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Let me describe myself to you first of all so you can picture me when you read the following story. I am 26, 5”7 with short blonde bobbed hair & blue eyes, I have an all over tan, not an orange sun bed tan but a lovely honeyed beach earned tan! My legs and bum are my best features (so I’m told) although my breasts ( 32b ) are not bad either and I particularly like my cleavage which I try to enhance as much as possible with push up bra’s and low cut or tight tops. I always wear short skirts and either hold ups or bare legs with heels to A. show my legs off to their best advantage and B. to allow me to either give glimpses of my panties (generally thongs) or to be touched easily (especially on the tube but that’s another story!).

I live in Essex (enough with the jokes), the posh part that is and spend a lot of my time commuting in and out of London on the train where I work as a legal secretary. I do have a boyfriend but it is really a marriage of convenience, by that I mean that it suits him to have a sexy blonde girlfriend who is hot in bed and it suits me to have a man on my arm when I go out with friends and work colleagues. He is not quite as liberated as me though and so we have an understanding, well not so much an understanding more a case of what he doesn’t know wont hurt him so I go out to play by myself quite a lot although I am trying to introduce him to some of my more daring moments.

By the way, my name is Deborah, or Debbie (especially when I am being a naughty little schoolgirl!) I don’t mind which, just not Debs!

Right, that should be enough information to give you a pretty picture in your mind so on with the story. Just so you know, whatever I write has happened to me or I have made happen. It’s all true and I try to describe everything in as much detail as possible so that you will really feel how I feel or felt and understand what turns me on!


It was a Friday and I was heading back to Colchester from London on the 4.30 train having worked a half-day and then had a few glasses of wine with some of the girls from the office in a little bar not far from Liverpool St. I was a bit tipsy, which is probably what got me into this situation I have to say, and was relaxing in my seat flicking through a copy of Marie Claire when the train stopped at Chelmsford. The usual melee occurred with people fighting to get on at the same time as people fighting to get off so I just buried my head in my magazine and tried to ignore it. As the train eventually moved off I glanced up to see that was sitting opposite me and there he was…. My god he was gorgeous, perfect dark blue suit coupled with a white shirt and pale blue knitted tie. Dark hair brushed into an immaculate parting, dark skin, brown eyes, long fingers with a gold ring on his right little finger, I could go on and on but suffice it to say he was my dream man. After taking all this in with a lingering look I realised he was looking at me and I blushed a bit with embarrassment at having been caught letching and looked back at my magazine. The headline on the page screamed at me

‘ DOGGING – The British Disease’

I began to read the article, glancing up occasionally to check out the dreamboat, it was fascinating stuff. Sex in car parks, sex with strangers, voyeurism, masturbation, group sex, I started to feel that familiar warmth between my legs, it was turning me on to read about Kathy 43 from Gloucester who went dogging regularly with her husband Gary because Gary liked to watch her being touched by strangers. I almost came when I read about Tina 29 from Colchester who liked going dogging by herself when her ‘old man’ was working nights because she liked to feel ‘wanted’ even though it invariably ended up with her being fucked by several different men in an evening! Now I was horny. I looked up at the man in front of me and wondered what he was thinking, I also wondered what his cock would look like hard and erect in front of my face. With that thought in mind I casually uncrossed my legs and shuffled a bit in my seat as if to get comfortable but really to make my skirt rise up my thighs a bit to reveal the tops of my hold ups and to attract his attention. Sure enough he looked over at me quickly and his eyes hovered briefly on the hem of my skirt. I pretended not to notice and, whilst appearing to be avidly reading my mag’ I allowed my legs to fall apart slightly, I knew that he would be able to see the crotch of my white panties and I wanted that! With the combination of the article and the fact that I was blatantly exposing myself to a stranger I could feel my pussy lips puffing up and getting wetter and wetter, I needed to touch myself or be touched. I crossed and uncrossed my legs a couple more times both to allow the stranger more and more glimpses of my panties and also to give my pussy some much needed friction and then I made a decision. I stood up, “ excuse me, I said to the stranger, would you mind keeping an eye on my bag for me I need the loo?! “

“ No worries” he replied and smiled at me, I smiled back flirtatiously and said “ Thanks “ and slowly, making sure that I wiggled my arse as seductively as possible made my way to the toilet. No queue and no one inside thank god! As soon as I locked the door I pulled my skirt up to my waist and, leaning against the sink with my legs apart and my feet on the toilet seat proceeded to pull the gusset of my thong to one side and slip two fingers into my very hot and very wet pussy and rub myself hard. I came almost immediately I was so turned on by what I had read, the thoughts it had given me and by displaying myself to the man opposite but it wasn’t enough. I bent down and removed my thong, which I dropped into the rubbish bin (some lucky cleaning operative would find them later probably still wet at the crotch! Might make his evening!! ) And, smoothing my skirt back down I flushed the toilet and, leaving the cubicle made my way back to my seat. Now we’ll see what he’s made of I thought smiling to myself!


I smiled at the stranger by way of a thank you for looking after my bag and settled myself back down into my chair, once again crossing my right leg over my left one and picked up my magazine. My eyes flickered over the pages for a couple of minutes not really taking anything in and then I made my move! Uncrossing my legs slowly I twisted slightly in my seat and, with both feet, encased as they were in my black high heeled Jimmy Choos, firmly on the floor I allowed my thighs to part so that the stranger, if he chose to look would be able to see right up to my now naked cunt! He looked! I saw him looking and he saw me seeing him looking and, giving me a cute smile he looked again. I stared right at him and opened my legs further feeling as I did it my pussy lips open slightly. I was soaking and I was sure that he would be able to tell. I glanced at his crotch and sure enough a tell tale bulge had appeared tenting slightly that immaculate blue suit. How I wanted to touch it, to kneel in front of him, undo his belt, open his fly and pull out his hard hot cock. I was imagining what it would feel like to suck it into my mouth and wank him onto my tongue to have his fingers knotted in my hair as he fucked my face.

Keeping my legs as far apart as I dared I put my magazine down and reached into my handbag to find my lipstick and compact. Snapping the gold compact open with one hand I pursed my lips and with a seductive glance in his direction began to apply bright red lipstick in a slow, sexy and methodical manner. He watched me, his eyes continuously flicking down to my open legs and then back to my open lips. I gave the lipstick the blowjob I wanted him to have and he knew it. I watched him surreptitiously drop his hand to his lap and give his cock a quick squeeze all the time holding my gaze and smiling. I had him! Now what?

I needed to touch his cock, I wanted to taste it and to have it do very rude things to me very hard. I felt so dirty having had the wine earlier, having read the article on sex with strangers and having shamelessly showed this man I didn’t know my wet pussy. I needed to be held down and fucked hard from behind, I needed cock and I needed it soon!

Too soon the train began its approach to Colchester Station where I should get off, people were making moves to the doorways and grabbing their coats and bags but my man just stayed put. Oh God, I thought, he’s not getting off here do I wait too? Worst-case scenario I end up in Norwich and get the train back but I am far too turned on to stop now. I decided to wait and see, I wanted the game to continue!
The train stopped and the majority of people disembarked, in fact almost every person in our carriage had gone apart from one old lady sitting about ten rows in front with her back to us. Now I could feel the tension…..! As people had been leaving I had re crossed my legs and now it was just us I felt a bit awkward about opening them again. It had been fun while it was our sexy little secret but now it seemed too blatant.

He spoke suddenly interrupting my thoughts, “ would you mind if I had a look at your magazine please? There is an article in there that I would like to read if that’s ok”.

“ Oh, of course”, I replied and, uncrossing my legs and leaning forward so that my blouse fell open slightly and exposed the tops of my breasts I handed him my Marie Claire. “ Which article is it you were interested in?”

Glancing down at what I assumed would be the index he said, “ it’s the one on page 183, sex with strangers I believe, a friend recommended it me, she said it was very interesting! “
I blushed and found myself saying “ I hope you are over 21 it’s quite explicit, I was just reading it myself “.
“ I’m a big boy, he said smiling, I can take it I’m sure, my name’s Johnny by the way” and with that he held out his hand to me. I leaned forward and shook with him very aware that he was looking straight down the front of my blouse. “ Pleased to meet you, he said, and by way of an after thought, very nice bra!”
I blushed again and retorted, “ it used to be part of a matching set but I got rid of the panties! “

He smiled again and said “ so I noticed “.

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