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I was a new freshman at college and of course I was a little
nervous and shy. I lived in a dorm where there were a lot of other
students. A few weeks of school had gone by and I had met many new
people, including many new girls. I had an eye on a few of them but I
didn’t know if any would be interested in me. There was this one girl
named Jennifer who I really wanted to get to know better. We
seemed to be good friends. She was in one of my classes so we often
did homework together. But I didn’t know if she was just being
friendly or if she too wanted to get to know me better.

It was a Wednesday afternoon and Jennifer and I had just
finished doing our homework. She said that she had a class that
night and that she was going to go to dinner and afterward get ready
for class. I wasn’t very hungry so I told her to go ahead without me.
We usually went to dinner together, along with a few other friends,
but tonight I didn’t feel like going. I was up late enough the night
before working on a paper that was due today and I was very tired
and was probably going to take a nap.

A couple of my other friends came by my room. They
weren’t going to dinner either and they suggested that we watch a
movie. I had a VCR and TV in my room and because of this people
would often come over to watch movies. I told them that it was
alright. They left and came back a few minutes later with a porno. I
myself was a bit of a horny guy and didn’t mind this too much.

Man Standing Over a Young Woman Lying on Floor

Obedience and passion.

They inserted the movie into the VCR and we started to play it. The
first scene was great. The camera opened up on a wet, shaven pussy.
The camera drew back and showed a gorgeous girl with just the
perfect sized tits lying on a king sized bed. They weren’t too small
or too big, just right. Then they showed a head going straight
toward the pussy. The ced licking the other’s hole. She stuck
her tongue in and out of her mouth, just touching the lips of the wet
pussy. Her tongue moved like that of a snake’s. She then took her
fingers and spread the pink lips to reveal a big, hard clit. She
wiggled her tongue around the clit and the other women gave a big
moan. Her orgasmic juices started flowing even more and it dripped
onto the sheets of the bed. I couldn’t believe how much love juice
there was.

The woman whispered, “Ohhh, lick me baby… lick my slit you
whore… ohhh, keep licking.” The other woman kept licking. The
first woman then yelled out, “Oh God, I’m going to come… Oh, oh,
oh, I’m going to come.” The second women kept licking her clit and
licked up her orgasmic juices around her cunt. Boy, I still couldn’t
believe how juicy her pussy was. “I’m coming, I’m coming,” she
screamed. She screamed it so loud that it could be heard down the
hall, so we turne TV. The TV was hooked up to my stereo, which had really big speakers, and it made it feel like the two women were right in the room.

“Oh, no your not,” the second women said. “I’m going to
make you suffer.” She stopped licking her pussy lips and clit. She
just lifted up her head and stared into the other women’s eyes.
“No, stop,” the women on the bed yelled it. “Don’t make me
suffer. Keep licking me, please. Let me come. I want my
throbbing cunt around your tongue.”

“What are you going to do about it, Stacy?”
“Chris,” yelled the women on the bed. “Come over here and
fuck Michelle up the ass.”
“No, don’t do that. It hurts too much. Chris is too thick.”
“Well then get back to licking me.”
“No,” Jane said as she kept her stare into the other woman’s
eyes. But before she knew it, Chris was up her ass. She stopped
and started kissing the woman on the lips of her face instead
of the lips of her pussy. But Chris kept moving forward and left his
thick, hard cock in her tight asshole. He kept pushing and she kept
kissing. He pulled his cock out of her ass, and he put it into Stacy’s
love hole. By this time Stacy was ready for some the side of the bed and kept kissing Jane while fondling her breasts. Chris moved his cock in and out of Stacy’s cunt with the speed of a jack rabbit and dumped his
load all over her tits. Michelle moved away from Stacy’s lips and moved toward her tits so that she could lick up every drop of come.
I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I heard
a knock at the door and there was nobody else in the room. The TV
was still on. Some girl was sucking some guy’s cock. I turned the
TV off and opened the door.
“Hi Jennifer,” I said.
“Hi Peter,” she answered.
“Don’t you have class soon?” I asked.
She came into the room, and we sat down. “How was dinner?” I asked. It was a kind of stupid question, but it was something that would keep the
conversation going.


“Oh, it was fine. You know, not home cooking, but alright. I
didn’t eat too much. Hey, what movie were you playing.”
I was wondering how she knew I was watching a movie, but
then I looked and noticed that the tape light on the VCR was on. “Oh
nothing much,” I didn’t want her to know that I was watching a
porno. “A couple of guys were in here watching a movie while I
was sleeping.”

“Oh,” she replied.
There was a pause in our conversation for a few seconds, and
then the earth stated to shake slightly. “Earthquake,” I yelled out in
a light voice. But then it stopped seconds later.
“Wow,” Jennifer said, “I haven’t felt an earthquake for a
while.” Just as she finished her sentence, an aftershock hit. But this
time the jolt was stronger.

“Here we go again,” I said. I quickly looked for something to
get under. The earthquake was still going and I looked across the
room at my desk. “Come on, let’s get under the desk.” I grabbed
Jennifer’s hand and we quickly moved under the desk. We sat facing
each, with our knees up to our chest, and our hands covering our
heads, the standard earthquake crouch that we are supposed to have
learned instinctively in grammar school. Then, a few seconds later,
the lights went out. The shades on the window were closed and it
made it very dark.

“I wonder if these means that class is canceled,” Jennifer said.
“Well, if the lights don’t turn back on soon, then I wouldn’t
bother going,” I replied. By this time, the earth had stopped
shaking, however, we both stayed under the desk.
I then felt something touching my crotch. I looked down to
see that it was Jennifer’s toes. I wasn’t sure if she had extended her
foot by accident or not, but I looked up toward her face and could
see that she had a pleasantly seductively expression. Not being sure
what I should do, I reached out and grabbed her knee, rubbing it
slightly. She then extended her hand toward mine and directed it
toward her chest. I fondled her breasts through her shirt. Since it
was still hot outside, people only wore minimal clothing. I could
feel that Jennifer was not wearing a bra, so I slid my hand up under
her shirt to get a good feel of her breasts. They weren’t too big and
they weren’t too small; they were just right. I took my finger and
started rubbing her nipple and it started getting very hard. She then
started to massage my crotch era with her foot.

“Can I pull it out?” she asked.
“Sure, go ahead,” I said very softly. By this time, we had
slowly slid ourselves out from under the desk and out into the open.
She unzipped my shorts and pulled down my underwear. My
cock just sprung out and she said, “Well, I guess that wasn’t a gun in
your pocket.”
She then started stroking up and down, and I started
rubbing her nipples. I put my
hands behind my head and just let her do what she wanted. She then
moved herself in front of me and stared at my cock.
“It looks nice,” she said as she kept stroking it up and down. “Do you want
me to suck it?”

“If you’d like,” I said very anxiously. She put her mouth over
my shaft and started sucking away. Boy did it feel good. She took
her tongue and circled my cock in her mouth.
My come about ready to start flowing, but she must have
known this because she said, “Oh no you don’t. Not now. I’m not
ready for you yet.” She then crawled toward my face and started
kissing me on the lips. She took her tongue and stuck it deep in my
mouth. I thought it was kind of gross because her mouth was just all
over my cock with my precum juice in her mouth, but it was
Jennifer and I didn’t mind it too much.


She then rolled over on her back with me on top of her and
grabbed my ass. She started fondling it very nicely. Boy could she
fondle. She then moved my body to the side of hers and grabbed my
hand. “Do what you’d like to with it,” she said. Well, with a request
like that, I put my hand under her mini-skirt. She spread her legs
wide and let my hand in. To my surprise, she seemed to know what I
was thinking because she opened her eyes wide and gave a seductive
twitch of the eyebrows. I felt her pussy and it was shaven, and quite
damp by this point. My finger slid into her hole very easily. Her
orgasmic juices were flowing very heavily. I could feel it dripping
out of her cunt, down toward her asshole, and onto the floor. She
sure was wet. I kept sticking my finger deep into her love hole and
back out to her lips, rubbing the outer parts. Then back in, and out.
My palm pressed against her clit and her legs were squirming.
“Oh my God, it feels so good. Oh, don’t stop. It feels so

She kept moaning, so rted kissing it and licking my fingers. I started kissing her nipples, biting them and lifting them up and letting them snap back down toward her soft breasts. After a few minutes, when she was ready for another orgasm, I brought my head down to her cunt so that I could fuck her with my tongue. She was relaxed again so I could give her pussy a good tongue bath for at least a few of minutes. She was still very
wet. Her pussy was wetter than seen. Her or-gasmic juices flowed all over my tongue. I couldn’t believe that a girl could get that wet. I licked all of her fluids up. To my surprise, she actually tasted pretty good, and she didn’t smell bad at all. I stuck my tongue deep into her love hole while spreading her cunt lips with my fingers. I licked her pink, hot, wet, cunt lips, and moved to her hard clit, and it was quite hard. I wiggled it with my
tongue and she gave out a big moan. I kept alternating from sticking
my tongue in her hole to licking her clit.

“I’m going to come,” she moaned. I kept my tongue in her
love hole and I could feel the tension of her pussy
contracted around my tongue and she kept dripping her orgasmic
juices all over my tongue and down her cunt onto the floor. I pulled
my mouth away from her pussy and because it was shaven I didn’t
have any pubic hair to spit out. I moved back up to her face and
started kissing her again.

“I want you inside of me,” she said.
“O.K.,” I said. “But I don’t have any condoms.”
“Don’t worry, I have some.” I took off my shorts and
underwear. I could feel that my cock was very hard. Before I knew
it she had reached into her pocket, took the condom out of the
package, and put it on my rock hard cock. I was amazed that she
could do it with me on top of her. I then proceeded to direct my
cock toward her love hole and I slowly stuck it in. Because she was
so wet, it slid in very easily. I pulled it out, then stuck it back in.
Out and in. And it felt great. She then wrapped her legs around me
and brought me closer.
“Go deeper,” she said. So I stuck my cock in all the way. She
wasn’t loose. Her pussy surrounded my cock very tightly. I just
made little in and out movements making sure that my cock didn’t go
out too far.


“Oh, I’m going to come soon,” she whispered.
“So am I,” I said. I finally spewed my load inside her with a
great feeling of relief. Then I heard her moan and I could feel her
throbbing cunt around my softening penis. I pulled my cock out and
took off the condom.
We both lay on the floor for a while. Jennifer kept stroking
my leg and my cock started getting harder again. “Would you like
to see me play with myself?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied. She then lay down on the floor and brought
her hand toward her cunt. She stuck a finger in her hole and gently
moved it around. She took her other hand and fondled her breasts.
The finger in her hole kept going in and out and I could see that she
was getting aroused. I too was starting to get aroused because my
limp friend started becoming hard again. She noticed this too, so she
started rubbing my cock, then she said, “I didn’t eat enough at
dinner. I want to eat your come.”

I then obliged and sat down on her soft breasts. She then
pulled my cock toward her mouth and started sucking away. She
sure did a great job. I stopped her and I rolled on my back. She
then got in front of my cock and started sucking again. She brought
her hand toward her pussy. I thought that she was just going to play
with her love hole by herself, but I would soon find out that she was
just lubricating her finger with her orgasmic juices for a surprise.
She fondled my balls with one hand and she fondled my asshole with
the hand that was up her cunt. I never had a girl do that to my
asshole before and it felt kind of good. She then gave me a surprise
and stuck her finger up my hole. Boy did that surprise me. I
squirmed around a bit, but I let her play penis with her finger in my

She knew that I was about to come because she stopped sucking
and said, “Let me eat all of it. I want to swallow all of your come.”
She put her mouth back over my long, hard, rod, and started sucking
again. She kept her finger up my ass and kept sliding it in and out. I
then started to come. I could see her mouth getting full. I could feel
a lot of my come spewing out of my cock, considering it was the
second time for me in about a half hour period. But she kept her
mouth over my geyser. My fluids kept coming and her mouth kept
getting fuller. I could then see that she was swallowing my come.
Her mouth stayed on my cock, she kept swallowing. She then
took her finger out of my asshole, and slowly pulled her mouth up,
off of my limping cock, but she kept her lips tightly wrapped around
my shaft. She then took her tongue and licked the shaft dry. “Umm,
that was better than dinner.”


At that instant, the lights came back on again. Perfect timing,
I thought to myself. I put my underwear and shorts back on and we
moved to the couch. Jennifer pressed play on the VCR and
continued the movie where I had turned it off. The women was still
giving the man a blowjob. He then came in her mouth. His c

must have fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes, Jennifer was
gone. The TV was still on. The scene this time was of a women
with a cock in both her cunt and asshole. She was on top of one man
who had his cock in her cunt and the other man was behind her with
his cock in her asshole. She was also giving a blowjob to a third
man. The man came in her mouth and his come was dripping down
her chin onto the other man. I then found that my shorts were a bit
damp in the front and I realized that I too came. Then I realized that
ever then I heard a knock at the door.

I opened it up and Jennifer was standing there. “Hi Peter,” she
said. “I just came back from class and I sure do need to relax.” She
then walked over to the couch and sat down. I followed her and sat
next to her. “Well, did you like the hand job I gave you? I see
that you’re still wet from it.”

“What do you mean?” I asked with a puzzled expression on my

“Well, after you fell asleep I started rubbing you through your
shorts and you came sooner than I had expected. I didn’t want to
wake you up, so I left you with wet shorts.” It was then that I
realized that the evening wasn’t a dream. It really happened and I
sure was glad that it did.

“Oh,” I said. Then she leaned over and kissed me and brought
her hand down my shorts. She started stroking her hand up and
down my hardening shaft.

She then whispered in my ear, “Would you like me to suck
you again?”

“Sure,” I said. I lay down on the couch, she unzipped my
shorts, and she started licking my cock. My precum juices started
flowing and she licked it all up. I looked into her eyes and she gave
me a very erotic rise of the eyebrows. I then put my head down on
the couch and let her do the rest. I guess this freshman year at
college won’t be so bad after all.

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