that Glen was a closet chubby chaser, and I sensed he a bit of a thing for her. She was getting pretty heavily involved with the Riders and he kind of liked that, along the fact that she was way younger than me – and well; if you haven’t already noticed I’m a little on the anorexic side.”

Well I wouldn’t exactly say you are anorexic, I think you look great for your age, I mean look at me, It wasn’t too long ago when I was closer to your size than I am now.”

“Well aren’t you kind, your just Glen’s type, I’m surprised he acted like a such dick towards you, and I guess I underestimated Katt’s reaction. I really didn’t think she would give a flying fuck about him finding yet another hole to stick his pole into. Sorry ’bout that.”

“It’s all Good Roni, knowing what I know now, I’m glad things turned out the way it did.” I took a final sip of my coffee, I could feel her gaze at me so I looked up at her and shyly smiled;

“Refill? She asked as her gaze met mine. She began to take my mug making and then paused; flirtatiously stroking my fingers to let me now she was still interested before she took it away;

“I’ll have whatever your having, put it on my tab.” I whispered back.

“You got it doll, just give me a few minutes, duty calls…”

I watched her as she handled the guys boisterously waiting on their drinks in the bar, she certainly had an appealing smooth confidence when dealing with men twice her size. I looked back at the Riders table, wondering how different she was than them; Sure she was a bit rough around the edges but she had a wisely classic way about her too; nothing like the crassness that carried on around that table. Glen got up and motioned at her with 2 fingers, she dropped what she was doing and hurriedly pulled a couple of pitchers of beer, causing me to wonder if she still had some sort of allegiance to him. I found myself staring at her as she strolled to the table and plunked the pitchers down, her slender and shapely legs peaked from her under her leather mini skirt looking almost too long in proportion to her short stature;

As she plunked the pitchers down Glen pulled her down onto her lap. Katt then whispered something into her ear, they all looked over to me and I shyly turned my gaze away from them, trying to not to stare. I couldn’t help but peep back as Roni somehow wiggled her way out of Glens grasp then stuck her hand out for payment. In immediate protest Katt got up, then eloquently told her to ‘FUCK OFF!’ Seemingly taking it all in stride; Roni responded in kind by giving her the finger as she made her way back to serve then went back to serve the growing line at the bar. After several minutes she plunked two drinks in front of me and gave me a concerned smirk; Despite her years there still was a hint of youthful vivaciousness that she still managed to carry well, the day to day abuse of being a server seemed to have left zero negative effect on her psyche.

“What was that all about?” I asked showing genuine concern;

“Don’t worry about it Hun, just another day in paradise!” Was her fickle reply; “Here try this… tell me what you think?” She slid the drink in front of me and brought up her glass to her lips;

“What is it?” I asked smelling the concoction and not being able to decipher what exactly was in it;

“Some say I make the best Manhattan in the West,” she drawled, “Oops hang on a sec”… she turned back to the bar and opened up the fridge taking out a jar of Maraschinos then spooned a couple out and plunked them into my glass.

“Save those for last.” She winked, the cherries make all the difference.” She coyly suggested;

“Why aren’t you having any then?”

“Trust me I get my fill”, she chuckled then clinked my glass and took a good swig, I followed suit and after the initial hit of alcohol stung my palate the but the finish was luxuriously smooth and pleasant;

“Mmmm it’s nice.” I looked up at her and took another sip, she nodded her head knowingly and leaned down in front of me; bra-less, I glanced at the large nipples which protruded proudly against the thin fabric of her T. Roni instantly picked up on my glance thrushing my face to redden with bashfulness. She smiled softly then put her hand over mine;

“Now that we are friends, I don’t need to tell you to keep it that shit we were talking about between us,” She looked nervously over at the Riders table, Katt eyes were fixed on us.

“What’s up with her?” I whispered, “She getting jealous or something?” I asked, flirtatiously giving her hand a slight squeeze;

“Besides, what’s there to tell – you didn’t get to the good part.”

“Something like that.” Roni whispered; “She considers you an outsider and therefore a threat. She was asking what we were yakking about and I told her it was nothing for her to worry about, and to mind her own fucking business.”

“Well seems to me I’m making quite the impression.” I answered, somewhat gratified that my mere presence was getting under Katt’s skin, I downed the rest of my drink then added a loud and supportive; “SCREW HER!!”

“Careful Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore.” Roni warned; “There’s a lot of bad shit going on here, best just to cool it and don’t mess with her, trust me – I tried and paid dearly for it.”

“You mean by stealing your man?”

“That, and a whole shit-load more.” The lines on Roni’s faced deepened almost to the point of worry; “Remember what I said about anonymity.”

Again I gave her hand a squeeze, she was obviously a popular hostess but I was beginning to feel like in some way she was alone and needed a friend. I tilted my glass and poured the cherries into my mouth then slowly chewed on them as seductively as I could; looking squarely at Katt.

“Mmmm, you were right,” I breathed; “The cherries do make all the difference! I looked up at her and swallowed them down and licked the sweet nectar from my lips;

“Why don’t you pour us another, finish your story and throw a couple of more of those in.” I brushed my fingers delicately over hers and added a provocative; “Since we’re good friends and all.”

“Well, look at you!” Roni beamed, “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re growing a queer set of balls.” She gave my hand a quick squeeze; I’ll be back in a few.”

Roni quickly drew two more pitchers and then poured a large tray of tequila shots then expertly served it to the Rider’s table in one trip. Little Glen was Kanoodling with Sheila so she quickly placed the tray on the table and much to the delight of the group gave LG a swift kick in the ass. Amidst the raucous laughter I couldn’t hear exactly what she said to him, but he quickly dug into his pockets and handed her a set of keys, she then grabbed Sheila by the shoulders and hustled her out the door throwing the keys out after her. The sound of whistles and glasses pounding on the table filled the room as the table applauded her decisively abrupt effort. With a brief courtesy she proclaimed the round on the house, then lifted her hand feigning a swat to the head toward Little Glen; He promptly acknowledged her threat and rushed to a nearby table fumbling for his note pad to take orders.

She calmly picked up 2 empty pitchers cheerfully taking kudos from the group. I laughed at her resilience, she had the uncanny ability to go from one emotional extreme to the next. One moment she was a woman on fire, the next the elderly statesman playing up to the crowd. She rolled her eyes at me as she made calmly made her way behind the bar and served a somewhat surprised man a drink with the courtesy of a ‘Stepford’ wife.

After slamming his money into the till Roni looked over at me apologetically. She noticed my drink was still empty and freely poured several ingredients into a shaker, then turned towards me smiling: Her small and slackened breasts swayed in rhythm as shook the shots into one. An endearing respect for her was overtaking my previous inhibitions, I felt a little guilty playing on her desires to pump gossipy dirt out of her, and part of me wanted to make it up to her. I felt a slight tingle down my spine as she placed the glass in front of me with a maternal smile.

“There ya go,” She sang; “On the house.”

“Why aren’t you being generous tonight? That round for the Riders couldn’t have been cheap.”

“Well worth it my dear”, she smirked as she poured some into her glass; “If it wasn’t for them, this joint would’ve folded up years ago. Besides it’ll shut them up and give us a bit of space to get better acquainted – The Owner won’t mind. It is my name on place after all.”

“So you own this place, Wow you are full of surprises I lilted, “No cherries this time?”

Roni smiled and picked up my glass, “I’m so sorry, here – you can have mine.” She puckered her lips and dribbled a single cherry from her mouth into my glass! 30 minutes ago I would have been a bit grossed out having an aging lady spit into my drink, but now she didn’t seem old to me at all, she was too young at heart to act her age and to be honest I thought the gesture to be oddly arousing. Without missing a beat I clinked her glass and took a drink, for some reason it tasted much better than the last.

“Good?” Roni asked, watching me as I stirred the drink with my index finger, then placed it seductively between my lips.

“Delicious.” I cooed. I was beginning to really like her, to the point of considering her offer, however if anything sexual was going to happen between us I had to learn more about her colorful past.

“Sooo, Exactly what went on with Glen and Katt?” I asked as I glanced over at the ‘Rag Tag’ group. I somewhat hoped that for the most part her involvement with Katt or any other of the Riders was strictly platonic as I was currently of the mind that their lack of scruples may come with unforeseen and potentially ugly consequences.

“So you gonna leave me hanging, what exactly happened between you three?”

Roni studied my face for a moment then took a gulp from her glass, then looked over at the table to make sure their Katt’s attention was elsewhere.

“O.K I’ll tell you, since we’re such close friends and all. Where were we again?” She sarcastically teased.

“You said Katt stole Glen, and it was mostly your own doing…”

“Oh right ya, well it was Glen’s 21st B-day, and we were celebrating his first legal drink, it was right there at that very table where I made yet another bad decision in a string of many.” She blew out an exasperated sigh as she reminisced;

“We were all feeling pretty high and got to talking. I started to tell Katt how capable Glen was in the sack. I guess I got a little overly descriptive as it was obvious that she was getting a little turned on. I began teasing her; telling her she wouldn’t know what to do with a hot cock if it poked her in the eye. One thing led to another and by the end of the night, for some reason I thought it a good idea to be a generous bitch and surprise him with her younger pussy to bang.”

“You mean You let him, bang Katt?” I blurted almost too loud, then repeated in a hushed tone; “You let him bang her?!”

“Ya well, I was much younger then – and stupid. Katt wanted to try a taste of cock and I knew Glen was kinda interested in her. To be honest, I wasn’t being completely charitable – Since I was the only girl Glen had done it with, I thought it may strengthen our relationship; You know – by appeasing his curiosity – let him find out for himself that older was in fact better.”

I could kind of relate to what she was saying, having just recently experienced the same curiosity;

“Like I said, it got pretty complicated.” She abruptly walked away to serve Little Glen a tray of drinks.

“How complicated? I called ; I squirmed with anticipation Was that it? I eagerly waited for her to return, she seemed to be taking forever! Finally she came back. Eager to hear more ‘dirt’ I continued my inquisition;

“So you just let them run off and have sex, no questions asked?”

“Not exactly, I wasn’t that stupid, I kept a pretty close eye on them if you catch my drift.” She gave me a sly wink. It took me a moment or two to clue in to what she had meant;

“You mean the 3 of you had sex together, at the same time?” I asked incredulously; “And you… with her…and let her do you… and him.” My head reeled to the point that I had trouble getting the words out!

“I thought it was a good idea at the time… you don’t get out much do you?” Roni drawled.

“Apparently not!” I wistfully answered;

Roni took a large gulp of her drink; and continued;

“At first we all found it kinda fun you know? So it became a pretty regular thing. Glen was over the moon, like no surprise there – and Katt, well found out she liked his cock almost as much as the Girl’s ‘Poon’.”

Then she deeply sighed ; “Yep one big happy family… it was O.K, up until he stopped fucking me nice anyway.”

I laughed at first, Roni certainly was the ‘Thesaurus of slang’ when it came describing the female genitalia. Catching my lack of sensitivity I offered up what little pathos I had for her;

“Boy that must’ve taken guts, I mean to be confident enough to try something like that, I couldn’t do it – no freaking way…”

“Well later on it wasn’t exactly voluntary; more liked forced. It didn’t take Katt long to pretty much dominate the relationship. She took a real liking to have me eat her stinky clam while Glen used my ass a punching bag for his cock – She got off on it – the sick fuck!” Roni downed the last of her drink then poured herself another; “I got tired of being her bitch, not to mention pissed at Glen, he sold me out for her, and that gaggle of dykes. Now look at him, under her thumb just to keep his pecker wet… in the end his cock got too dirty for my liking so I bailed. And well, here I am – Living the Dream.”

“Ewww, so after that, you um-mm… changed teams?”

“Oh God no, after a while Katt’s grubby hands pushing my face into her coin purse was getting pretty old and wasn’t exactly my idea of fun. She looked through her glass;

“Nope, it took a couple more years and several more assholes to dabble my way back into that space.”

“Yuuuck, I can imagine.” I sighed astonished.

“Well, it wasn’t a total loss Becky came around and showed me how well two women can get along.” Roni put her hand back onto my arm, there’s something to be said about the right woman giving the other head, far better than any guy. Trust me, I’ve never looked back since.”

Roni sighed, “Although I do miss a hot and stiff man cock from time to time, and despite all – especially Glen’s.

“You loved him didn’t you?” I suggested.

Roni shot out a crooked smirk; “Well Iooking back I would have to say no, but I sure loved that ‘baby-arm’ of a cock of his, she raised up her forearm, and smiled; “It was a really nice cock, and man, he learned how to use it… You know.”

I reflected back to my years with Gerry; and took a gulp of my drink; “Sadly I don’t” I pouted; “So Really that big? And you let him put that thing in your ass?” I asked open mouthed, foregoing any semblance decorum.

“Yep All 12 inches, wasn’t really my idea but Katt was pretty insistent. It took a bit of doing… Not gonna lie. I mean you’ve seen him right? It’s pretty obvious.”

I looked over to the table, sadly Glen was seated obstructing the view; “I was too busy looking at his ass, I didn’t get that far.” I playfully admitted with a giggle.

“Packing Triple A prime beef… trust me.” She nodded wittingly.

‘Power between the legs indeed’, I thought to myself; “Seems such a waste, I mean if I access to a piece like that I wouldn’t be wasting my time messing with girls.”

Roni laughed; “Boy you really don’t get out much do you? I Doubt he even pounds her fat ass any more, they’re both too busy playing with the other bitches, they call him ‘The Rod’, he’s the gang’s token cock.”

“You mean she still lets him… with all of them… all of the time?”

“More like encourages him; Roni interrupted; That’s how she holds onto her power,” she motioned her head to the Rider’s table, look at those ugly whores, most of em can’t even be proper dykes, have to play with man-dick too.”

“How charming, guess I dodged a bullet there, doesn’t seem to be much a ‘Sweetie’ in my view.”

Roni again sighed; “He used to be, would like to think he still is deep down, he’s her problem now. Bet that horse cock of his shrivels having to stick it into that diseased box, the only reason they’re still together is because of his playtime with the sisters.”

I took a swig of my drink and looked at the Cherry at the bottom of my glass, Roni’s candid description of her colorful past was well worth the price of a few drinks but I couldn’t help but feel she may be a tad too ‘experienced‘ for me. I put my glass down and wiggled uncomfortably on my stool – I was actually disappointed. Roni picked up on my diminished vibrancy immediately.

“You OK Hun, you turned awfully quiet… what’s gnawing at you?”

“I just feel a bit bad for you, seems like you sacrificed a lot, and now their happy and well – you’re alone.”

Roni put her hand over mine then leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on my cheek; “You’re so sweet,” she whispered,

“But that was many moons ago, and it wasn’t a total loss, got my first taste of pussy, and I haven’t been alone too long; I mean Becky and I probably never would of hooked up if it didn’t happen, I’m O.K with it really.

“So is Becky a Rider too? How long have were you together?” I blurted

“OH HELL NO ! Roni laughed; “Like I said; I wouldn’t go anywhere near those Skanks. We were together for 20 odd years, but things went south a few years ago, it was a mutual thing we just grew apart.”

“Oh, after all that time – that must’ve been tough. I commiserated; “Gerry and I were only together for 12 years or so but even though he treated me like crap, I still missed him for a long time after we split, you must miss her a lot.”

“Sure I do, but at some point you accept it and move on – right? Roni shot me a weak smile “Surely you were shitting me about not getting back in the saddle?”

I downed the rest of my drink, leaving the cherry alone at the bottom; “Sadly, I shit you not.”

“Wow he must’ve did quite the number on your head, I mean you were still young, and I’m here to tell you it doesn’t get any easier as the years go by. Take my sorry state for instance; I haven’t had a nibble in ages, but let’s face it – there aren’t many ‘Crones’ my age to hit on in this neck of the woods. She gave me a quick smile; “I’ll be back in a few minutes, could you use another?”

I looked up at her and sadly nodded, Roni was right, Gerry did do a number on me; his abuse had not only shattered my confidence but also my will to ever trust a man with my heart ever again. Over the years my fear turned into complacency, suddenly I felt very ugly – knowing now what had initially attracted me to a guy like Glen. He was a safe bet, he would never make an effort to sweep me off my feet, but I didn’t want that. I just wanted to feel desirable again… if not just for a moment. If he could provide that then maybe, just maybe I could feel strong enough to take a chance on a more serious endeavor. I glanced over at Roni, a social ball of energy, serving drinks at lightning speed; She certainly had a way about her, not once did I see her give any of her patrons change… I poured the cherry into my mouth, wishing that I could feel as young as her. I stepped of my stool to get some circulation to my numbing butt and felt a little dizzy. The floor and walls seemed to move, disorientated I stumbled from my stool and clutched for my purse. Roni rushed over, her muffled voice asked if I was alright, I vaguely remember her trying to steady me toward the restroom before all went dark.

I woke up groggy in a musty smelling room to a splitting headache. I felt cold and my back and neck were wracked with pain. I tried to lift my head and sit up, but all that resulted was the rattling of chains. My heart skipped a beat, clearly re-calibrating after being jolted by the adrenaline that instantly pumped through me. I tried to move my arms; thick leather straps cut into my wrist, my fingers fruitlessly clawed at the fabric covered table top, I twisted, only hear to hear the rattle more chains. My tailbone dug into the wood in agony as to my horror my legs were spread wide and hoisted high, leaving my ass half-lifted from the tables surface.

I began to panic, too frightened to scream I tried in futility to break free from my bindings. After coming to the realization that any effort to move beyond an inch or two was futile, a rush of nausea filled the empty pit in my stomach. My eyes widened in terror, I attempted to scream but didn’t have the wind to do so; My lungs were unable to convert air into oxygen and began to hyperventilate, deeming any significant vocalization impossible. I began to feel faint, knowing that if I didn’t focus on controlling my respiration I would at very least vomit, and at worst pass out. I tried to settle my mind as my eyes tried to adjust to the darkness. Shadowy outlines began to focus beyond the confusion, it was then that I truly became senescent to my dire situation; From my horizontal perspective I could now see that my legs spread wide restrained to by a bar of which my bootless feet were bound to. I used my first decent gulp of air to cry out for help;

“WHAT THE FUCK!!” HEY!! WHAT THE FUCK!” Again I struggled in my restraints; “HEEY! PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME!”

It wasn’t long before a single light came one from over the table, my eyes focused on my predicament, I was all but naked; only my panties and tank top remained. My head hung over the edge of an old billiard table, anchored by a thick leather collar tethered by a chrome chain that disappeared somewhere under me. My arms spanning the tables length were tethered by leather straps clasped and fastened securely to the felt covered top. My legs; also spread to the max were bound to a thick wooden rod, 2 chains ran through rusty metal eyelets that were screwed into each end, I looked up and to my horror the chains seemed to be rigged through some sort of pulley system supported by a heavy antiquated wooden beam holding up a dreary cement ceiling.

“WHAT THE FUCK! PLEASE… NO… PLEASE… I screamed only half believing the plight I found myself in. Again my breathing became erratic, it took all my inner fortitude to try and force myself to stabilize the paralyzing fear that overcame me. I could just lift my head enough to see other ominous looking equipment scattered throughout the room.

I started to sob uncontrollably, this couldn’t be happening, the rooms furnishings were that of a current day medieval-like dungeon!


“Sshh, Shhhh!… Good morning sleepy head, was beginning to worry that you weren’t going to wake up.”

FUCK ME, It was Roni!

“WHY are you doing this WHY! I screamed.

Roni responded with complete calm; “She wanted you, like I said, you’re the freshest meat that hit this joint in a long time.” Roni began maternally stroking my hair;


“You must be thirsty, you were out for a while, here baby, have some water.” She shoved a bottle into my mouth; I gagged spitting up most of it, not able to drink flat on my back.

“Easy now, easy, you’ll be fine. We’re just going to put this ball into your mouth for now – so you can’t scream.”

I had no time to respond, Roni grabbed my head in a vice like grip and two young girls walked in, one shoved her fingers into my mouth forcing my jaw to open, while the other rammed a heavy rubber ball into it. The other then secured it into place with a scarf or something. In panic I pulled and twisted against my restraints, the two girls having finished their task just left me there to flail; ambiguously leaving the room as if under some sort of hypnotic suggestion – Something told me I wasn’t the first to be on this table. Dazed and terrified I felt like throwing up, but the gag wouldn’t allow it, so all I could do was cry.

“Mmmm, you’re so pretty when you’re sad.” Roni whispered brushing a tear from my eye; “You’re wearing Katt’s colors now… and if I were you, I would hope she’ll let me be the one to break you in.” She brushed my cheek with the back of her hand, the gesture was far kinder than her words;

”Unlikely, but possible; Given the fact that I gave you to her by spiking your booze. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough. She’ll be here in a bit… best try to relax.”

With that she kissed me on the forehead then walked away. The light went off an room once again went dark, I found myself demoralized beyond reproach, how could Roni of all people be responsible for the brutal confinement I now found myself subject too? My thoughts were running away in every direction as they tried to percolate what could be in store for me. What had I done to be punished in such a heavy-handed manner!? My breathing became labored and, the beating of my heart seemed to audibly fill my head – increasingly growing louder as my panic took hold. In a desperate bid to I tried to divert my thoughts into a more manageable place by focusing more on the tactile. My backside was in complete total discomfort and I was losing the feeling in both my hands and feet. I tried to adjust myself but couldn’t my bindings wouldn’t allow any position of comfort. Over-stimulated I unconditionally sobbed; barely able to suck in any air between the torrential wave of snivels, I was too distressed to stop. Time seemed to mercifully drag until finally until I heard an echoing commotion coming down the stairway .

The light again flicked on and a group bodies surrounded me, some looked familiar, but the leading body I knew… it was Glen’s vile wife, the Queen Bee. She leaned directly into my face, and removed the gag, my tearful eyes tried to focus as her rancid breath literally stung my into them;

“So you’re Red, the whore who’s been hitting on my old man, eh? My name is Katt, and these are some of my sisters. Welcome to my humble home – hope you’re making yourself comfortable.” She then delivered me a stinging backhander across my cheek, I shook my head in panicked denial, only to be brutishly acknowledged by laughter. The gag was removed from my aching jaw, Katt tied its tether around her head, sickening me as I realized it was her bandanna fouling my mouth.

“OH GOD NO! PLEEASE…” Katt quickly interrupted uninterested with my pleas;

“That one was for hitting on my old man.” She clocked me again this time from the other side;


“Consider that one a warning, so y’all know what you’re in for in case you decide to open up that fresh yap of yours. It’s very important that you just shut the fuck up and listen very carefully to what I have to say.”

Every fiber of my being wanted to freak out, I held back; a look of bewilderment being my only response.

“Very good… now from here on in your name is ‘whore’ and I own you now. Best to come to terms with that sooner than later, no sense making things harder for yourself.” she sneered.

“NO!NO! PLEASE ” I cried. Katt her arm and dealt my face another solid blow, a sharp ringing filled my head, followed by a spark of hatred that ignited my anger as her foul breathed leaned back into me;

“Not too bright are ya? but yer a nice chub though – isn’t she girls?” In defiance I spat into her face as she ran her hand over my trembling belly;


Katt smiled then fiendishly fingered my spit off her face and scooped it into her mouth; “Oh she’s a feisty one, we like feisty don’t we girls?” She grabbed my cheeks and squeezed them, it angered me more than it hurt, survival mode was now kicking in big time;

“GO TO HELL!” I blew through pursed lips, fully expecting another shot to the jaw, instead Katt just smiled;

“We know it likes cock now LETS SEE IF SHE LIKES GIRLS!” She pried my mouth open and before placing her disgusting mouth over mine and dribbled a thick stream of her saliva into me, then roughly rimmed her tongue around my teeth, then pushed it in deep toward my throat. The mere thought of her filthiness permeating my tongue turned my already queasy stomach. Sensing my complete disgust, Katt broke away and jerked my head around just in time to keep me from vomiting over myself. A splat of mostly liquid hit the floor, and then another, the Sisters laughed as Katt tried to steady my convulsing body.

“Well looks like we have our answer!” Katt chortled. “None too keen eh? Are you almost done whore? You’re holding up inspection time!”

Again she ran her palm over my belly, “Yep a nice and round chub, and such ginormous udders. So what do you think we have us today girls, I’m thinking a Cow… possibly a Pig. Becky come over here – keep her head down and mouth shut.”

A monstrously tall and obese butch stepped over and grabbed both sides of my head, her bloated face smiled as she look me over she grinned showing a disgusting set of tobacco stained teeth, surely she wasn’t the Becky Roni had gushed about.

“Hmmm, definitely a Pig, we can use another Pig.” Becky declared; “Our last two Sows are on the way out, Den and Joe are complainin’.”

“We’ll see, were getting low on Cows too.” Katt shrugged as she pulled a Bowie knife from her belt;

“Now your gonna be a good whore; nice and quiet or Becky here is going to use your face to get off, and she don’t shower much, isn’t that right Beck?”

“Been riding dirty close to a week now, just the way my Bitches like it!” Becky responded as she saddled her fat legs over my head, I could smell her vagina easily despite being shielded by jean shorts. Her husky thighs muffled the laughter in the background.

“YOU SICK BITCHES, GO HELL!” I screamed just as I felt the blade of Katt’s knife trace across my torso, Becky’s legs tightened around my head; I started to hyperventilate as Katt ran the blade ominously between my breasts.

“I’ll give you that one for free whore, but any more talk and I’ll tell Beck to pull down her pants and ride.”

Becky provided further warning by unbuttoning her shorts, as Katt almost casually ran the knife over my body while her hand brushed over my thighs and ass. My momentary defiance had fallen away, I was reduced to a shaking mass of fear.

“Hmmm, she’s is a hefty one, look at the meat on those legs, and furry too, right up into her skivvies, bet she’s wearing winter bush.” The blade of her knife made quick work of my panties, cut from crotch to waist they peeled away; opening a window that exposed my privates for all to see. I felt extra vulnerable and frightened now, to conceal my anguish I tried to toughen up, but the tears continued to run down my cheeks.

Katt pulled my panties away and gave them a long sniff… “Mmmm nothing like the smell of fresh meat.” She declared, then passed them to Becky; “I’m thinking too fresh for a Sow.Beck, what’s your take?”

“Hmmm”, she snorted back, “Too light for my liking, but with a 70’s bush like that I still think she has Pig potential – nothing that a couple of days in the pen with the Skanks won’t cure.”

Katt laughed, and ran the blade along my calves, triggering their hairs to stand on end, my legs to again felt compelled to twist in their restraints.

“Mmmm such a bushy whore.” The blade went over my groin then slipped under my clit;

“OH GOD!” I yelped.

“Take a look at the size of this cunt lump girls.” The blade of her knife twisted and lifted it up for all to see;

“PLEASE, PLEASE I HAVE MONEY!” I howled… The humiliation of being so nakedly examined was too much to bear forcing a constant rill of tears to roll down my face.

“TUT TUT careful now whore; by the way Becks’ all over your shorts, I’d say she’s ready to rub one out.”

“Let me fuck her face QB,” Becky growled… “I’m ready to ride this Heifer.”

“Ron you like em fluffy, get over here and tell us what you think.” Katt commanded, Roni was quick to obey, she parted the carpet of hair surrounding my lips and slipped her fingers between my labia. then drew them under my clit, pulling back the hood of flesh protecting it. she gently pinched while her finger fondled the underside, again I contorted in contempt.

“It’s a snatch of beauty QB, and packing a true penisaurus.” Roni cooed.

“HOLD HER LEGS GIRLS, Katt bellowed; “Let’s see if Ron can give it some wood, Go ahead babe, she’s your catch… you can take her first.

“OH GOD, PLEASE JUST LET ME GO!” I pleaded, as I felt Roni’s breath hovering over my Mons, “NOOO PLEASE!”

I felt Roni’s tongue flicking at the fuzz in my groin, before it slowly slipped it between my lips, I heard her sigh in pleasure as she tongued their full length down to my ass then back up and over the underside of my clit;

“Mmmm…Nice butterball curtains.” She clinically reported while lifting her head from between my butterflied legs. Two fingers slipped into my vagina and worked at dilating my hole, it wasn’t long before she easily slipped her whole hand in. She rolled and twisted it in – so deep I good feel her knuckles pushing against my cervix.

“Roomy hole too; couldn’t even feel it go in. I’d say she’s been pretty busy with some extra- large selfie-sticks.” she crassly announced, causing the group to laugh in earnest. I turned my head and closed my eyes in an effort to quell the frost of indignity coating me, but it was in vain – I felt truly alone.

“Oh Yeah, you like don’t ya…” Roni suggested as her wrist pumped in and out of me. In futile defiance I twisted my hips, rattling chains pieced the room before the two girls tightened their grip on my thighs to counteract my efforts and hold me still; I could feel her hand open deep inside of me, her index finger searched the spongy ball that bottomed- out my tensing hole. Eventually it found the tiny entrance leading to my womb;

“AAHHH FUCK!” I screamed as her nail found its mark.

“There it is”, Roni whispered calmly, rolling her fingertip around the sensitive orifice. She kept massaging the hyper- sensitive area until I bucked my ass up, pushing my hips up toward her face. Without skipping a beat her lips wrapped over my clit and she sucked it in – rolling her tongue over its susceptible head;

“AHHH” I moaned, as the sensation immediately overshadowed the irritation her pistoning arm was dishing out as it continued to bottom-out in my pussy.

“I think she’s really beginning to like it girls” Katt laughed in diabolical delight ; “Keep on the whores bean – get that spunk hole to spit!”

“She’s getting nice and slippery now!” Roni murmured, her lips now bobbing up and down my awakening shaft;

“Is that right? How interesting… a ‘Strawberry Milkshake’ so soon? Definitely a Cow then.” Katt affirmed; “And with a hood ornament like that I’d say it would be a waste of meat to be used as a Pig – Keep fucking her Ron!”

“OH GOD NO…PLEASE, JUST LET ME…” I was quickly stifled as Becky pushed her groin hard into my face, her flabby thighs clamped my head fast. Roni’s hand brutally bashed in and out of me, the searing pain signaled my burning hole lubricate in a involuntary effort to lull my itself into comfort.

“OH PULEASE! We all know NO means YES ! Roni breathed, her head went down on me again, her broadened tongue swabbed at my clitoral hood with abandon, leaving twinges of mutinous pleasure behind. Guttural moans of pleasure whispered over the hairs of my pubis as she nibbled, then lightly chewed on my button. Having never felt that sensation before, my clit shamefully thickened in coercive response. I bit my lip trying to disguise the arousal, but the novelty of the sensation was too intense for me to suppress, forcing a wail of improper felicity to squeeze its way through my locked lips.

“OOOH OH, AHHH….” I shamefully blurted, rising my hips rashly pushing my swollen organ deeper into Roni’s heated mouth – What fleeting comfort I had experienced transformed quickly into painful misery. She punched her arm into me, a dull throb infused its way from the tip of my toes, to the lobes of my ears as her knuckles harshly bottomed-out inside of me. My mouth profusely watered, signalling me to regurgitate in response to the pain. I swallowed hard trying to quell the cramping moving from my bowels to my gut.

“FUCK, STOP! PLEASE, “YOUR HURTING ME!” was my only defense before my esophagus defiantly forced out another small spittle of vomit. I fought off the reflex and focused on taking a breath… Roni efforts had literally knocked the wind out of me.

“OH AM I HURTING YOU? I’m so sorry…” Her teeth clamped below my nub and tugged it away from my body to the point that I was convinced it would tear;

“OWWWW, FUCK, AAAHHH!” I screamed with what little breath I had in me. Roni’s teeth released their grip, not in an act of mercy but so she could focused on incessantly pistoning my now flaring hole.

“YOU GO GIRL!” Katt cried with sadistic encouragement, “Jack that whores doughy ass up”

Two girls pulled on the chains hanging from pulleys, intensifying my terror as my ass was onerously ratcheted to a higher state of vulnerability;


Roni obediently intensified her relentless bashing, the pain was more than anything I had ever experienced before; Despite my screams of agony she continued to punch punch her fist into me with increasingly perverse fervor. The tense walls that once hugged around her hand were slackened numb, leaving my battered hole completely defenseless. Soon it was nothing more than a soft sludgy mess of which (to my horror) loudly queefed with indelicate vulgarity after each brutally invasive stroke;

“OH GOD, OH, OH SHIT…STOP” I pleaded.

“SHUT THE WHORE UP, USE NASTY TACO OF YOURS, BECK!” Katt dictated, Becky’s pudgy thighs released my over-heated head, the cool ventilation momentarily soothed my anguish while Becky removed her shoes and pants. I strained my head to glance at the captive audience; obviously turned on by my torment. Becky straddled me, her stained white thong hovered over me then using her crotch she pushed my head down, craning my neck painfully over the tables lip. Her foul stench caused me to gag as she teased my face with its putrid tang.

I started to feel queasy. My lungs now in a harrowing struggle fought to breath in anything useful from between Becky’s legs, forces me to negotiate;

“PLEEASE NO, I’LL BE GOOD, I’ll be good, please…” I finished with a dead whisper;

“HAA HAA! Getting a little stuffy down there whore?” Katt laughed, “I’m not sure you can be trusted, But we can be reasonable, back off and let her breath Beck, but gag that cake-hole of hers… use your Butt Floss. KEEP FUCKING HER RON!”

“NOOOO, NOOO! I screamed using the last bit of energy I could Muster… Katt unsympathetic, dismissively chortled as Becky removed her tainted thong and brushed over my face. In disgust I rolled my head away, only to feel it pressed harshly under my nose;

You don’t like the smell of my cunt whore? You should be more grateful… there are plenty bitches around here that would kill to have a taste of these.”

She pried my mouth open and slowly pushed her filth into me; “That’s right have a taste of what they’re missing… Good whore – eat it all up now.”

A hushed murmur came from the group as she pushed my head up showing my defiled mouth stuffed full with her grime. I was all but broken now, my head was unable to wrap around the realization that I was to become nothing more than a play-toy for a group of sadistic individuals who would more than likely kill me after they ran out of ideas to emotionally and physically torture me. Overloaded my mental state phased into a paling shutdown; only the discomfort of the bile churning my stomach inside kept me somewhat alert as my stomach fought yet another pang to vomit. My torso heaved as I tried to prevent the violent spew of vomit that shot up my throat and burned out of my nose, I snorted for air and breathed some into my lungs forcing me into a horrific gagging fit.

“AAAAAAMMM. AAAUGH!!” I struggled to breath as Roni continued to pound my cervix into my womb. Now physically exhausted and deprived of oxygen, I began to fade out of consciousness; all sense of where I was and what was happening to me was beginning to lose meaning, I felt my soul on the verge of giving up, it would so easy to just go to sleep…

“ENOUGH… BECK UNPLUG HER, WE DON”T WANT ANOTHER DEAD WHORE ON OUR HANDS!” Katt patted my drooping cheeks;as Roni stopped her assault but

kept her hand wrist-deep inside of me.

“WAKE UP – STAY WITH ME CUNT, I’m not done with you yet… Becky, take that rag out of her yap, let’s sit her up… give the bitch bit of space.”

Becky removed my gag and hurriedly removed my collar from its tethers, while two others unlocked my arms from their shackles. Once free Becky pushed my torso up,

painfully driving my tailbone into the hard slate, then she pulled my arms behind my back into an inescapable arm lock. I was far from comfortable, but at least I could cough the fluid from my lungs and gulp for air. In shock, I watched as Roni slowly slipped her arm from my battered hole, like my lungs – it also sighed in relief. I wildly scanned the room trying to re-center myself, the two young girls that had held my legs actually showed a hint of benevolence, and tentatively backed away. Katt leaned into me, the deadness in her eyes contradicted the softness in her voice;

“Feeling better now? Poor thing, look at you; all covered in puke.” My terror kept me mute as I kept my focus on the two young girls grasping for a scrap of what little kindness the room had to offer and denied the cold of Katt’s blade as she began cutting away my shirt.

“Let’s take this dirty shirt off and have a look at these udders.” With a flick of her knife my breasts fell heavily and spread over my belly.

“Mmmm yes, nice set of Aunt Jemima fun bags whore, keep on her button Ron, but play nice, if she Moos, hurt her.

Roni moved back between my legs and took my clit back into her mouth.

“DON’T DO THIS PLEASE… YOU DON’T NEED TO DO THIS!” I gasped, in desperation not thinking my outburst entirely through.

“Of course we do.” Katt whispered as she molested my breast, “I have to keep the sisters happy, and was that a Moo I just heard?”

“NO… PLEASE NO..I’LL BE GOOD PLEEEASE!” I began to sob uncontrollably… “I’ll be good …promise.”

“That’s better, now let me have a taste of these juicy bags of yours.”

She squeezed my areola and flicked her tongue over my nipple, I closed my eyes not wanting to see her taking it into her ugly mouth. Her lips began suckling me until it had no choice but to swell thick, Roni motioned the two girls to raise my legs even higher, the chains pulled me up until my full weight was supported by my shoulder blades, causing a rush of blood to flood in and warm my head. Roni, was now standing; her head bouncing up and down furiously as she continued giving my clit head. She pressed two fingers into me and began massaging the spongy flesh behind my pubis.

Katt kneaded my other breast pinching at my other nipple, her mouth now enveloped my areola completely the suction engorging the tip to a fullness I had never before witnessed.

“Mmmm, I could get used to these”, she breathed as she moved to the other side and tongued at the other, she pulled it with her teeth then sucked it hard until it too expanded full.

“Nice thick nubs too whore”, she almost approvingly smiled as she inspected her work. Through my tears I focused again on the 2 girls were hugging my thighs, they were intently watching Roni as she continued to manipulate my gape. Katt moved behind her and roughly pulled her head up by the hair.

“Fuck that’s a sweet hangar, and my oh my – what a slong of a taco berry.” She grinned then flicked it hard using her thumb and forefinger; “Hey girls come over and look at how angry it is now, I think that one could give Little Glen’s a run for his money, don’t you think?”

The girls gathered around – my pussy became the topic of raucous discussion – I was mortified; A wave of complete shame overcame me, I was always self-conscious of my meaty pussy, Gerry never went near it, he said it looked too much like an infant’s penis, (he would know the Bastard) Now here it was being scrutinized by

a group of disturbed strangers – a freak show to amuse a coven of sadistic low- lives – and there wasn’t anything I could do about it! Roni’ fingers continued their delicate work and found my ‘G’ spot, causing me to flinch and try to pull away.

“OH YA!, Work it honey!” Katt squealed with encouragement some of the girls had their hands down their pants sadistically trying to get off on my humiliation. I couldn’t believe what was happening, Roni’s aggressive sucking had engorged my clit to full mast. Contrary to my mind, my pussy forgave the battering Roni had administered just moments ago! How could my body defy me like this?! It was like a complete separate entity; I was being raped for fucks sake!

I literally had no feeling in my feet; my shoulders and neck were pins a needles; Yet I couldn’t ignore the warmth of arousal creeping up my legs. Roni continued pressing on and my ‘G’ while her tongue lightly danced around the nub of my now fully alert organ.

“PLEASE STOP, PLEASE…. OH FUCK! I moaned, unable to contain the physical excitement; it wasn’t long before Roni had confirmed what I already had known – I was losing control, I tried to clench my hole as it began to freely lubricate, My mind in utter and complete torment was also confused; How could I be getting so wet?

“Won’t be long now QB, Mmmm… nice and sloppy. Just the way we like it!” She mumbled then darted her tongue delicately over my my labia, again my physical arousal defied all logic; through sheer instinct my pelvis once again pushed into her skillful efforts. After a minute or so I knew that I was on the brink of orgasm and bit (hard) on my lip …

“OOOH,OOOAAAH!” I moaned now seconds from release. It was just then Katt again pulled Roni away, yanking her lips and fingers away from my heaving slit: Almost thankful I Blew a heavy sigh of relief. Katt’s mercy had given me the moment of will I so desperately needed. Cognizance was again my ally, once more offering resistance to the frantic physical birth of arousal my vagina was condemning me to.

“HOLD UP Katt directed, harshly jamming two of them into me scooping my juices before pulling them out. She turned to the girls and rubbed the glaze with her thumb and forefinger;

“Doesn’t get much greasier than this, huh Girls? She diabolically laughed, then turned to me and slowly pulled her digits apart showing me the viscous string of goo shamefully stretching from between.

“Looks to me that you do like girls HUH? So why don’t you just admit it.” Tell Roni you want to splash her face with your cum, and it’ ll all be over.

My eyes closed in humility, only to be pried open again by Becky… Katt leaned into me,showing me close-up of the slime.

“That’s right have a good look at it, See… your privileged ass is no better than ours, we all need to get wiped sometimes.” She stuck her tongue out and flipped the thread of cum into her open mouth, wiping the remainder of the glaze off my nipple before walking back between my splayed legs,

“No Answer, well that’s a shame…”

She motioned over the youngest girl in the group, then gave her an opened mouthed kiss, the girl eagerly reciprocated as the group lamented with encouragement.

“Mmmm. there ya go Soph, there’s more of that fresh on that udder of hers if feel so inclined.”

Wasting no time the false innocence of a young girl’s breath was over my nipple. She lapped up the cum over my areola then popped my nipple into her mouth. Her suckling was much more refined than Katt’s previous violation; She pressed my nub against the roof of her mouth, and gently swirled it with her tongue, as her lips delicately chew on the sensitive halo around.it. I felt only the slightest hint of suction….

“Mmmm, speaking of ass, what do we have here?” she asked facetiously. Her rough hand ran down the cleft of my ass and stopped to explore my anus,

“PLEASE DON”T, NOT THERE.” I cried in fearful protest;

“OH, so you do have something to say to Roni?”

Katt kept the pressure against me as I tensed in an attempt to clamp her out, then knowing I was in a no position to be defiant tearfully blurted out.”

“I WANT TO… I want… to splash your face with my cum.”

“Are you sure?” She teased, “Doesn’t sound to me that you really mean it , What do you think girls?”

Aware that most of the group were shaking their heads, I tried again; this time yelling the words out yelled I WANT… TO CUM IN RONI”S FACE… DAMMIT!

Katt roughly spread my cheeks apart;

“Very good, whore, you do have a nice freckle though, nice and tight! It’s definitely a one way, could be a bit of a challenge to open this one up,”

She stood up and looked up at me, for a brief moment I thought I had dodged her wrath,

“I can’t put my finger on why, but I’m not convinced, something tells me that your a lying sack a SHIT!”

: “Break it in dry Ron, give it some Rider ‘Thumbs Up’, and don’t be shy – keep working that cock hole too.!” she coldly commanded.


The girls tightened their grip on my thighs as Roni resumed the two-finger massage of my ‘G sponge’ while rolling her thumb over my clit. She took her other thumb and pressed it against my sphincter. Her digit struggled to enter my shut ass, she looked up at me with an almost cute chastity, tilted her head and drove it savagely drove her first knuckle into my ass.

“AHHHH HOLY SHIT!!… HOLY. I yelped; Katt was right, I never had anything push into my ass before; another invasive sensation that my mind had no way to deal with, Fuck it hurt!

The girl latched onto my breast obviously stimulated by my screams too became more and more aggressive, her her front teeth now worked solely on my nipple; adding to my another stinging, tenderizing sensation to my torment.


Roni looked up and .studied my face as it contorted in response to the violation of her finger, She smiled. as if she was experiencing pleasure from my misery;

“Pain before pleasure.” she whispered, then without a hint of civility she slowly pushed it in all the way, her eyes didn’t l even blink. and locked into mine.


Roni breathed as she began to massage the wall of my anus, I began blowing as if giving birth;

“Stop fighting it and just relax, it will be better that way,” She pushed her other hand deeper into my pussy, I could feel her thumb meeting it through the thin membrane between. If for nothing else but self preservation, I loosened my clamping rectum.

“Good girl, that’s right, just go with it, such a tight and hot hole, can you feel me playing in it? Feels good now… right?”

She rolled her hand and thumb in alternate motions, Having no fight left in me I felt myself shutting down, every movement around me seemed to be in slow motion, every sound became far away and distant. I closed my eyes and turned my head, I just wanted it all to end. In a few moments my body went numb, my mind in an effort to protect my overall well-being became void of all self awareness. I faded into an almost pleasant haze, floating now – tiny waves of light flashed in my brain. It was as if I had no longer had control of even the most basic of bodily functions.

Roni went back to the two finger massage in my pussy then mercifully pulled her thumb from my ass, I felt the relative warmth of her tongue replace it and try to wiggle it inside:

“Finish her off Ron, Katt crowed;

Roni’s tongue worked my sphincter lightly flicking it with quick and direct purpose; her fingers inside of me danced wildly pressing the sensitive tissue as it swelled in enchantment. The young girl seemed to be locked on my nipple but it was so raw that I felt nothing. A bolt of energy shot through me so intense that bucked her of and me and almost broke free of Becky’s grip… my breathing became labored I saw the blade of Katt’s knife slide under my clit raising it high into full view – my heart felt like it was about to burst


Roni knowing what was soon to come…instinctively stuck her tongue into my ass and pressed her fingers into’ my ‘G”, Pushing hard into the spongy mass, she immediately keyed in the inevitable signal for my body to cum. With an intensity that terrified me, a shudder came deep from within my abdomen. The rattling the of chains holding up my legs captured applause and whistles from all around me as my pelvis involuntarily writhed in front of them – warm liquid wrilled from between my legs and down my ass … did Katt stick me? Was I bleeding.?

“AAAA, OOO AH.” I moaned as I felt Roni’s tongue moved from my ass to my clit, it’s vigorous flickers again and again volted my body to lift – My vagina started to uncontrollably twitch; dot- after-dot of rapid-fire contractions continued on for what seemed like forever, and kept up until I was too exhausted to notice.

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Katt Bellowed, then all movements stopped, the room went silent, but I was far from still, my clit twitched in obligatory response to the intense aftershocks cramping up my hole. I tried to relax my innards but the spasms would not relent, it took several minutes for the rooted quiverings to settle.

“Good work Ron, something told me you’d get her to pop!” Katt face climbed into my crotch and with the veracity and tact of a dog cleaning himself, lapped up the secretions from between my legs and ass – To my horror my clit defied me again and jerked in ugly delight;


Katt lifted her head, strolled over to me and mumbled “Yes that you are”. then grabbing me by the cheeks she sweetly whispered: “Open her up Beck.”

Becky’s fat fingers pried open my mouth with little effort – I simply had no fight left in me. Katt placed her my mouth over mine, and with blatant indiscretion hovered over me and dribbled a taste of what Roni had provoked out of me into my mouth. With another nod from Katt, Becky’s fingers held my eyes open, and Katt sadistically dribbled more of her foul self into them.

“Mmmm, good isn’t it? I have news for you Cow, that’s definitely not pee your tasting… as a matter of fact it’s the freshest girl spunk I have had the pleasure of sampling in weeks! – With a final broad tongued swipe across my cheek, she got up, coarsely hocked up some mucous – and spat the viscid blob into my face!

Her arms raised triumph she turned back to face her clan, another round of applause filled the room in her honor, what a hero, After all she had effectively degraded

a defenseless victim into a shivering mass of squalor and tears.

“Girls… I think we just baptized ourselves a NEW COW!” She ceremoniously announced to morewhistles and cheers.

“Do a thorough on her Beck, make sure she thinks about it next time she decides on opening that cake hole of hers without permission.”

“YESSSS! Becky fist pumped as if having just sunk a 30 ft putt; Much to my relief Becky’s exuberance became somewhat muted as Katt continued to carry out instruction;

“Keep that that toxic clam of yours off her face, remember she’s a Cow now – we don’t want your stinkin’ slot spoiling the milk.” Katt’s hand traced up my ass and she rested a finger over my anus;

“Leave this one shuttered… for now, maybe we’ll give it to Glen – that would be quite the show”…

Roni chimed in, “It may take a while for her to be a productive cow; never had kids… be at least six weeks, are ya sure Becky is the man for the job? I mean who’s the RN around here anyway?”

“FUCK YOU BITCH, you heard QB, She’s my Heifer now!”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t your last Heifer get thrown into the Skanks Pen?” Roni challenged;

“That wasn’t my fault, that Fucking Sow wouldn’t listen, and everyone knows it – so… FUCK YOU!!”

“QB, I guarantee I’ll get it done in half the time – 3 weeks, if I don’t I’ll throw myself into the Pen.” Roni interjected.

“You sound pretty sure of yourself, Katt responded, “If you fail… I won’t only hold you to it, but I will make you the star of their next show… but since you got it’s pussy to pop, I’ll give you 1 month from now… DEAL!?”

“DEAL! Roni agreed looking straight into the fright in my eyes; ” A month? Pigs, Cows, RN? What in the world were they talking about!?

“O.K you take care of it Ron, but remember I still want that ‘Thorough’. She looked at Roni with guarded suspicion, “Oh and Ron, I’ll be watching so, do yourself a favor and don’t go all soft this one… We expect to be well entertained during dinner,- nothing like dinner and a show eh girls? I take it that you’ll need Babe sent down right away, clocks a ticking.”

“Sophie will do – Send Shannon down too if you can spare her.” Roni nodded confidently.


Katt was quick to end the dispute, putting her hand on Becky’s shoulder; “Stop your belly-aching, your forgetting that we have new and equally useless boar back at the stable. I have another job for a crazy RN like you; One that is better suited for your talents.”


Katt smiled; “Good, then we’re all in agreement then. She’s yours Ron. Sophie clean it up, feed and water it, then put it in the chair, I’ll send a couple of the Skanks over to clean this stall up. We’ll go back to the stable to check and see what shape the girls left the other two in.”

“OTHER TWO?!” I cried.

Katt walked over to me, then darkly whispered in my ear; ” Ya two – the girls bumped into them at Roni’s parking lot, we’ve had our eye on em for quite some time, but we left them alone – they seemed to be such a nice couple.” She then stood up and played up to the group.

Val and Jack was it? Yeaaaa… it was good of you to tag along, your ass added just enough anti to the pot, to make me go all in on this hand… I think we had a very successful amateur night wouldn’t you say girls?”

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