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We financially outgrew our suburban neighborhood about a

decade ago. We bought this 3/2/2 cracker box sixteen years ago.

We’ve added on, built a pool, deck, sauna, weight room, and den.

Our neighbors are jealous, but they’re still friends. We’ve

known most of them from the beginning–four couples especially.

They’ve all been through tough times. Cheryl and I have helped

them all from time to time. I’m lucky, I suppose. I’m a

top-notch salesman. I’m never out of work or money. I’m also

free with my money. My friends think I’m generous to a fault.

When we go out as a group, I usually grab the check. We

entertain a great deal. Our home is like a yuppie playground.

The drinks are free, the music is sixties/seventies, and there’s

no need to drive home drunk. Either stagger home or crash where

you are.

  Frank and Rachel are our best friends. We knew

them from high school. Frank is an auto mechanic; Rachel sells

Avon–mostly to Cheryl. Cheryl is fucking Frank fairly

regularly. I’ve had the pleasure of bopping Rachel a few times

when she gets shit-faced. Cheryl is bisexual. She’s had Rachel

more than I have – also when shit-faced.. Rachel gets teased

about that a great deal. She’s straight as an arrow with a body

that is anything but straight.


  Ed and Inez live next door. Ed owns a dry cleaner. Inez

keeps the books. I loaned them the money to start their

business. Inez paid the interest to Cheryl by periodically

depositing tender kisses between her legs. Ed paid interest as

well, making sperm deposits in Cheryl’s sperm bank. Though the

debt has been repaid for years, Ed keeps paying interest. Ed and

Inez are not bad looking; but, of the girls, Inez would have to

be considered the only plain one in the bunch and a little on the

chubby side. I’ve never fucked Inez, probably never will.

  David and Sue are our holy rollers. They never miss church,

though they’ve given up on winning converts from any of us.

David is the only guy that has never fucked my wife, though she

has tried. Sue, on the other hand, will lift her skirt and

spread her legs at the snap of my finger. I had to use a little

friendly blackmail to condition her – a few immodest pictures

taken at a drunken bash on New Years Eve 1986 did the trick. Sue

needs an excuse to commit adultery, but GOD can that woman commit

adultery! She’s a genuine three-holer holy roller. Praise the


  She’s also the mother of my second child (two-year-old

Jennifer). This caused quite a scandal. I have fire red hair.

David and Sue are both brunettes. Jennifer has fire red hair.

David just started returning to the group last year, though Sue

never left. David turns a blind eye to his wife’s infidelity. I

get a big kick out of making it difficult for him. Getting her

pregnant was easy. I simply told her to get off the pill and

avoid sex with Dave during ovulation. I ordered her track her

cycles for me and report to me for twice-daily screwings at those

times when she was most fertile. She put up a mild fuss, swore

she couldn’t, but the next day, she presented me with her unused

pills and a chart. Sue is my little whore and I treat her as

such. Cheryl gets a kick out of that. Sue has resisted my

attempts to get her and Cheryl together. She’s weakening,


  And last, but certainly not least, Neal and Diane. Neal was

everybody’s best friend, a regular party animal. He had a joke

for every occasion, the life of every party. He and my wife were

lovers. Diane was by far the most attractive woman in our group.

She was also the youngest at twenty four, the most educated, the

most cultured, and the most stuck-up. She stands five two,

has a full head of silky brown hair down to her ass, and has a

figure that stops express trains (38-22-36). Rachel gives Diane

Avon cosmetics to wear just for the free advertisement. Frankly,

Diane could make a mud pack look good. She has perfect white

teeth, huge brown eyes, and full lips. I’m a leg man, and I’ve

never seen finer legs on any woman. Unfortunately, Diane doesn’t

mess around, drink, or have any vices to exploit. She’s new to

the group. Neal married her three years ago. We, at least the

guys and Cheryl, were excited by her addition. We’ve been

salivating ever since her arrival.


  Neal died in a car wreck three months ago. He was a great

guy but a lousy driver and lousier gambler. He had no life

insurance and owed a fortune in gambling debts. Diane had never

worked a day in her life, had no family to turn to, and we were

her only friends. When they came to foreclose on the house, we

naturally took her in. What are friends for?

  During that first week, she was treated as a guest. As we

got to know her better, and realized how dire her circumstances

were, we began seeing her in a different light. She was helpless

on her own and frightened of the outside world. All she wanted

to do was read and tend the garden. Cheryl was the first to

suggest that we make Diane work for her keep. This idea came

after repeated rejects to her advances. I tried to put the make

on her myself, but grounded out at first base. Cheryl was

pissed. She wanted to make Diane a domestic servant. She said

she could train the bitch. When she described the uniform she

had in mind, I smiled and told her to go for it.

  At dinner that evening, Cheryl dropped the bomb on Diane.

Diane sat meekly listening as Cheryl explained the necessity of

either sending her away, or putting her to work. Diane’s

submissive acceptance inspired Cheryl to sharpen her tone. She

came across as a strict task master, warning and threatening

Diane. Cheryl offered work in exchange for room and board and a

small allowance.

  I was embarrassed, so was our son, Jason. Jason was

seventeen and Diane’s presence in the house had him in tight

pants most of the time. He revered Diane, treated her like a

goddess. Hearing his mother treat her like a low-life domestic

boggled his mind. Seeing Diane accept it, boggled mine. By the

time Cheryl was through, tears started flowing down Diane’s

cheeks. To add insult to injury, Cheryl told her that it was not

proper for domestics to eat with the family. She told her to

take her plate to the kitchen. Diane hung her head, picked up

her dinner, and departed.

  When she was out of ear shot, I looked to Cheryl and started

to speak. She shushed me with a raised hand, and said, “Don’t

say anything, Red. I know what I’m doing.” She looked at Jason

and added, “Do you like her, Jason?” He nodded. “Would you like

to see what she looks like naked?” His eyes bugged out. He

swallowed hard and nodded vigorously. “If I am successful,

you’ll get more than that.”

  Jason turned to me and said, “Let Mom handle this, Dad. She

knows what she’s doing.”

  The boy thinks with the head of his dick, but so did I at

his age. I said, “Hey, she’s all yours, Cheryl. I’m staying out

of this completely.”

  Cheryl began at once to train Diane. She started with the

cleaning-up after dinner and dogged her until late in the

evening. Diane could do no right. Cheryl brought her to tears

several times. Cheryl reminded me of a drill sergeant at boot

camp: loud, degrading, demeaning, and authoritative. What’s

more, Diane reminded me of a young trainee: frightened, nervous,

unsure, moldable.

  Jason and I cringed when Cheryl first slapped Diane across

the face for not addressing her as ma’am. We left the room when

Cheryl forced Diane’s nose into some gravy she’d spilled on the

floor. After three days, Cheryl had Diane stepping and fetching.

She had her calling her ma’am, calling me, sir, and calling

Jason, master. Jason loved his title.

  On the fourth day, after breaking a cheap vase, Cheryl

instituted spanking. She took Diane by the elbow and marched

her into the garage. We heard the smacks and cries. Right after

the spanking, Jason disappeared into his room for an hour. I

later learned that Cheryl had administered the spanking on

Diane’s naked ass after making her lift her skirt and bend at the

waist. Cheryl dragged her panties to her ankles. She described

Diane’s pouting sex lips and her extra large clit. She took the

spanking well and juiced-up nicely. Cheryl reported that her

training was progressing well. I had to agree.

  By week’s end, Cheryl was taking Diane to the garage hourly

it seemed. Diane spent more time in the garage than out. Jason

spent as much time in his room as Diane spent in the garage. For

major infractions, like forgetting to call Jason, Master, Cheryl

used a wide leather belt and made her strip naked. After a

punishment session, she made Diane stand with her nose pressed

into a corner for up to three hours, still naked. Jason and I

found countless excuses to go to the garage after a whipping.

God, what a body!

  Cheryl did not hit Diane hard, but she did redden her ass

and thighs. Diane never laid out or even wore a swim suit. She

had no tan line, and her skin, besides being blemish free, was

the color of cream all over. The reddened area stood out in

stark contrast. You could see where every blow landed for hours

afterwards. Having us see her naked backside caused Diane no end

of embarrassment. She clenched her legs tightly together and

pressed bodily into the corner as though trying to merge with the


  Cheryl was quite pleased with the progress she made with

Diane. She had Diane attending her toilet: bathing her, painting

her toes, doing her hair and make-up, even trimming her pubic

bush. Cheryl shaves her cunt lips, or used to until Diane

started doing it for her. In addition to these personal

services, she calls on Diane to clean her after sex with Frank.

She said she could make her do it with her tongue, but was saving

that for a special occasion. I was in awe of Cheryl’s success.

  The others new nothing of Cheryl’s work. They only knew

that Diane was helping out around the house. Whenever someone

stopped by, Diane was busy. Cheryl planned a coming out party

for Diane. On the Friday before the weekend get-together, Cheryl

handed Diane her new uniform and ordered her to put it on. She

instructed her to wear it without bra or panties. Diane took one

look at the dress and cringed. She begged Cheryl not to make her

wear it. Cheryl was adamant. Jason and I were introduced to the

dress at dinner that evening. We almost fell out of our chairs.

  The dress was exceedingly short with an open bodice. The

ruffled lace hem did not hide her lower moons, nor did it hide

much in front. Were it not for the white apron, we could have

easily seen her pussy. The tiny apron just barely hid her cleft,

coming just below the juncture of her thighs. She wore

wide-pattern fish net stockings and a pair of five-inch heels.

The waist pinched in tight and flared to the bust line. The

wired top cupped her breasts, presenting them more than covering

them. The full upper globes quivered in the half cups. The tops

of each nipple crested the rim. When Diane turned, we saw that

the back was open to her ass, showing the top of her ass crack

framed by the tails of the bow. Diane was beet red throughout



  After her first departure, I turned to Cheryl and said,

“Outstanding! How did you get her to put that thing on?”

  “It was easy after I gave her a real whipping. If she

bends over, you’ll see the welts.”

  “No Shit! What did you use on her?”

  “I cut a switch from the willow tree.”

  “Damn, and she took it?”

  “Yes, she took it. Honestly, Red, you amaze me sometimes.

Do you really think she doesn’t want this? Christ, she almost

had an orgasm while I was doing it.”

  Jason piped in, “Mom, are you serious? She liked it!”

  “Jason, sweetheart, you know nothing about women. If you

learn nothing else, remember, never listen to what a woman says.

Learn to read body language. A woman’s body can’t lie.”

  “I don’t get it.”

  “Well, I’m sure as hell not going to give lessons. Maybe

your father can clue you in. He does know some things.”

  Diane returned with ice tea and looked flushed. She

bashfully made the rounds, filling our glasses. Jason and I

tried reading her body language. All we could read was, “Please!

Stop staring at my body.” Cheryl must have read, “Please do

something to make me show my pussy and naked ass.”

  Cheryl’s fork flipped from her hand and landed on the floor

behind her. Diane eyed it nervously. Cheryl said, “Remember how

I told you to pick things up. There’s a fresh switch in the

garage if you forgot.”

  Diane’s face reddened. She moved to the fork, facing away

from me and Jason. She took a deep breath then bent from the

waist with her feet about eighteen inches apart. Her skirt rose

up over her streaked moons and her pussy peeked out from between

her tawny alabaster thighs. Her shiny pink clit hung out at the

bottom of the slick coral crease and her full inner lips fanned

out like an orchid. Her asshole could also be seen when she was

at her lowest. She picked up the fork and slowly returned to an

upright posture. She remained fully doubled over with her head

past her knees much longer than was necessary – a five second

count, I learned later. She then stood slowly, wiped the fork on

her apron, and returned it to the side of Cheryl’s plate.

Cheryl smiled and dismissed her. Her whole body had a red glow.

When Diane left the room, Cheryl said, “If you two can’t read

that body language, you’re both blind as bats.”

  It was an obscene display, totally out of character for

Diane. Jason looked confused. I turned to him and said, “Son,

that wasn’t just a vagina you saw, that was a very aroused

vagina. She loved showing it to us, despite how she acted.”

  “How can you tell?”

  Cheryl said, “Hold on, Red. Before you start, I think I’d

like to take my leave. I’ll go check on the help.”

  After she left, Jason smiled and said, “Mom doesn’t

embarrass easily. This must be good.”

  “I don’t think it is embarrassment as much as discomfort.

Anyway, did you notice how full and open her cunt was?”

  “Heck yeah!”

  “Did you see how her clit stood out, all pink and wet


  “Yeah, I noticed.”

  “Did you see how her inner labia lips were full open and


  “You mean the flabby part?”

  “Right, and besides, that pussy was drooling. Normally, you

can’t see inside a pussy with the legs that close together unless

it’s aroused. Pussies are like cocks, when aroused, they fill

with blood, swell up, and open up. That pussy was ready for a


  “Wow! Is Mom going to let you fuck her?”

  “When the time is right, she’ll probably let both of us fuck

her. Just be patient.”

  “Do you really think it might happen?”

  “It sure looks that way.”

  Jason pushed back from the table and stood, saying, “I’ve

had enough dinner. I’m going to my room.”

  I smiled and said, “Don’t wear it out, Son; you might need

it soon.” He blushed and left.

  Cheryl returned right after he left. She smiled and said,

“My poor baby. I heard what you told him. That was beautiful; I

should have stayed. Hell, I should have told him myself. I

don’t know why I get this way around him. I’d like to be totally

free and open. I can’t even bring myself to walk around naked in

front of him. Isn’t that silly?”

  “I’m sure he wishes you would. Go see him right now. You

can break the ice.”

  “Yeah, right. I could give him a hand, I suppose.”

  “Hand, hell, the kid needs a fuckin’ blow job.”

  “Well, he’ll soon be getting that from the maid. By the

way, she’s hotter than hell. I fingered her in there. Her pussy

feels like membrane soup.” Cheryl held her wet hand up and said,

“Want a whiff?”

  “Please, I’m eating dinner.”

  “Excuse me! Since when did you become a connoisseur?”

  “When I get a whiff of Diane’s pussy, I want to get it off

my own fingers, thank you.”

  “Suit yourself, but it might be a few days.”

  “Not by the looks of things.”

  “Hey, if you want it, she’s in the kitchen. Just bend her

over the counter and pork the slut.”

  “I’ll wait. I don’t want to scare her off at this point.”

  “Shit, Red, we couldn’t drive her off with a team of killer

dogs. We’re stuck with the bitch.”

  “Poor us. What WILL we do?” Cheryl smiled.

  That evening, we were treated to a punishment session in the

living room. Cheryl made Diane strip right in front of me and

Jason. She then took a belt to her ass and thighs. Cheryl made

her stand with her ass facing us and took her time. Diane’s

juices were drooling down her inner thighs before Cheryl was

through. Afterwards, she made Diane stand in the corner facing

us until bedtime. Jason had to leave the room twice.

  Saturday afternoon, everyone gathered at the house for a

pool-side barbecue. Diane kept out of sight until the critical

moment. It was her job to bring out the ribs. Everyone knew

that something was going on because Cheryl requested that they

all leave their kids at home. Cheryl waited until everyone was

settled on the deck, then rang a bell. When Diane stepped

through the patio doors in that uniform, carrying the platter of

raw meat, there was a sudden mass intake of air, absolute

silence, then a pin dropped. Sue also dropped her drink.

  Diane never looked sexier. She had a full body blush as she

stepped awkwardly towards the table, trying not to catch her

spike heels in the decking cracks. The wind whipped at her thin

apron, treating us to flashes of her pussy, freshly shaved bald.

All eyes followed her progress as she twisted away from the wind.

Tongues fell to the deck; flies flew in and out of open mouths.

Diane set the tray beside the grill, turned to Cheryl and said,

almost in tears, “Will there be anything else, Ma’am?”

  “No, just attend my guests and keep their drinks fresh.”

Diane did a curtsey and departed. Cheryl smiled at our

astonished guests.


  I wasn’t sure how our friends would take this. Diane was a

friend, our beloved Neal’s widow. They’d grown accustomed to

Cheryl’s bizarre behavior. The women accepted Cheryl as a

mistress to their husbands. Her bisexuality was an amusement.

Inez and Rachel had experienced Cheryl as unwilling lovers.

Neither was bisexual. Inez had taken quite a ribbing while she

was paying interest on the loan. Cheryl used to take her off

from the group and return her with a wet face. The women all

knew that if they got too drunk, they were likely to be assaulted

by Cheryl. It was a running joke. They playfully called Cheryl

a sexual predator. When Diane came into the group, we all knew

she’d have to have her. Diane proved to be unreachable. She

never let her hair down, never drank, never got crazy. She was

always modestly dressed and always the proper lady. Seeing Diane

play the subservient maid in that outfit told volumes. They all

knew how vulnerable Diane was and how determined and crafty

Cheryl could be.

  For the longest time, nobody spoke. Finally, Rachel stood

and toasted Cheryl, saying, “Well, I suppose congratulations are

in order. Maybe now I can tie one on without worrying about

waking up with a woman’s thighs clamped over my ears.”

  Nervous laughter broke out, thawing the tension. Frank

said, “How is she, Cheryl?”

  “As a maid, she sucks.” Everyone broke up laughing at what

they thought was a double meaning.

  Inez said, “It just takes practice. Like they say, once you

get past the smell, you’ve got it licked.” More laughter


  Diane returned carrying a tray of fresh drinks. She seemed

to be adjusting to the exposure. Though still flushed, she no

longer bothered turning against the wind. She let the wind blow

her apron up and tolerated the eyes feasting on her privates. At

first, her old friends tried not to be obvious about their

stares. Before long, they looked openly, unabashedly, even

dipping heads to look between her legs. Even the women

participated. Amazingly, no one treated her as an old friend, an

equal. Cheryl never told them how to act, they just picked up on

it. Comments about Diane’s body began to flow in her presence.

They spoke about her as though she weren’t there. Cheryl enjoyed

Diane’s humiliation. Diane kept her cool composure even when

someone poked a head under her skirt. She almost lost it when

Frank grabbed her ass and made her spill a drink on the

bikini-clad Rachel. Rachel swiped scotch off her bare legs and

cried, “Clumsy bitch!” Rachel had never been terribly fond of


  Diane turned fearful eyes on Cheryl and set the tray down.

She apologized and began wiping Rachel’s legs with a hand towel,

giving the rest of us a delightful display of her naked pussy.

She seemed oblivious of the show she was putting on as she

swabbed Rachel’s widely parted legs. Ed leaned in close to me

and said, “I don’t fuckin’ believe this. You fuck her yet, Red?”

  I smiled. Frank leaned around Diane’s leg and looked right

into Diane’s crotch from the rear and exclaimed, “Jesus H Christ,

her cunt is bald as a baby’s butt. His hand went between her

legs, instantly bringing Diane erect. She stiffened as Frank

entered her. Cheryl shouted, “You take care of Rachel, bitch!”

Slowly, trying to ignore Frank’s plunging fingers, Diane returned

to wiping Rachel’s dry legs as Rachel hung her legs over the arm

rests of her chair. Frank was lewdly finger-fucking Diane using

his two middle fingers and whipping her crotch into a froth.

Diane’s knees appeared ready to buckle as she dutifully accepted

the abuse and attended Rachel’s inner thighs.

  During this lewd exhibition, Dave and Sue sat quietly on my

left, Sue at my side. Sue was taking it all in. Her eyes rarely

left Diane’s loins. Dave hadn’t said a word. He had long ago

learned to leave his morality at the door. He knew that at some

point during the party, I’d take his wife by the hand and lead

her to my bedroom, usually at a time when everyone was looking

and could see where we went. Afterwards, I’d return her looking

fresh-fucked, her hair a mess, her lipstick smeared, and semen

trailing down her legs. Sue enjoyed being put on display in this

way, though she always protested mildly. With Sue, you can only

get her to do what she wants to do anyway. She just needs to

feel helpless and pressured.

  As she watched Frank abusing Diane, her face and neck grew

splotches of red, a dead give away to her state of arousal. When

Diane fell to her knees and succumbed to a powerful orgasm, Sue

reached over and gripped my hand tightly, telegraphing her

immediate need. When I didn’t respond, she tugged. When that

didn’t work, she stood and pulled me to my feet, leading me into

the house. She dragged me to the bedroom, shut the door, and

attacked me. The woman was insatiable. She had me exposed, on

my back, and mounted in record time. I took advantage of her

aroused state to press once again on behalf of Cheryl. I said,

“Sue, I’m getting tired of you putting off my wife. She wants

you. Either you make yourself available to her, or I’m sending

your pictures out to your parents and telling them who their

grandchild’s father really is.”

  I’d made this idle threat so many times, it was quite

powerless. This time, however, Sue said, “Is there no other



  I said no, somewhat surprised. She hung her head in mock

surrender and said, “I won’t resist. Is she going to treat me

like Diane?”

  I hadn’t thought about that, but quickly said, “You can

count on it, and Dave better learn to accept it.”

  She looked into my eyes while riding my cock and said, “Dave

knows his place, Red. Our daughter is proof of that. If he

pouts or complains, he knows he won’t get any for weeks.” She

paused, then said, “When are you going to tell Cheryl?”

  “Right after we’re through.”

  “God, do you think she might put me and Diane together?”

  “How do you mean?”

  “You know, make us do things to each other, put on a show.”

  “You mean like make you lick Diane’s pussy in front of



  “In the nude?”

  “YES! Both of us.”

  “I think she will.”

  Sue moaned and bucked harder, riding my erection. After a

few moments, she said, “Red, I’m pregnant again. It’s yours. I

told Dave right before we came over.”

  “Did you tell him it was mine?”

  “Yes, but that wasn’t necessary. Since I’ve been off the

pill, he’s been using a condom.”

  “No wonder he was so quiet.”

  “Red, are you going to make me carry this one full term


  “What do you think?”

  She rode me harder, bucking furiously. She exploded in

climax and slowed to a slow, gentle easy ride, moaning in

ecstasy. She looked at me through glassy eyes, smiled, and said,

“Everyone knows I’m your whore, Red. Tammy [her

thirteen-year-old daughter], the neighbors, the church, even my

parents know. Anyone that knows you and takes one look at Jenny

knows. Going anywhere with her is like having a sign on my ass

that says, ‘Red’s Whore.'”

  “Good, soon you’ll have two signs, won’t you?”

  “Yes! You bastard, you’ve ruined me. I’m not going to

fight you anymore.”

  This declaration was more than I’d dreamed. For the past

two years, I’ve been trying to set Jason up with Tammy. Sue has

steadfastly refused. Tammy is not allowed to date and rarely

visits us. She has blossomed into a gorgeous teen in the past

year, a small version of her mother. Jason has had his eye on

her ever since she developed tits. Sue knows damn well that to

let Tammy go out with Jason was tantamount to handing over her

cherry. Jason has a bad reputation. I’ve bailed him out of

three statutory rape charges by paying off parents. I said, “In

that case, tell Tammy she has a date with Jason tonight.”

  Sue stopped her motion to stare at me. She shook her head

slowly, then said, “You won’t give up, will you?”

  “No, I won’t.”

  She thought for a moment. My dick grew inside her. She

felt it stir and began moving once again. She bit her lower lip

and then said, “All right, I’ll do it.”

  I reached to the bedside phone and handed her the handset,

saying, “Call her.”

  She took it, paused, then dialed. She said, “Hello, Tammy.

Sweetheart, I want you to do me a favor. I want you to go out

with Jason tonight….no, on a date….yes, I’ve changed my mind.

I think you’re old enough now….I don’t know where he’s taking

you, just be ready by eight.”

  I cupped the mouthpiece and said, “Tell her to wear a

sexy dress.”

  “Honey, you better wear a dress. He might take you to a

nice restaurant….No, wear the yellow one….I know what I said

about it, but you do look cute in it….No, I’m not

setting any curfew. Jason’s a big boy; he knows when too late

is. Okay, bye.” She hung up and said, “Are you happy now? I’m

surprised you didn’t make me tell her to go without panties.”

  “I didn’t think of it, but panties are no problem for


  Sue rode my now stiff erection, building up speed. She

moaned, “God, I can’t believe I’m setting her up for this. Just

last week I forbid her to wear that dress again. It’s at least

two sizes too small. She must think I’ve lost my mind. Dave

will be livid.”

  “What’s one more whore going to matter?”

  “That’s true. Besides, misery loves company.”

  She was bucking and bouncing again. I said, “You don’t look

miserable to me.” She smiled. Jason smiled when I told him he

had a date with Tammy and that he had no curfew.

  Sue had worn a modest two piece swimsuit covered by one of

Dave’s shirts. When we finished fucking, I made her wear only

the shirt. In addition, I only let her button the two bottom

buttons. When she stood, semen poured down her legs. She looked

at herself in the mirror, turned and looked at the rear view.

She looked at me and smiled bashfully, saying, “This will

definitely blow Dave’s mind, not to mention the rest of them.

Are you sure you want me to go out there like this with Jason

still home?”

  “Sure, why not. He’ll be fucking you one day. He may as

well get a peek.”

  “My, but we are bold now, aren’t we? I see you took me at

my word.”

  “Absolutely. Come on, you have a show to do.”

  I led Sue to the patio doors and eased her through. She got

a sudden case of nerves at the last moment. Diane passed her on

the way in and looked down. Someone had pulled Diane’s top below

her tits and removed her apron. The stiff top pushed up on the

underside of her big mounds distorting them grossly. I gave her

left tit a squeeze as she passed me.

  All eyes focused on Sue as we stepped onto the patio. Sue

blushed and headed for her chair. Dave looked away in disgust.

Everybody else smiled. I gave Frank and Ed a high five. I took

Cheryl aside at the first opportunity and filled her in on the

latest developments. She was delighted to say the least. She

told me that Ed yanked Diane’s top down and fingered her to

another climax. I noticed that his hand had been a little



  I went to tell Jason the good news as Cheryl returned to the

party. When I returned to the patio, Cheryl had Sue’s shirt wide

open and was inviting everyone to feel the baby kick. Of course,

no one could feel the baby kick. It was only two months along.

They did, however, feel Sue. She took the groping of her crotch

stoically. Only Dave and Inez abstained. I went over and patted

Dave’s shoulder, saying, “Well, it looks like you’re going to be

a daddy for a third time.”

  He looked up and said, “No, you are.”

  “Now, now, Dave. Let’s not split hairs. What comes out of

your wife is yours, old buddy.”

  “That’s awfully generous considering how much you’ve put

in my wife.”

  Sue shot her husband a disapproving look as Ed fingered her

cunt. She said sternly, “Dave, I warned you about that attitude.

What goes into my body is none of your fucking business. Now,

you apologize to Red this instant.”

  Dave looked at the fingers plowing his wife’s furrow. Sue

widened her legs and drew the shirt flaps off her breasts,

leaning back. He looked to me and said, “I’m sorry, Red.”

  Sue smiled, then added, “Dave, Jason is taking Tammy out

tonight. I want you to give him some money. This is her first

date. I want it to be special. Tell him she doesn’t need to be

home at any special time and give him a condom.”

  Dave looked at his wife with incredulous eyes. She stared

hard right back. For a second, it looked like Dave was growing a

spine, but he stood and checked his wallet. He went into the

house, headed for Jason’s room. I found out later that he gave

Jason fifty bucks and a condom.

  While Dave was seeing Jason, Diane returned. Cheryl

stripped her and ordered her to kneel before Sue. Sue had her

legs draped over her chair arm rests. The rest of us gathered

around as Cheryl ordered Diane to lick Sue’s pussy. Diane slowly

dipped her head between Sue’s legs and licked. Sue grabbed her

head and pulled her in tight. Frank knelt behind Diane and

entered her pussy. After Frank came, we had the two girls get

into a sixty nine with Sue on top. Ed mounted Sue. After Edcame,

they flipped over and I fucked Diane in the ass. Inez

dropped to her knees before Cheryl and ate her pussy. Rachel

fingered Inez and herself at the same time. Dave walked in on

this scene. Jason caught the tail end of the act as he headed

out the door on his way to pick up Tammy. They got home at two

in the morning. Sue and Dave had just left. Inez and Ed were

leaving. Frank had passed out. Rachel, Diane, and Cheryl were

using the master bedroom.

  I sat on the sofa, recovering as Jason led Tammy inside.

Tammy’s yellow dress was torn to shreds. Her right breast hung

out and the skirt was ripped up the front to her navel. She had

no bra, panties, or shoes. Cum matted her hair. Jason tugged

her along and stood her before me proudly. I surveyed her young

body and smiled. Jason parted the skirt halves to show me her

cum leaking pussy. I gave him a thumb’s up. He smiled and took

Tammy to his bedroom.

  That was a banner day at our house. Diane is now a

well-trained whore, as are Sue and Tammy. Diane wears only the

apron, now. She sleeps at the foot of Jason’s bed. Tammy is a

feature performer at our parties. Everybody fucks her, and all

the women use her. She’s pregnant now, two months behind her

mother. Lord only knows who the father is. It might even be

Dave. I just hope it isn’t a red head.

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