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Her Unexpected Pleasure Finally getting away from the day to day of the family she kissed her husband and kids goodbye for a long weekend in the mountains with friends. Never did she know that this would be the most unexpected erotic weekend of her life.

After a day of skiing, a dinner filled with great food and company and a few bottles of wine to boot she retired to her bedroom. As she awoke from her fantasy of that tall blonde male friend of her best friend she felt pleasure. Not sure if it was reality or her dream she closed her eyes as she felt the strong hands of a man tickling her between her legs, her pussy wet from the dream then a sudden grab of her breast, she arches her neck and back and feels the lips of a stranger.

Shocked but turned on and still trying to determine if it was just a dream she smiled and enjoyed his tongue and his hands guiding them to her nether regions and demanding that he pleasure her more.

He positions his hard cock between her legs and begins pushing. Within seconds a giant orgasm rocks her body and it demands more. She rolls to her stomach and he climbs on top pounding her from behind. This is a dream like none she has had.

She reaches between her legs and feels his hard cock pounding her more and more – hoping not to be awaken from this dream until he is done. With a giant thrust he pushes harder, she holds his balls as his cock explodes in her. She closes her eyes holding his balls to rest and relive this dream.

As she awakens she feels she is missing something. Her panties are not there and there is a giant wet spot in the bed. Quickly grabbing her yoga pants she heads to the bathroom and opens the door to a tall blonde man, her best friend´s male friend. He smiles…”I hope you enjoyed that … I did” with a smile.