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You and Roger had invited Larry over for the evening, knowing that his
recent breakup with his girlfriend had left him lonely, and a bit frustrated.
Since you’d told Roger long ago that you found Larry very sexy, and wouldn’t mind bedding him, he finally said something had to be done to get Larry out of his doldrums. The evening was going pretty well, but reminders of Christmas all around only reminded Larry from time to time that he was “alone” this year. He seemed relaxed enough, and with a warm fire, and a bit of wine, everyone was in a pretty good mood. The topic turned to sex, and you could feel your pussy dampen as Larry said that his last girlfriend had really enjoyed giving head.

Roger replied that you really loved giving head, and that often you would wear him out before he got into your pussy. Larry eyed you, and you knew he was imagining you with Roger’s cock (or his own cock) in your mouth. Your dampness was growing, even through your slight blush. A bit more wine for everyone you thought. You offered a refill of the wine and went to the kitchen. When you returned to the front room, the lights were out, save for the fire and the Christmas tree. Standing by the fire were Larry and Roger, stark naked and both with nice hard cocks. “Merry Christmas” they chanted in unison.

It didn’t take you long to strip off your top, bra and start on your pants
and the guys helped. You sat down, letting Roger peel your pants and socks off and you found yourself at eye-level with Larry’s massive prick. Without a word you sucked the large, purple head into your mouth, flicking it with your tongue.

Roger succeeded in removing the last of your clothes, and you felt his mouth press to your steaming pussy, and his tongue gently parting your labia. Larry leaned over you and this let you lay back and enjoy the attention of both men. Larry’s cock was long and thick, about eight inches long and several around.


You mouth was open as wide as possible, and he barely fit. That didn’t keep you from licking and sucking him, enjoying the warmth of him in your mouth, his musky scent, or the throbbing of him. His balls were hanging low, and you held them in you hand, feeling their heavy weightiness. Roger’s tongue was circling your clit, and his lips pulled at it ever so lightly, making you shiver with delight. Larry was moving in and out of your mouth, and with your hips moving up and down, you floated higher and higher, waiting for the burst of your first orgasm. Larry’s hand rolled your nipple between his thumb and fingers, just pulling slightly up as he did. You moaned around his cock, and that spurred him to move in shorter, but faster strokes.

Roger was cupping your ass, and licking your slick, wet cunt, making you
wet his face with your cream. He knew all of your sensitive places, and his
tongue found most of them. The first spasms came quickly and you felt your pussy contracting in delicious spasms of pleasure. In your orgasmic bliss, you paused, then took Larry’s cock as deep as you could, choking just a bit. Larry moaned as he slid out of your mouth, only to moan again when you sucked him back in. Slowly, Roger’s tongue was bringing you to another climax, but you wanted to be filled. You let go of Larry’s now saliva-coated prick, and told them to switch places. As they moved, Roger told Larry to fuck your pussy nice and hard. You spread your legs wide for Larry, and Roger held them open while he slid his thick, hard cock inside your grasping pussy.

Larry’s thick shaft began to expand your cunt, and waves of pleasure were
washing over you. He moved slowly, and his throbbing manhood was driving you crazy already. Not that Roger’s six and a half inches is inadequate, but the thickness of Larry’s cock was so different and exciting! With a push, Larry shoved the last two inches deep into you, making you gasp. Looking up, you could see Roger sitting just above your face, his balls dangling near your mouth. You snaked your tongue out and began licking them, and Larry began to fuck your cunt slowly, letting you savor the feeling of his thick tool. The more Larry stroked in and out, the more you wanted Roger’s cock in your mouth. He moved back and obliged, letting you take his cock into your mouth. Roger’s cock was perfect for you. Just big enough that you could take him all the way without choking too much, and also just right to slide up your ass now and then.

Now with a thick cock in your pussy, and Roger’s in your mouth, you were
enjoying each sensation your body gave you. From Larry’s balls brushing against your ass cheeks, to Roger’s hands squeezing your tits and pinching your nipples. This was a first for you, having two men, and you were enjoying their attention to the fullest. Roger was sliding deep into your throat, and Larry was picking up his pace, slamming into your hot, wet pussy. Each stroke brought you closer to a building orgasm, and your own saliva dripping from Roger’s cock wet your face. They were moving in an alternating rhythm, and it felt like one long cock was inside you, from your cunt to your mouth. You began coming in very long wracking waves, arching up against Larry’s swelling cock, and trying to suck Roger’s cum from his balls. Larry slammed into you and his cock felt like it was swelling enough to split you in two. Then you felt his pent up sperm gush
into your squeezing, sucking cunt, splattering warmly inside you. You moaned, only to be cutoff by Roger’s prick. Two more strokes and his cock began spurt-ing his thick cum into your mouth. After only two spurts, Roger pulled out and let the rest shoot warm and wet onto your tits. The taste of his sperm in you mouth and the warmth on your tits and in your pussy left you floating on a very sensous cloud. You saw both the men laying down, sweating and breathing hard. Everyone just lay there for a time, not moving, not talking, just enjoying the warm, hazy feelings.


The sound of people singing Christmas Carols roused you and the guys. The
sounds were coming from down the street, and you talked about it for a while, hearing them move next-door. You all sat up and began dressing, and you found your tits were still very wet from Roger’s cum. Roger reached over and used a hand to massage it all over your firm breasts, kissing you while he did. You finished dressing just in time, hearing the singers approaching the house.

The doorbell rang, and the three of you greeted them, listening to their not
quite perfect voices blend into a pleasant sound. After a song, a young girl,
about high-school age asked if you’d like to join them. Nods came all around and grabbing heavy coats and gloves, you joined them, intending to stop at the end of the block.

Each house that displayed lights was approached, and a song sung. Everyone seemed to appreciate the special flavor and joy. Some offered hot chocolate, tea or coffee, or a snack or two. You found yourself around the corner on the street behind yours, enjoying it. By now, you’d gotten over the slight feeling of embarrassment at the thought that someone could see Roger’s sperm covering your tits. And the last of Larry’s cum had dampened your pants several houses ago, but your own internal fires weren’t yet quelled, and you felt warm from your own heat. At one of the houses, a young lady joined the group, and she was sharing a song-book with Larry. Small and attractive, especially in the cheerful holiday lights, it seemed that Larry was enjoying carolling even more than before.

Before you knew it, you’d moved all around the block, and were within easy walking distance to your house. You were about to suggest that you call it a night, when the young lady next to Larry said her feet were freezing from a small leak in her boots. You offered the warmth of your fireplace and some wine to chase away the chill, and she agreed. On the way to the house, she said her name was Monica, and you introduced Roger and Larry before yourself. Her smile was awfully sexy, and her brown eyes flashed at Larry.


Once inside, you sat Monica near the fire and let Larry remove her boots,
while you poured some red wine for everyone. Roger went for more firewood, and when you came back, Larry had Monica barefoot, rubbing her feet to warm them. Monica gratefully accepted the wine. Roger put some more wood on the fire, and the temperature rose steadily as it caught.

“Let me take you coat and gloves.” You said to Monica. The girl slid out
of her bulky coat, rubbing her arms through her long-sleeved top. The top was a cowl-neck sweater that fit her tightly, showing off her slim figure. Slim except for her breasts that jutted out firm and full, with small nubs marking her erect nipples. You put her coat with the others in the hall closet and returned to the fire. Larry was cradling Monica’s feet in his lap, gently caressing them while he sat with her near the fire.

Talk centered around pleasant things, like warm fires, and cuddling up
close during a snowstorm. It turned out that Monica had just moved in from out of state, having just taken a new job nearby. She was single and feeling very lonely until the group had come to her door. Her long auburn hair was curly, and it shook when she laughed, making her appear very sexy and carefree. The talk continued for a while, and gradually you and Roger withdrew, letting Larry and Monica discover each other. You finally said goodnight to them, and left them alone, going to your own bed.

It wasn’t long before you could hear her voice, moaning in the front room.
Roger was sleeping next to you, and you could hear Larry and Monica climbing up to an orgasm. Somewhere along the line, you began to join them, using your own hand. After your orgasm, you could hear only silence, and the pounding of your pulse in your ears. You slipped out of bed, naked since your nightclothes had been a nuisance during your self-indulgence, and went to the door to close it fully. Just as you reached for the door, Monica opened it, and started, her gasp echoing yours.

Monica, too, was naked, and her slim figure, with her firm, large-nippled
breasts, flat stomach, and lean thighs seemed incredibly erotic. She began to back out of the room, and you followed her into the dimly lit hallway. You asked her if she was looking for the bathroom, and trying to cover herself, she nodded, apologizing for walking in on you.

“Oh, never mind that.” You said as you took her into the bathroom. “And
there’s no need to cover up, especially with a beautiful figure like yours.”
Inside the bathroom, with the door closed and the light on, Monica was
even lovelier than she had appeared. “Um, thanks.” She said, looking over your naked body. She sat on the toilet, relieving herself after her obvious sex with Larry.

“Well, was Larry any good?” You asked her impishly, and knowing the answer from earlier in the evening. “I’ve always fantasized about him.” You added truthfully.

“He was very good.” Monica said with a smile. “And he’s nice and thick
too. Just what I needed.” She added a wink at the end of her sentence.
“Yes, I’ve seen him in tight jeans. Prime beef.” You chuckled.
“I’m just glad you aren’t mad about us getting carried away in your house.” Monica added, finishing and standing up.

“Oh, no way.” You said. “I could see sparks between you too outside.”
Monica smiled. “Can you always see sparks between people?” She asked.
“Only sometimes.” You said.

Monica moved closer to you. “What about now?” Her hand rose and lightly
caressed your breast, her fingers teasing your nipple. You felt your pussy make an instant response, and the nipple stiffened. She was shorter than you, and you stepped towards her, your hands reaching for her tiny waist. Her nipples brushed under your breasts, sending an electric spark down to your clit. Your lips met, and sighing you parted your lips, searching and finding her tongue.


Now both her hands slid up and cupped your breasts, her fingers working magic on your hard nipples. You cupped her ass and pulled her to you, feeling her soft warm skin press against yours. Hands explored you, and your pussy was flowing freely as your excitement grew. Monica kissed one nipple, then the other, sliding down your front with small quick kisses on your hot flesh.

Her tounge found your clit, making you shake at her contact. Her hands
kneaded you cheeks while she probed your pussy with her hot tongue, making you weak with desire. She slowly rose up, kissing her way back to your mouth, and then took your hand and led you back to the fireplace. Larry was laying on his back, dozing near the fire. Monica lay down, spreading her legs wide, and then rolling onto her side to suck Larry’s cock. You bent down, sucking her pussy, tasting her sweet creamy juice. Monica was clearly excited by your tongue, and she sucked on Larry eagerly. You felt a hand on your ass, then fingers sliding into your sopping pussy. Larry was fingering your clit too, while Monica ate his huge cock.

Monica sucked incredibly well, taking most of Larry’s huge cock into her
mouth and throat. Larry was sighing often, his hips moving sensuously each time Monica gulped him. Monica’s pussy was flowing like a river, her juice soaking your face, and you lapped up as much as you could. Thick white cream leaked from her entrance, and you sucked it from her. Her juices near her clit were sweeter and you vibrated her hard clit with your tongue. Monica moaned, and thrust her pelvis against your mouth. You could feel her cunt spasming, and her whole body shook. Larry’s fingers in your own dripping cunt were making you incredibly hot. Monica came again, this time crying out and shaking even more.
You were about to try for one more when you felt something hard sliding intoyour cunt from behind.

You gasped as Roger’s cock plunged straight and fast into your sopped cunt
stopping only when his hips rammed your ass. You moaned into Monica’s cunt, and looked up at her. Monica was pumping Larry’s cock with her hand, and she was watching Roger fuck you from behind. You started to come, and Roger’s pace was perfect for it. Roger slammed into you time and again, and even Monica’s pumping of Larry seemed to be in time with Roger’s cock. You came, feeling your pussy trying to milk Roger’s cock. His repeated thrusts kept you moving from one orgasm to another. Just as you looked up, Monica pressed her lips to Larry’s cock, and his sperm gushed out in thick white streams. Some streaked Monica’s lips and cheeks, and even more splashed against her tongue. She was licking his spurting cock, and she seemed to be enjoying it on her face as well as in her mouth.
The sight of her lapping Larry’s sperm up, made you come all over again,
and you could feel Roger beginning to swell, ready to come too. Monica sat up and looked at you, then leaned over and kissed you. Her soaking wet lips met yours and her sperm-covered tongue probed your mouth. You shook uncontrollably in orgasm, tasting Larry’s cum and feeling Roger spurting his hot cum deep into your cunt. Monica’s hands were kneading and pulling your tits, keeping you over the edge, making you shudder.

Just as Roger stopped, keeping his cock deep inside you, Monica slid down
underneath you, sliding all the way down to your still throbbing clit. Just her warm breath on your clit set you off again. She waited for you to calm down. Monica gently slid Roger’s cock from your pussy, then pulled you down so that you sat with your cunt over her mouth. Her fast moving tongue lapped and licked Roger’s sperm from your pussy, and even through your own, continuing, climaxes, you could look down and see Monica fingering her sopping snatch in front of your face.

After everyone had recovered, you all sat naked by the fire, Monica’s face
still glistening along with her tits from your juices and the sperm. Monica
was squeezing Larry’s semi-hard cock and he was pinching her nipples. Monica said that she was glad she’d met the three of you, and that listening to any Christmas Carols was never going to be the same.

Have a sexy and Merry Christmas
and a Hot, Happy, and Healthy New Year.

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