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One warm spring afternoon about 3:15, after I had left my last class of the day, I was feeling rather hungry. Happy to be done for the day, I decided to splurge and go eat at Guthrie’s. I drove over, enjoying the beautiful weather.

When I got there, I realized by the empty parking lot that I had come in between the usual lunch and dinner crowds, so I expected to be able to eat a quiet meal without much wait. As I entered the restaurant, I saw that it was indeed empty and quiet, except for the girl behind the counter, who smiled at me as I entered. She was about 5’6″ and had long, straight blonde hair which ran down her back. Some of it spilled over her shoulders, shining in the afternoon sun. She had incredibly deep blue eyes that sparkled at me in a mildly flirtatious way, and her body was truly gorgeous; large, firm breasts and a shapely waist which led to long slender legs, accented by the short white skirt which showed off her light springtime tan.

“Hi there, what can I do for you?” she asked. As I looked into her pretty eyes, several things came to mind, but I just ordered a chicken finger plate and a coke. She took my name, and I paid for it and sat down at one of the booths midway down the aisle to the right, facing the back of the restaurant.

I was sitting there sipping my drink, lost in thought, when suddenly she appeared from behind me an slid into my booth, across from me. Startled, I said a surprised “Hi,” and laughed. “There’s not much to do around here in the afternoons,” she giggled, looking at me, smiling curiously. As I looked at this beautiful blonde, I felt an erection beginning in my jeans. “What’s your name?” I asked. “It’s Susie,” she said, and leaned in a little, over the table. I couldn’t stop looking at her, I seemed stuck in the gaze of her feminine blue eyes. My mind was beginning to get hazy as I got more excited by this gorgeous woman.


After a few seconds that seemed like a lifetime, she spoke softly. “Why don’t you come sit over here by me?” she said, her lips barely moving. Unable to think straight and definitely incapable of resisting, I got up and slid into the seat beside her. Our thighs and shoulders were touching, and I could feel the heat of her soft, feminine body against mine. I reached over to put my arm around her waist and began slowly caressing her hips through the material of her thin skirt. With my other hand, I gently brushed her blonde hair back and tucked it behind her right ear. I leaned over and began to nibble on her soft earlobe. Her light perfume and the scent of her beautiful hair made me giddy, as my lips enveloped her fleshy earlobe. After a few gentle kisses, I began to lick her ear, sometimes gingerly probing into it with my tongue, breathing lightly into it. I moved my right hand down to stroke her smooth, tanned leg just below the hem of her skirt. Her neck began to get warmer as she became excited, and my kisses grew sloppier. I sucked harder on her, and pushed my wet tongue firmly into her ear canal, drawing her close.

“Ohhh…” she moaned slowly, her eyes closed. I withdrew my lips slightly and whispered to her, “I want to make love to you, Susie,” my hot breath caressing her moist ear and neck. She responed by turning toward me, and kissing me passionately, her tongue entering my mouth as our lips met, and her arms going quickly around my neck. We kissed quietly for a few minutes, the only sound being the soft contact made by our mouths as each kiss ended and a new one began. Her kisses were soft and sensual, her tongue gently exploring every part of my mouth and mine returning the affection. I allowed my hand to move up under her short skirt until I felt the heat coming from between her legs and my fingers made contact with her lacy panties. She moaned gently and pressed her tongue deep into my mouth, holding me tighter.

When I reached a peak of excitement, I pulled away and looked at her. She was truly beautiful, her shiny blonde hair, now in some disarray, cascading softly down her body and over her large, firm tits, her nipples clearly defined beneath her shirt. She looked at me longingly, deeply, with her perfect blue eyes. I reached over and stroked her face with the backs of my fingers, and she responded by pressing lightly against them.

I began to unbutton her shirt, and she did the same to me. I reached around her and undid her bra, kissing her once, softly. She let it fall away and onto the floor underneath the table. She stood partially up and I pulled her skirt, then her panties to the ground, as she let her shoes fall off also. I stood up in the aisle and removed the rest of my clothing as she laid herself back on the booth seat, her head almost against the wall, feet resting on the other end, knees bent. Her huge breasts were now sticking up, moving up and down with her excited breathing, nipples hard and pink. Her sexy blonde hair spread out behind her onto the seat, some of it spilling over the side and hanging toward the floor. I looked at her pussy, covered in light brown hair, glistening with the moisture of her desire.

Now naked, I bent down onto my knees in the aisle and moved toward her. I began gently kissing the inside of her firm thighs, starting at about the knee, and working slowly, slowly inward, licking and sucking her tanned skin hungrily. As my lips brushed against her bush, she moaned deep in her throat. I kissed her pubic area and moved in to her pussy lips. My tongue began to stroke them, tasting their wetness, feeling their heat. “Mmmm…” she moaned again as her hips thrust slightly forward. I couldn’t resist any longer, so I pressed my tongue into the folds of her beautiful pink vagina. She was very wet, and her juices began to flow even more as I entered her, bathing my face in her scent. I lapped up and down her soft cunt, licking up all the way to her clit, now fully hard in her passion, stopping to twirl it softly on my wet tongue, then pressing back downward until my tongue was again extended fully within her pussy, my lips passionately kissing the lips of her pussy. I repeated this several times, each time she tensed her hips more, thrusting against my face as I tongued her cunt, releasing as I sucked her clit. Her juices were now flowing out rapidly, running down her asshole and onto the seat, making a small pool of wetness on the booth. I held her hips tightly as I opened my mouth to suck her hard clit, holding it there in a French-kiss. She moaned loudly as I made love to her hot clitoris.


In a few seconds, she took my hands in hers, pressing our fingers together tightly on her bucking hips. “Oh my God,” she whimpered, as she lost control and began to come. “Oh… Ohhh… Ohhh!!!” she cried with each spasm of her orgasm. I felt her clit pulsate against my lips as she pressed hard against me. Her hips moved spasmodically, and her large rosy breasts rose and fell dramatically in her violent heaving. She quivered again and again, fucking my mouth hard with her wet cunt.

I opened my mouth to take in as much of her pussy as possible and tongued her furiously. I looked up between her tits and saw her beautiful face in a contortion of ecstasy as she enjoyed her release. As her thrusting slowly subsided, she sighed heavily and let herself come to rest on the seat. I closed my mouth, sucking up what pussy juices there were around her clit, and stood up. She was still breathing hard, and her chest was flushed. Her pussy was so ready that her wetness was now covering much of the seat around her legs and her asshole was glistening with her dripping juices. This reminded me of the incredible hard-on that had developed while I was eating her. She opened her pretty blue eyes, looked up at me and smiled. Her body was exsquisite, lying there naked and aroused, her every curve was gorgeous. She quickly noticed my erection and then looked back into my eyes.

“Come down here and make love to me,” she cooed softly from below. Always eager to please, I leaned over, putting my hands onto the seat beside her for support, and bent over her until my head was at the level of her breasts. I gently licked the fleshy underside of her right breast, enjoying its texture – firm, yet soft, and very warm. I moved up, slowly, licking and sucking her round tit until my lips just made contact with her large, erect nipple, and teased her by almost kissing it, but not quite, licking below it and around it. Susie gasped in anticipation, stroking my back with her long fingers. I moved one hand over to hold her breast firmly, then I slid my lips over her pink nipple, kissing it passionately. I began to suck it hard while squeezing it tightly in my hand. Susie’s lips quivered in excitement as she arched her back to force her boob into my mouth. Her nipple became even harder as I licked it all over. I moved over to her other breast and wrapped my lips around as much of it as I could, enveloping her nipple in my warm mouth. I kissed it all over, while fondling the other one with my free hand. Susie massaged my shoulders while I sucked her gorgeous tits, her eyes closed and her breathing heavy.

When I couldn’t wait any longer, I stopped kissing and moved down on top of her. As I felt her soft, warm flesh under me, I lost control of my excitement. My rock-hard penis found her love hole instantly, and I pushed into her sweet cunt, allowing my whole body to lie on hers, feeling the warmth as we pressed intimately together. My hands moved onto her shoulders to caress her soft skin and hair, and my mouth moved to hers and locked there in a deep, passionate kiss. Our tongues probed hungrily as we tasted each other.

As we began to make love, she raised her head slightly, so that my arms could move in behind her pretty blonde head. She wrapped her arms and legs around me for maximum contact, her calves caressing my backside as I thrust in and out. In response to this beautiful fucking, I pressed her head forward so that our kiss became as deep as possible, our faces together, our tongues passionately licking the insides of each other’s mouth. I ran my fingers through her soft, sexy blonde hair as it hung down onto the booth. Her boobs were squashed beneath me, her nipples pressing into my flesh.


I thrust hard, going fully inside her, coming almost all the way out, then going all the way back in again. Her pussy way fabulously tight, caressing my dick with every loving stroke, but it was so slick with its juices that it allowed full penetration into her warm, soft cunt. The pleasure of fucking this gorgeous, sensual woman seemed to go on forever, but finally I felt my dick tingle and my balls tense in pre-orgasm. I pulled my mouth away from hers and leaned back a little, still thrusting fully in, fully out, slowly. I used my left hand for support and moved my right hand behind her head, lifting it up and gently stroking her sexy blonde hair while I looked at her. Her long hair shone in the sunlight, falling everywhere, soft, feminine, and sexy. I pumped her slowly, deep into her pretty cunt. I pulled slowly, very slowly out, feeling her pussy suck tenderly on every inch of my shaft. I looked down at her huge tits, heaving with her breath. As I pushed back in again, Susie moaned in excitement, her body quivering. She was about to come again, and she needed to be fucked. I slowly pulled out again, until my dick head came out, glistening with her sex. Our eyes locked, and we gazed deeply into each other, as I caressed her beautiful blonde hair.

“Mmmm… You’re so beautiful,” I moaned as I began to thrust back into her pretty little pussy, feeling orgasm upon me. I looked into her sexy blue eyes and she gasped again, mouth open wide. As my cock made its way back into her tight hole, it tensed, and my balls let loose. The first spasm was pure heaven as I felt my sperm lubricate the inside of my penis and spurt hard, hard inside Susie’s sweet pussy. “Oh!” she cried loudly, reaching orgasm herself. My cock continued shooting jism into her slick cunt as it went in her to the hilt, my balls against her thrusting ass. She screamed, her mouth open and lips shaking uncontrollably as she came. I shot cum into her warm, dripping snatch, thrusting a few more times to let it all squirt inside her. She forced her hips up against mine and held me close as she tensed to enjoy the last pulse of her orgasm. “Uhhh…” she moaned as my last throb sent the remainder of my hot semen deep into her sexy, sweating body, filling her with creamy wetness.

My dick still rigid, I leaned down and kissed her firmly, holding her head up, my fingers entangled in her soft blondeness. She relaxed and laid back, letting me rest on top of her. We made out for a while longer, my penis still inside her, my semen dripping out to mix with her pussy juice on the booth seat. Her hands stroked my back lovingly while I caressed her soft shoulders, and she continued to moan very softly into my mouth as we kissed tenderly.

As we lay there naked, enveloped in a cuddling embrace, kissing and fondling each other, I began rocking slowly back and forth, enjoying the sensation of touching this beautiful woman. I felt the smooth folds of her pussy sucking on my penis, and I began to get excited once more. As Susie felt my dick begin to grow again, she responded by thrusting against me, her cunt pulling my cock inside her, stroking it, eating it. She sighed heavily as she kissed me. Our faces moved apart and she stuck out her tongue and we licked each other, our tongues lashing furiously. As I began to fuck her again, my dick stirred up the semen and pussy juices within her and they began to flow back out her gaping hole, onto my balls and her shapely ass, making everything slippery and wet.


My cock was at full attention now, making Susie squirm with pleasure as she fell back into a rhythm and fucked me intently, her cuntlips engorged and ready. She hugged me tight, her arms around my back, and mine around her head, face buried in the soft hair falling around her neck, enjoying the sensual smell.

“I’m gonna squirt inside you again, baby,” I moaned in her ear, thrusting deep within her.

“Oh, give it to me! I need your cum!” she gasped, her legs wrapping tightly around me again, straining against me for friction against her clit. As I felt her soft little cunt open wider than ever, I felt orgasm approaching again.

“I love your pretty pink pussy,” I whispered to her, kissing her sexy blonde hair, holding her head tight. “You’re so precious, honey.” I began fucking her hard now, really hard, grinding into her in wild abandon. I wanted her, I had to have her sweet pussy now. I felt her every muscle tense, squeezing me as tightly as possible she quickly rushed into orgasm.

“I love you! Ohhh, I love you!” Susie screamed as she came. Her pussy pulsated wildly as she brought me to another orgasm. “Take my come, sweetheart!” I cried as my orgasm exploded in her tight snatch. Over and over I spewed jism into her throbbing cunt, her blonde head shaking with every spurt. She cried out in ecstasy each time she felt my cum rocket into her beautiful twat. I fucked her cunt again and again, letting my dick squirt into her pretty blonde pussy, as her body spasmed violently with every loving pulse of my cock.

“Mmmm… baby, take it…” I moaned, licking Susie’s long, sexy blonde hair, as the last of my cum drained deep into her beautiful body. “Ohhhhhh!!!…” she moaned long and hard with her last release. We lay there together for a few minutes, and then loosened our grip on each other slowly, taking our time to separate after our mind-blowing orgasms. I slid back off of her and got up. She sat up in the booth and sighed again. I began to put my clothes back on, then she got up and walked back into the kitchen. I eyed her naked form, perfect in every way, and felt the satisfaction of seeing my jism and her juices running down her legs, knowing that she had been mine.

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