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I had finally gotten a position that allowed me to hire my own
secretary. I was so excited, and I was determined to be very careful and
painstaking about whom I hired. I had interviewed about two dozen
applicants and had the list narrowed down to several possible candidates
when Sally showed up for her interview. When she walked into my office I
was hooked on her. She was pretty; but, more than that she had an air of
confidence about her. Physically she was about 6′ tall, being dressed in
a pant suit I couldn’t tell much about her figure, except that it was
definitely all woman.
        The interview began as most of them do with questions about typing
& short hand skills; she was among the top there; previous jobs, etc.. I
asked Sally what her hobbies were and she said, “I like anything athletic.
I keep in shape all the time.  I also like to read and I love photography.”
We talked for a while longer and I ended the interview by saying that I was
going to see three more applicants the following day and then I would make a decision.  Sally thanked me for my time and said, “If you decide to hire me, I can guarantee you that you won’t be sorry.  I hope that you will think about this as well as my secretarial skills, I’m 6′ tall and I’m in great
shape so I can be a real asset as a bodyguard as well; think about it.”
        I did.  All night long.
        I interviewed the three the next day, but Sally was my point of
comparison, and all the other applicants came up short.  I called Sally
to tell her.  She sounded excited and asked me to come on over to her
place for a celebration/get to know each other better dinner. I felt that
it would be a good chance to be informal and get our working relationship
off on the right foot.  I went over and Sally had prepared a wonderful
roast with all the trimmings.  After dinner we went into the family room
and began to talk.
        After a short time Sally asked me, “Now, tell the truth, Tim.
What made you choose me over the other women?”
        I decided to be honest with her, and I told her that I had always
liked athletic women, and that I hoped in time we could develop a working
relationship as well as a competitive one; however, we would have to keep
in mind who the boss was.
       Sally began to smile and said, “That sounds great, why don’t we
start right now with a wrestling match to see who will be “boss” for the
night.  I’ll go change while you take off your coat and stuff.”  She
jumped up and off she went.  I took off my shirt and stuff and Sally
came back in a robe.  She made a big deal of walking up close to me and
looking down into my up turned face.  She was 6’3″ with her heels on and
I was definitely intimidated; just the reaction she wanted. She said, “Now,
let’s get this clear first.  I want you to try your hardest.  I know you
won’t beat me, but try anyway, and this session tonight will be the first
of many.  Are you ready to see what you’re up against?”
       I had only seen Sally in a pant suit up to this point; when she
untied her robe she let it fall open and then drop to the floor.  My breath
caught as I looked at her in the two piece bathing suit.
        “Not a bad bod, huh, boss?  Want some figures?  Biceps – 16 1/2″,
chest – 40C, waist – 28, hips – 36, thighs – 28, and calves – 16 1/2.
Would you like to feel my arms?”
        With that, she lifted both arms up and her arm muscles exploded.
They were hard as stone, and I knew I was totally out classed.
       Sally wrapped her arms around my neck, squeezed suddenly and I
immediately began to submit.  She let go and with a laugh said, “Wow,
this is really going to be fun.  I don’t think you’re going to last very
long if that little squeeze was too much for you.  I think I’ll put you
out cold with my arms first and then we’ll move on to the real power,
my legs.”
Sally backed away from me, then motioned me over with a crooked finger.
I hesitated and she really laughed and repeated the motion.  I was
hesitant as I approached her; before I knew what happened she stepped
forward and put me into a bear hug.  Her arms began to crush me like a
Boa Constrictor and I was getting light headed as I begged for her to
stop.  Before I went out she dropped me and I fell in a heap at her feet.
Sally lifted me back up by my hair and then she gently placed my hand on
her arm as she flexed her bicep.  Without a word she put me into another
headlock and squeezed me until I passed out.
       I came to with her straddling me looking down at my spent body;
she had a beautiful smile on her face as she put her leg on my chest and
did a double bicep pose.  Then she said, “Well, boss, I guess you know
now you don’t what it takes to compete with me.  You think my arms are
strong, wait till you feel these long legs work on you.  Reach up here
and feel this calf muscle.”  I reached up and ran my hand across her
solid leg; I could see and feel the diamond shape of her beautiful, and
well defined calf.  “Now feel my thigh.  You’ll need both hands for these
babies.  I think I’ll knock you out first with a standing neck scissors
using my calves, then finish you off with my thighs.  By the time I’m
through with you tonight, you’ll be so addle brained that you’ll have
trouble remembering your name; but, I’ll bet you will do whatever I tell
you to do without thinking about it.”
       I reached up and put both hands on her thigh as she flexed.  The
muscles were hard as stone and I knew that I was not even close to her
class in strength. Sally reached down and controlled my head as she placed my neck between her calves.  She counted to three and then slowly raised up on her toes and with one sudden tensing of her legs she had me begging for mercy.  “You give?  You give what?  You can’t have had enough already; I’m not squeezing that hard am I?”
       Sally was laughing as I thrashed around moaning and hitting on her
legs to try and ease the pain.  “I’m not through with this hold yet, little
man; I want to watch your face as I increase and decrease the pressure.
Wonder what colors I can make your face turn?  It’s sort of pink now; lets
increase the pressure some.  Look, it’s turning red.  Are you choking?  Now
a little more pressure.  Wow, your face is turning white; I must be cutting
off the blood supply to your brain.  Guess what happens now?  Yep, I’m gonna knock you out!”  And she did.  I came to about five minutes later and Sally was standing over my body slapping my head from side to side with her foot trying to “wake me.”  As I did she leaned over, I thought her boobs were going to fall out onto my face, and said, “That was only round one of the calf treatment.  Here comes round two.”
       Sally stepped up to my head and once again raised my neck up to her
calves. She stood up on her toes and flexed her legs and I was out again.
This time when I came to she repeated the same thing. After regaining
consciousness this time Sally raised me to my feet and then caught me in a bear hug. I thought she was going to put me out again with the incredible strength of her arms; but just before I went out she released me. She had to hold me up as she crossed her arms around my waist and lifted me up, swinging my legs up in the air above her head. Then she swung my head toward her thighs. She flexed them as my head hit against them. She repeated this several times; then she opened her legs and slammed my head between her thighs. “Ok, wimpy, now for some real power.  I’m going to knock you out with my thighs several times before I end the evening session.” Crush went the thighs, and I went out again.  I came to still being held upside down.  Crush went the thighs, and I went out again.  She did this about four times.
       When I came around Sally came over to me and said, “If you don’t
want me to work you over anymore tonight, then I want you to give me a
pay raise.”  I readily agreed.  Then she said, “I also want you to strip
down to your birthday suit and put on a ‘muscle show’ with your weak
little male muscles.”  As I posed for her she would feel my muscle, then
feel her muscle and laugh at me for being so weak.  At about 11 PM, Sally
said, “Go home and get some rest boss.  Tomorrow we’ll work on our office routine.”
       The next day at the office Sally came in and shut my office door.
“How’s your head feel this morning boss?”  Then she walked over to my chair, put her foot in between my legs, flexed her calf muscle and gently placed my hand on it.  Immediately my mind went reeling, my breath caught and I was trembling.  “Very good, little one, you do remember what these babies did to you, don’t you?  Don’t worry, I won’t make you give me a raise every day; but I am going to knock you out at least once each day.  I won’t tell you how or when until it’s time.  There’s one thing.  I want you to hire me a secretary.  He’ll do the secretarial stuff for both of us and I can devote my full time to bodyguard work and the physical things.  I’ll come  and go as I please.”  To emphasize this, Sally placed my hand on her bicep and flexed.  “Are there any objections?”  I said of course not.  Then Sally grabbed a handful of hair, walked me out to the center of my office and slammed my face into her boobs as her strong arms squeezed my head like a grape.  I went under the black sea of unconsciousness.
       When I came to there was a note from Sally that said, “Strip and
wait for me.  If you don’t, you’ll be sorry when I get back.”  I did not
sit in my chair naked waiting for her to return.  I thought enough of this;
what if someone were to come in and see me like this.
       When Sally returned she came into the office and when she saw that
I was still dressed a big smile crossed her face. She closed and locked my
door and began to remove her clothes.  My attempts to stop her from doing this were to no avail.  Sally obviously expected this to happen as she was wearing a very skimpy bikini.  “I knew you would still offer some resistance to that note.  But, after this training session, you’ll do what I tell you to do.  Just look at these muscles and think about what I could have done to you last night.  Today, we’re gonna go into the advanced course.”
        She walked over to me and lifted me out of my chair by my tie.  Then
she began to take off my coat; I tried to resist her until she put me into a
headlock and crushed my neck until I began to see stars.  Sally let up and
ordered me to strip.  This time I complied.  As I stood before her naked she
walked up to me and began to rub her body over mine.  I responded.  Then she grabbed my manhood in her hand and slowly began to squeeze.  Just as I began to complain, she gave one solid crush and I couldn’t talk.  The pressure continued and I could taste the bile in my throat.  I was crying in pain as Sally began to taunt me with, “I can crush an apple to pulp with my hands; feel this arm or I’ll do the same thing to you.  I’m going to turn
you into a jerk off man.  When you come to, the only way to relieve the
pain will be to masturbate and I want to watch you do it.”
       Sally took me to the edge of passing out several times, and lifted
my ass up off the floor by pulling up on my dick before she finally squeezed me so hard that I passed out from the pain.  She was laughing at me the whole time she tortured me.  When I came to, Sally walked over and straddled my totally spent body and said, “Now, peewee, when I tell you to do something do you think you can obey me?  If not, we’ll do this as often as it takes to make a believer out of you.  I’m gonna work you over every day anyway; but, the amount of pain you suffer will depend upon how quickly and efficiently you obey my commands.  Now unless you want to wrestle with me some more, I want to see you play with your little wennie.  You won’t be much good at anything but some tongue action for awhile.  I’ve made you a ‘jerk off man’ just as I told you I would.  Now, pound that pud!”
        And I did.  In fact I had to masturbate several times; Sally had
told me to call her each time so she could watch the result of her handy
work.  As I would beat off she would sit and flex her arm or leg muscles
and feel them; laughing at how she had so easily reduced me to a scared
little boy.  After I cum, she would let me feel and kiss her pumped up
        What a secretary!
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