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Time again for another story in the series. In the last story, 9th
Swing, my wife, Sue, told me on the phone about her escapades with our
friend Alexia and her friends. I’d been away out West on business for
quite a while and Sue and I agreed to see what it would be like to enjoy
sex with others whenever I had to be gone for extended periods. We
agreed to tell each other EVERYTHING over the phone and to make NO
attachments. So far, Sue was the only one who has had the opportunity to
get laid without me there. It was Saturday, though, and I planned on
hitting the town that night to try my luck with the local girls.
I had been looking at some forested land most of the day with a
realtor. He was showing me a beautiful area in the mountains that
consisted of just over 500 acres of forest, mountains and rivers. The
land was very beautiful and secluded and the price seemed right. It
seemed to fit my client’s needs for a resort area perfectly. I was
looking forward to making a deal when we returned to his office in

That afternoon, in the realtor’s office, we agreed on the sale —
contingent, of course, upon the title search, water inspection and my
client’s final approval. I was happy to settle the deal, knowing that I
could finally get home to Sue. I thought about booking a flight home
that night but instead decided on a morning flight. I had also been
looking forward to my night out; I wanted to see if this old man still
knew how to pick up women.

I finished my shower in the hotel room about 8:30 p.m. and ordered
a bottle of wine from room service. Ten minutes later there was a knock
at the door. Knowing that it had to be my wine, I hollered out, “Come on
in — put the wine and glass on the dresser.” When I came into the
bedroom with my towel wrapped around my waist to tip the waiter, the
waitress was pouring the wine for me.

I was startled. I’d expected a male to deliver the wine for some
reason. When the waitress turned to greet me and hand me my glass of
wine she was surprised to see me in just a towel. She introduced herself
as Maria, walked over to me and gave me my wine. Maria was about 25 to
30 years old, I guessed, and had her black hair wrapped in a bun. She
was wearing a short waitress’s uniform dress, cut low in the front. Her
uniform must have been designed to attract attention to her body, and no
doubt to get more tips from dirty old men. She had one of those
hourglass figures, maybe 36-22-36. Her skin was a light brown color and
her legs were long and slender. My mind was racing with thoughts of what
I would like to do with this foxy woman.


My cock was beginning to swell under the towel and I saw Maria’s
eyes drop to my bulge. As she wetted her lips with her tongue, I got a
bit embarrassed and went over to the dresser to get her tip from my
wallet. I had my back to Maria as I got a five spot out of the wallet
and was afraid to turn toward her again. My cock was standing out,
making an obvious tent in the towel. I reached down to adjust my cock,
trying to make it go down. As I turned to hand Maria her tip, my towel
loosened from my waist and dropped to the floor. I expected Maria to go
running and screaming from the room, but before I could recover my
towel, she dropped down in front of me and picked it up from the floor.
I apologized to her and took the towel, wrapping it around me again.
Maria told me not to worry, she had enjoyed the view. My cock rose
again and Maria asked what was making me get so turned on. I told her I
had been away from home for quite a while and having her in my room,
looking so good and smelling so fantastic, had my mind on more than my
wine. I told her about my plans to look for a place to go out tonight,
my last night in town. I handed Maria her tip and she asked if there was
anything else she could do for me, as she winked her right eye slightly.
Maria told me she was married and she would LOVE to take care of my
obvious “problem,” adding that she was very attracted to me. She said
she hadn’t seen another naked man in quite a while and had NEVER messed
around before. Maria asked if I would mind if she looked at my cock
again, blushing deeply as she spoke. I dropped the towel again, my cock
springing straight out at her. Maria said she wished her husband had the
equipment I had.

I was getting excited, hoping this woman had more on her mind than
just looking at my hard-on. I asked Maria if she would like to join me
in a glass of wine before she left. She told me she was done with work
— this delivery was the last of the day — and she would love a glass.
Her husband was going to pick her up shortly, though; she couldn’t stay
long. She poured herself a glass and asked me if I thought she really
was good looking. I told her that any man would love to have a fox like

Without another word, Maria dropped to her knees in front of me.
She took my cock in her hand, feeling its length and girth. She bent
forward and snaked her tongue out to grab the drop of pre-cum form the
tip of my hard cock. She looked up at me and told me she just couldn’t
help herself — when she had first seen me getting a hard-on she knew
right away that she had to “have” me. I took her head in my hands and
pushed my cock into her mouth and throat. She eagerly swallowed my cock
to the base and I began fucking her mouth in a steady motion.
Maria pulled my cock from her mouth and licked the length of it and
then ran her tongue under my balls. Before she sucked my cock into her
mouth again, she told me she hoped I would cum quickly — her husband
would be waiting in front of the hotel very soon. I sat on the edge of
the bed and Maria went back to her cocksucking. I told her I didn’t
think I would last long; I hadn’t expected anything like this BEFORE I
went out. I reached down and slipped my hands inside her neckline,
cupping her soft breasts in my hands and rolling her nipples in my
fingers. Her head was moving quickly back and forth on my cock, she was
moaning and trying to let me fuck her mouth without choking. She reached
up and massaged my balls with one hand as the other squeezed my ass

I felt my cock begin to swell, getting ready to cum. Maria sensed
this and inserted a finger in my ass just as I began spewing hot white
cum into her stomach. She sucked harder and faster, trying to get all of
it. I could see some of my cum dripping from the corner of her mouth and
watched as she sucked it back in. Maria didn’t release my cock until she
knew she had swallowed my whole load. As she withdrew her mouth from me,
she licked my cock clean, looked up at me and smiled.


Maria told me she had enjoyed sucking me very much, begging me to
keep it between us. She was worried that her husband would find out or
that she might lose her job. We both rose and she leaned forward to kiss
me deeply. She adjusted her tits in her dress, patted my ass and said
she really had to run. Maria asked where I had planned on going out that
night, saying that she and her husband usually went to a place called
the Broken Wheel Tavern. She told me it was a country-&-western bar with
really good live bands. We said goodbye, I thanked her for the “room
service” and for the recommendation on a night spot. She smiled and laid
my $5 tip back on the dresser, saying I had tipped her PLENTY already.
After Maria left, I finished cleaning up, drank some more wine and
decided to call Sue before I left for the bar. Sue answered on the first
ring, saying that she knew it was me. When I told her about the great
room service this hotel offered, she laughed and said, “And you thought
you’d forgotten how to attract women!” She was really happy to hear I’d
be flying home in the morning, telling me that Alex and she would be
anxiously awaiting my return. We talked for about ten minutes and then I
told Sue I had better get going, it was around 10:00 p.m. and I wanted
to have plenty of time to meet someone. Sue said she was excited for me,
telling me to have a GREAT time — and reminding me not to miss my
flight home.

I called a taxi, since I had already turned in my rental car. At
about 10:40 I was standing at the bar drinking a beer, listening to the
band and scoping out the women who looked like they might be available.
I was just finishing my third beer when I felt a tap on my
shoulder. I turned to see Maria standing there smiling at me, and said
HI. Maria introduced her husband to me, explaining to her husband that
she had recognized me from the hotel. We shook hands and Marty, her
husband, said he was glad to meet me. Marty ordered a round of beers for
the three of us and said, “The place is really hopping tonight. It must
be nice to be single and have your choice of the women here tonight.”
Maria jokingly slapped him on the arm and told him that if he
really wanted one of these women here tonight, he should help himself.
She warned him that she would help herself to the men though, also. We
all laughed, and Marty said he’d have to think about that, laughing
again and telling Maria that one of these days, he might just take her
up on it if she kept offering. Maria looked at me and winked. It sounded
like they often teased each other about picking up other people.
We talked for about a half hour or so when Maria said she would be
right back; shed spotted a friend she wanted to talk to. As soon as
Maria was out of sight, Marty leaned closer and said, “Damn, look at the
tits on that one over by the dance floor! What an ass on her! I wouldn’t
mind bending her over the corral fence and plugging her cunt. If Maria
wasn’t here, I’d be right over there trying to get her name and number.”
I asked Marty what Maria would say if she caught him trying to get
another woman. Marty said she’d kill him. I wasn’t as sure about that as
he was; I was thinking about her on her knees earlier, sucking on my

About ten minutes later, Maria returned with her girlfriend in tow.
It looked like she was going to try and set me up with her friend, I had
really wanted to pick my own tonight.
Maria introduced her friend, Karen. I ordered Karen a drink and we
all stood around talking and drinking for the next two or three hours.
It was getting close to bar time and I really wanted to try and pick up
one of the many women that were there. It really didn’t look too
hopeful, as far as getting Karen to go back to my room that night. She
was a real fox, and I would’ve loved to get her in bed, but she seemed
more interested in Maria than me. She obviously disliked Marty, giving
him a lot of shit whenever he made some crude remark about one of the
women on the dance floor.

Marty excused himself, saying he had to take a leak, and took off
into the crowd on his way to the men’s room. Maria turned to me and told
me that she wished that her husband was as nice of a guy as I was. I was
really shocked when Karen said, “If I was into men, I’d hope for a guy
like you.” She squeezed my thigh, and I noticed she also squeezed
Maria’s ass cheeks at the same time. Maria squirmed and smiled at Karen
and then me, telling me that Karen and her were “special” friends. It
was almost a sure thing now; I wasn’t going to get laid tonight!
All of a sudden Maria said, “That son-of-a-bitch! Look over there!
Marty has his hand on that woman’s ass and she’s rubbing his damn cock
in front of everyone!” Maria stormed over to Marty, slapped him hard,
and told him not to come home that night. She told him she was tired of
being married to such an asshole. He hollered back at her that she would
probably enjoy her dyke friend, Karen, more, anyway. Maria started
crying and ran out of the bar, Karen close behind.
The bar lights came on — Bar Time! Now I knew I wasn’t getting any
strange stuff that night. I saw Marty go out the door with the redhead
he had been fondling. I found a phone and called a taxi, returning to my
hotel room alone.

I took a shower and decided to lay in bed and watch a movie on TV.
I was feeling pretty disappointed in myself for not picking up some hot
little number that night. I was about fifteen minutes into a raunchy
adult movie on some all-night New York cable station when I heard a
tapping on the door. I was laying on the bed naked, my cock at about
half-mast from watching the movie. I got up, wrapped a towel around my
waist and answered the door. As soon as I opened the door, Maria and
Karen slipped in quickly, each carrying a bottle of champaign, and
giggling and laughing hysterically.
Maria said they were “celebrating”; she was dumping her husband and
moving in with Karen. They wanted me to celebrate with them, since I had
been such a nice guy. Maria, noticing that I only had a towel on,
smiled, licked her lips and told Karen, “You should see what a nice cock
John has! Look at it — it’s getting hard already.” I saw Karen’s eyes
drop to the bulge forming under my towel, then her eyes met mine. She
shyly looked away, I was wondering if she was only into women, hoping
that she wasn’t a jealous bull-dyke lesbian.


I sat on the bed, sipping my champaign when Maria came over and
pulled my towel off. She said, “John, I’m sure you’ve figured out that
Karen and I are lovers. I’d never been with another woman before Karen
but was drawn to her because she was a close friend and listened to me
when I needed to talk. Our friendship developed into a sexual thing one
night after Marty and I had a big fight and I went to Karen’s for
comfort. Karen knows I prefer men — I love the feel of a hard cock
sliding into my pussy.” My cock was standing straight up by now. It was
looking more like I WAS going to get laid!
Maria continued, “Karen has never been with a man and I was hoping
to show her how nice it can be. I hope you don’t mind if we ‘use’ you
tonight. Karen, come over here and look at this equipment.”
Karen got up from her chair, walked over and sat on the edge of the
bed next to me. She watched as Maria held my hard cock up for her to
see. As Maria pumped my cock, Karen stared at her friend.Maria squeezed
my cock hard and a large drop of pre-cum dripped from my cock slit.
Maria bent and lapped up the drop with her tongue. She squeezed me
again, making another drop form. Maria told Karen to try it, saying it
tasted great.

Karen looked me in the eyes, then bent down to lick the tip of my
cock, tasting a man for the first time. She smiled and sucked the head
of my cock into her mouth as Maria pumped me. Karen rose and said, “I
didn’t think that a man could taste that good! What have I been missing
all these years? I’ve licked a lot of good pussy, and probably always
will, but I really want to try a man. John, can I suck your cock? I want
to feel you cum in my mouth. After that I want to feel you fucking me.
I’m a virgin, John — you’ll be my first man.”
I nodded yes and she dropped her head into my lap again, this time
sucking the length of my cock into her mouth. She gagged a bit and then
adjusted her position, taking more of me down her throat.
As Karen slobbered over my cock, I watched Maria get up and do a
slow strip tease. When she was down to just a garter belt and stockings,
she knelt and took Karen’s place. Maria told Karen to get naked and
Karen stripped completely.

Karen joined Maria, taking turns sucking me and licking my balls. I
told Karen I was ready to cum any second. Maria released my cock from
her mouth and Karen plunged it into her mouth as I blasted my load.
Karen was gulping my cum down her throat, savoring her first taste of
man-cum. She didn’t stop until ALL of my cum had been sucked from my
balls. Karen rose, licked her lips and said, “That was fantastic! When
can I get some more of that! Maria, I need a good cum — eat me!”
Karen laid back on the bed, spread her legs, and Maria crawled
between them. I watched as Maria bent to lap Karen’s wet, dripping cunt.
Karen had really been turned on sucking me — her pussy was soaked! I
could hear Maria slurping and lapping at Karen’s pussy. My cock was
already getting hard and I knew that I wanted to fuck one of these
beautiful women.


I got on my knees behind Maria, lifted her ass up until she was on
her knees before me, and slammed my hard cock into her wide open cunt. I
slid into her pussy in one stroke, taking the breath out of her. Maria
groaned that she had never been SO filled, and returned to Karen’s hot
pussy as I fucked her steadily. Maria’s pussy was so tight! She squeezed
me with her cunt muscles, gripping my cock like a vise.
Maria said, “Don’t cum too soon, John! I want Karen to feel you
inside of her hot little pussy. Wait until you feel how tight she is —
I have trouble getting my finger in her sometimes. Karen, you’re going
to love this man’s cock in you! MY GOD! I’MCUMMING! FUCK ME, JOHN! SLAM
Maria collapsed forward after she had completed her orgasm, my cock
slipping from her tight sheath. She rolled to the side of Karen, shoved
a pillow under Karen’s ass, and told me to fuck Karen’s tight cunt.
Karen instinctively spread her legs wide, opening her pussy for me. I
leaned forward, my cock poised over this beautiful, virgin, lesbian
pussy. I told Karen to put my cock into her pussy. I wanted to see this
lesbian feed my hard cock into her cunt.

Karen reached down, taking my cock in one hand and spreading her
pussy lips with the other. She placed my cock head at the entrance to
her cunt. She pulled me forward until the head began spreading her lips.
Karen groaned as I pressed forward, sinking about three or four inches
into her unused pussy. Her eyes were rolled back in their sockets. I let
her adjust to having a cock inside of her before sliding the rest of my
hard cock into her. When I was buried inside her and my balls were
brushing her ass, she held my ass, pulling me tight against her. I let
her lay there, adjusting to being filled with a real man’s cock. She
smiled when she felt my cock throb inside of her and started rolling her
hips into me. I began fucking in and out of her tight pussy, raising up
on my extended arms to allow Karen to watch my cock sliding into her
stretched pussy. Maria was rubbing my ass and sucking on Karen’s left

Maria asked Karen what she thought of making it with a man instead
of a steady diet of pussy. Karen bucked up to meet my strokes and told
Maria she loved the feel of a hard cock inside of her. She said it was
SO different from the other things she’d had shoved into her pussy
before by other women and herself.
Maria sat up, squatted over Karen’s face and lowered her hot cunt
to her bisexual friend’s mouth. Maria was facing me and I played with
her tits as she bobbed up and down on Karen’s face. Maria reached down
and rubbed Karen’s clit as she watched me fuck into her friend. As I
announced that I was going to cum, Maria reached out, pulled me out of
Karen and had me spray my cum over Karen’s clit and stomach. I was so
turned on, I must have emptied a quart onto her.
I rolled off of Karen and Maria dropped forward to suck my cum from
Karen’s stomach and dripping cunt. I watched as they made each other
cum, bucking their pussies into each other’s face.
Maria told Karen that she was glad that she had enjoyed getting
fucked by a man. She said that she couldn’t see herself getting into a
strictly lesbian relationship — she needed a cock to feel totally
satisfied. Karen assured Maria she had actually gotten turned on
watching her lover fuck a man, adding that as long as they shared men,
or other women, together they would have a strong relationship with each

I started to lick and suck on Karen’s tits, nibbling lightly on her
nipples. Karen asked me if I would eat her pussy, she wanted to see how
good a man was at licking pussy. I dropped between her legs slowly,
kissing her smooth skin along the way. I spread her pussy lips with my
fingers, inserted a finger into her and rubbed her clit with my thumb.
Karen was rolling her hips and moaning how good I was making her feel. I
ran my tongue through her bush, flicking at her hard clit. I sucked her
clit into my mouth and flicked my tongue over it as fast as I could.
This seemed to give Karen electric shocks. She was convulsing against my
mouth. I licked, sucked and stuck my tongue inside her pussy until she
raised her hips off the bed, screaming that she was cumming again.
Karen complimented me on my cunnilingus techniques, saying that she
didn’t think any man could eat pussy like that. She said that the orgasm
she’d just had was every bit as good as ANY she’d had with a woman. She
told Maria that didn’t mean that she wouldn’t want to make love to her;
she still preferred the feel of a woman’s knowing tongue on her pussy.
I laid on my back and Maria squatted over my face as Karen lowered
herself onto my now-raging hard-on. They were facing each other and
caressing each other’s tits and kissing passionately. Karen was fucking
me like a pro as Maria smothered me with her furry pussy. Karen enjoyed
raising up until only the tip of my cock was touching her pussy and
slamming herself down onto it again. She was really getting into getting
fucked, Maria was helping her by rubbing Karen’s clit as she watched my
cock go in and out of her friend’s cunt.


I wished my wife, Sue, could be there with us. I knew she would
enjoy herself with these women as much as I was. I had Maria roll off my
face, telling her I wanted to call my wife. Maria and Karen were
shocked, asking if I was crazy! As Karen pumped up and down on me I told
them about our arrangement and that I knew Sue would love to hear what
was going on.

I dialed the number and Sue answered after the third ring. I could
tell that she had been sleeping, but she was excited to hear form me
I told her that I loved her very much and then asked her if she
would like to know what I was doing at that very moment. Sue said, “I
suppose that your going to tell me that you just got fucked by some foxy
babe?” I told her that she was wrong, I had not just gotten laid,
rather, I was GETTING laid at that very moment! Sue said, “Sure, you
want me to believe that some woman is fucking you right now as you talk
to your wife.”

Maria said to let her talk to Sue. I handed the phone to her and
heard her tell Sue “Hi.” Maria continued talking to Sue saying, “Right
now your husband has got his cock buried in my girlfriend. Karen is
riding his cock as he just lays there. My friend WAS a hard-core lesbian
before tonight, your husband has helped me to convert her into a cock-
loving Bisexual woman. Here, listen, I’ll hold the phone close to his
cock so you can hear for yourself.”

Maria held the phone so Sue could hear the sloppy, slurping sounds
of my cock fucking in and out of Karen’s cunt. After about thirty
seconds, I took the phone again and asked Sue if she believed me now.
Sue said that she was so proud of me, she added that she wished she
could be there to watch and join in. She said that she was rubbing her
own cunt, hearing the fucking sounds over the phone had gotten her hot!
I had Karen change positions, laying on her back, raising her left
leg over me so I could fuck into her from the side. This allowed Maria
to have complete access to Karen’s cunt and my cock and balls. As I
fucked Karen in this position, I told Sue what was going on. I could
hear my wife moaning as she masturbated over the phone.
“I wish you could be here now, honey, you could watch my cock
sliding into Karen’s hot pussy. Right now Maria is licking and sucking
Karen’s cunt as I fuck it. She keeps running her tongue over my wet cock
whenever I pull out. I can tell Karen is close to cumming. Are you,
honey? Why not try to cum with us? Just think about Maria sucking your
cunt for you as your husband fucks another woman next to you.”
I unloaded my cum deep into Karen’s tight pussy just as she began
her own orgasm. I told Sue I was cumming and she told me that she was
also. I could hear her moans and whimpers as she brought herself off.
I told Sue that as soon as I pulled out of Karen, Maria dove
between her legs to suck my cum from her pussy. Sue said she wanted
some, too! I told her I would be home sooner than she thought, letting
her know how much I missed her.

Sue and I hung up after talking for another five minutes or so and
I concentrated on watching these two women pleasing each other. I fucked
both of them each once more before they said they had to get going. It
was already 5:00 a.m. and I had to catch an early flight home. It didn’t
look like I would get much sleep before the flight. I hoped I could
catch a nap on the plane.
The flight home turned into a real nightmare. There was some kind
of mechanical problem and we had to land in Rapid City, S.D., where we
were to be delayed for several hours. I couldn’t get another flight out
and spent the whole day wandering the airport waiting for the departure
announcement for my flight. I called Sue and told her that I would be
delayed quite a bit in getting home. Sue was disappointed but said she
would be waiting for me in bed.
At about 6:00 p.m. we were finally in the air again. I grabbed a
taxi after we landed and got home around 9:45 p.m. The day had been a
mess, but at least I was home now. I needed a good rest. I hadn’t been
able to sleep all day and looked forward to a nice hot shower and my own
king size bed.

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