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My name is Wendy, I’m a 30 year old Lesbian and although I’ve had a
lot of Lesbian lovers in my time, I never really been into Kinky sex.
However, Iv’e got to tell you about my Kinkiest sex experience – god
my pussy gets wet just thinking about it!

I’ll start by describing myself. I’m 5′ 5″, 145 lbs., with Brown hair,
Green eyes. I measure 44-34-38 ( I can be described as Rubinesque ).
My breasts are huge as you can tell and they are very sensitive. I have
above average body hair. I keep my pussy hair well trimmed, although I
somtimes let it, as well as the hair under my arms grow. I love the
sight of a women with lots of hair under her arms.

My Kinkiest sex experiance involves a women I met at work named Kim.
She is nearly the same size as I am, except she has curly blond hair.
We became good friends at work and had gotten together after work a
couple of times for drinks. I suspected that she might be a Lesbian or
at least Bi, but I didn’t want to approach her about it. If I was going
to have sex with her, then it would happen eventually.

One Saturday, Kim was coming over to go shopping with me. She said that
she would be here at noon, but she was a half-hour early. I had just
gotten out of the shower and had to throw on a robe to answer the door.
Kim was wearing a sweat suit and had a clothes bag with her. She said
that she had just finished her workout. She said that she wanted to
take a shower before we left for the mall. I showed her to the shower
in my bedroon. She walked into the bathroom and started to undress
right in front of me. I was surprised but did not try to leave. She
smiled and kept right on telling me about her workout. When she got
her top and bra off, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Her tits were as big
as mine, with large pink nipples – Uhm! They looked so good. I wanted
to suck on them so bad. I felt my pulse quicken and I gave a barely
audible sigh. Kim then took off her pants and her cotton panties.


I have never seem a hairier pussy in my life. She had a small trail of
hair all the way up to her navel. She turned her back to me as she
kicked off her panties and I could see that she had very light hair
all along the crack of her ass. But then I happened to notice her
underarms. My God!! They were covered with hair. I swear I almost came
just looking at her underarms. My pussy was dripping by now. When she
turned around, she could tell that I was turned on. She said “Would
you like to shower with me?” I could’nt get out of my cloths fast
enough. I got into the shower with her and we started rubbing each
others breats. With the warm water running down us, It felt so good.
I leaned over and kissed her mouth, our tongues entwining. I was now
so hot, that I would come soon.

So I decided to get down on my knees and get a better look at her pussy. I ran my fingers over her slit. Her cunt lips were puffy and spread apart already. I pulled her lips as far as I could and licked the entire length of her pussy. I then sucked her large erect clit into my mouth and twirled my tongue around and around on it. She was moaning and started to buck on my face. She must have had a real workout earlier because I could smell her muskie sweat, especially around her pussy. After a few more tongue lashing she started to talk dirty too me. “Oh suck my pussy, you beautiful
cunt”. “Lick it, Oh yeaa ..right there.. you bitch.. your making me
come with your tongue.. you slut”. She then started to jerk around
and started coming on my tongue. Her juices squirted into my mouth
and I drank it all in. We then washed each other up and got out and
dried off.

I started to dress, when she stopped with a soft wisper in my ear – “Now it’s my turn to suck your pussy, baby”. She then licked my ear and pushed me onto the bed. She got between my legs and spread them wide. She then started licking my thighs and rubbing my bush with her hands. I was still so hot, that I had to have her tongue in me now. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face into my pussy.

She pulled back and said, “Wait, baby. Let me do this my way”. She
then spread my pussy lips and put two fingers in me. She said, “Oh,
Wendy your pussy is so big, I think I can get my whole fist inside”.
At that point, I didn’t care what she put in my cunt – I was so damn
horny. She worked two, then three, then four fingers into my hole.
She said, “Come on Wendy, loosen your pussy for me”. She then tucked
her thumb into her fist and slipped her entire fist into my now gapping
hole. I have never felt a sensation like it before. My pussy had
never had anything that big in it before. I humped my ass into the air
to meet her thrusts. Kims said, “Wendy, my fist is inside of you and
I’m fucking you”. I said, “Oh Kim, fuck me faster, you fist fuckin’
cunt”. She said, “Get on your knees, baby.

I want to lick your asshole while I fist fuck you”. I get on my hands and knees, all the time keeping her fist in me. Kim spread my ass cheeks with her other hand and ran her tongue over my asshole. I screamed, “Ah, Kim, baby, put your tongue up my ass”. She worked her tongue into my asshole all the way. When she did this, I came and came. My pussy was contracting
on her fist as the walls of my anus contracted on her tongue. She said, “I’m gonna fist fuck your asshole too”. I swear I came again just hearing her say that. She worked two fingers into my ass and I felt my sphincter loosen up.

Then three fingers, and then four, and then tucked her thumb into her fist and all at once she rammed her fist all the way up my ass. I screamed in pain, but the pain soom turned to pleasure as she worked her fist in and out of my pussy and ass. I soon started comming in waves. Again, and again, over and over, so many that I lost count. She then slowly pulled her fists out of my pussy and asshole. All of the fist action had left my pussy
slightly sore and left my asshole gapping open about an inch. She
said, “Oh Wendy, your asshole is streched out so big”. She then licked
the rim of my ass very lightly, It felt sooo good. My pussy was so
wide open that she was able to lick way inside me, farther than I could
have imagined. She was actually licking the walls of my cunt. It was
heaven. I came so violently that I almost broke her nose!


She turned me over and laid on top of me. Her big tits were mashed
on mine. Her nipples were so big and erect. She rose up and fed a
nipple into my mouth. I sucked on it and bit down gently. I was really
getting into her tits, when she said, “Lets eat each other, baby”.
She then spun around and put her ass right over my face. I reached up
and licked her pussy lips. She tasted so sweet. She was returning
the favor when she stopped and said, “Wendy, I want to pee in your
mouth”. I stopped and sat up and said “No, I don’t think so”. She
said, “Come on, Wendy, you’ll love it. It tastes so good and sweet”.

She then grabbed me by the arms and pushed me down on the bed.

I didn’t realize how strong she was. She had me pinned and I couldn’t do anything about it. I was helpless. She positioned her pussy over my mouth
and grabbed my hair with her hand and pulled hard. She said, “Come on
you cunt, suck my pussy”. I decided to give in. I didn’t have a choice.
I licked her cunt like there was no tomorrow. I sucked on her clit
until she was bucking and thrashing on my face. As she was ready to
come, she said, “Wendy, when I come Im going to pee in your mouth”.
Her pussy started to contract and I could taste her cum. Then all
at once a warm stream of piss was shooting into my mouth. It was sweet
and warm and actually tasted good. She peed for about thity seconds and

I had to keep swallowing to drink it all down. When she was done, she
said, “Oh baby that was so good. I want you to pee in my mouth now”.
I positioned my pussy over her mouth and she started to eat me. She
licked my hole like never before. She would alternate licking my clit
with her tongue putting her tongue all the way up my cunt. I couldn’t
last much longer. I was moaning and screaming her name. As I was ready
to come, I said, “Kim baby, I’m gonna come and pee in your mouth”.
She said, “Oh yea, do it now baby”. As I came I let out a steady stream
of hot, sweet piss, right in her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed
to get it all down. I rolled off her and colapsed beside her. I then
nuzzled up to her and said, “Thanks Kim, that was wonderful”. I then
gave her a long French kiss. I could taste and smell my own piss.

I can’t wait until she introduces me to other water sports.

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