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This led to more and more rides because the commute was just easier for Ashley to ride with me, I’d pick her up on my way to work in the morning and drop her off in the evening at a place where someone from her family would meet us to get her on home.


I gave her a ride

Ashley was assigned to me to give me a hand in the office. Ashley was a cute short girl of 21, who stood 5-foot 2 and weighs 115 pounds. She has emerald green eyes and medium length auburn hair. Her alabaster skin has a lot of reddish freckles on her tits and shoulders. Her breasts are a natural B cup topped with light dusky pink nipples that get about a half an inch long when she is aroused. She’s a shy-sweet, innocent, adorable, chubby little cherubic girl next door type with pouty cupid bow lips and a little round spank-able bottom. Of course a lot of this I didn’t learn until later in our relationship.

It was a good fit to put her in my office because I needed help with filing and the like. Ashley was eager to get started and it was hoped that maybe I could keep her out of trouble. It seemed that she always was getting the short of the stick wherever she was assigned to some other area.

As time went on Ashley and I got to be quite comfortable chatting as we worked. As we got to making little endo’s to each other in harmless fun, she would smile with the sexiest shy smiles that I’d ever seen.

Since she didn’t have a car Ashley was always struggling to get to and from work.

One day Ashley asked, “My mother is working late. Please can you give me a ride home?”

I agreed, “No problem.”

This led to more and more rides because the commute was just easier for Ashley to ride with me, I’d pick her up on my way to work in the morning and drop her off in the evening at a place where someone from her family would meet us to get her on home.

Well that didn’t last long. I was soon dropping her off at her house.

Ashley and I would talk about everything. She was always tell me these stories of her past boyfriends and some of the wild times they had had. She marveled about how comfortable it was to talk to me so openly like that.

As our commuter talks went on I could tell she got wet telling me of her sexual encounters and I would get such a raging erection that I could hardly concentrate on my driving.

Ashley knew we were both on the verge of exploding. She moved over closer to the center console, reached over and placed her hand in my lap. Smiling up at me asking, “Do you mind?”

I said, “Actually yes because it’s too confining on me.”

Man Standing Over a Young Woman Lying on Floor

Obedience and passion.

She moved her other hand over too, and unbutton and unzipped my fly. Then she boldly slid her hand behind the waistband, down the front of my briefs and touched my swollen head.

I was already leaking pre-cum from the tip. Ashley withdrew her hand and licked her fingers saying, “Mmmm…that’s good stuff.

Ashley said, “We can’t have you driving in such a state,” as she pulled open my fly and pulled my hard cock out for inspection. Her eyes widened as she sighed that, “You’re much thicker than my boyfriend.” As I raised my tilt steering wheel to its highest setting to give her all the room I could, she lowered her head down to work her tongue and lips around the head of my swollen cock.

She stayed in my lap with my cock in her sweet little mouth as I drove, lips clamped tight around my thick shaft, Ashley moved up and down slow. Then as she bobbed faster I lifted my ass up off the seat to let her get even more of my cock deeper down her young throat.

Her auburn hair was falling around my balls as she worked harder for her prize. It wasn’t long until Ashley was rewarded with a huge load. I shot squirt after squirt into her mouth as she kept sucking and holding the base to pull the last drop from the very bottom.

As we neared her house Ashley pulled away, allowing me time to put myself away and her to straighten her clothes.

She slid her hand down the front of her pants and came up with a slick glistening finger. Mischievously she raised her fingers to my face and slid them across my lips.  Giggling she coo, “Next time baby,” as she jumped out of my truck and ran in her house.

That became the first of many times that we got together. Over the next few months we had sex numerous times. The first time I actually fucked her was the next day in the supply closet. At the last minute the boss dropped a project in my lap that had to be finished before I could go home. It was such a big project that Ashley had to work overtime to help me finish it.

After everyone was gone she had to go to the copy room to make some copies. When she came back she drop her little wisp of lace panties on my desk in front of me. I took her to the supply room because it had a lock on the door. I set her on a table and flipped her skirt up and buried my rock hard 7 inch cock to the hilt in her surprisingly tight pussy. Her legs wrapped around my waist, I started hunching. Ashley soon closed her eyes, threw her head back and had 3 orgasms while I fucked her brains out.

Over the next couple of months we had sex everywhere imaginable. A favorite place for quick oral sex was in the stairwell but we took advantage of any place we could get privacy.

The first time I ate her pussy was in the stairwell. Ashley had signaled me where she was going. I gave her a few minutes and then I followed her. I found her sitting on the steps. As I walked up the stairs to her, Ashley flipped up her skirt and slowly spread her legs to show me that she wasn’t wearing any panties and that her pink little pussy lips all smooth, shiny and wet were just waiting to be licked and sucked.

I knelt down a few steps down and pulled her legs open even farther. Leaning forward, I immediately ran the tip of my tongue around the outside of her pussy, teasing her with my hot breath. So close to being in her, but not yet letting her savor my full tongue inside of her.


Ashley moaned, “Ohmigod,” with pleasure as I took her soft wet lips delicately between my lips and gently suck them, occasionally darting my tongue briefly between the folds of her hot, wet and juicy pussy.

My tongue now going deeper inside of her pussy as I continue to kiss, lick and eat her like she’s never been eaten before. As my tongue found her clit, I felt her having little orgasms, cumming every few minutes and never wanting this moment to end. Unfortunately we heard footsteps on the stairs as someone below started up.

Ashley dropped her skirt, I pulled her to her feet and we were up the stairs to the next landing and out the door without the people below ever knowing that we’d even been there.

Because people are too lazy to walk up and down stairs the stairwells were a great place for us to meet. The possibilities were endless.

One day Ashley wanted me the do her doggy so she knelt on a step and leaned forward, resting her arms on a higher step.  Standing a few steps below her I lifted her skirt up, tugged her panties down off her smooth round bottom and down to the backs of her knees with one hand while holding her down firmly with the other.

Then I open the fly of my pants and pulled down to my thighs. I ran my fingers along Ashley slit. And when I pushed a finger inside her, she gasped. I then gripped my cock and run it down her butt crack to her wet slit and rubbed the head over her damp lips.

“Ohmigod. Please fuck me,” Ashley moaned wantonly as she looked over her shoulder at me. I pushed the head between her lips and drove it in hard as far as it would go. She jerked and she moaned aloud. I pulled out and drove it back in even harder.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her head back as I thrust my cock back into her. With every stroke Ashley was moaning, urging me to fuck her harder and to spank her. I let go of her hair and used that hands to pin her down while smacked her ass firmly with the other.

With each stroke of my hand she begged me to spank her harder. I started to fuck her faster and harder while maintaining my gripped her back. Ashley was now very loudly shouting her pleasure, ‘Come on,” Ashley moaned, “Fuck me harder.”  God I was glad it was Saturday and the building was all but deserted.

We both cummed so hard we almost passed out.

A couple of times a week we’d find a private place to park and I’d fuck her in my pickup on the way home.

The drive to work every morning now had my mind a blur.  Thanks to Ashley I couldn’t wait to go to work.

I became so addicted to her pussy that because it was against company policy for employees to fraternize we were secretly married.

I eventually left the company to branch out on my own and I took Ashley along not only as my assistant but now openly as my wife.

Ashley showed her worth to the new company when the first day my office was opened, she produced not only my client’s list but the client list and duplicate files of 4 other agents. All the records gave me a boast up when I went after their business because I knew the deal they had with my previous employer. Biding based on that information was the edge that got me a lot of business. Because I knew my business inside and out once I got their business they were so happy with my service that I kept it.

It was much easier for Ashley to suck my cock or me to fuck her in the new office. As we took on business and I hired a young receptionist she was cool enough to pretend that she didn’t know what was going on when Ashley and I were having sex.

Ashley eventually got pregnant. But after the baby…a nine pound fifteen ounce boy was born, as soon as she was able she came back to work. And thanks to Kegel exercises her pussy was just as tight as the first time I fucked her.

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